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branch: b_new_cmd (lustre), HEAD (build)
[fs/lustre-release.git] / build / autoconf / lustre-build.m4
2006-10-06 ericmbranch: b_new_cmd (lustre), HEAD (build)
2006-10-06 yury- checks for CRYPTO should not be depend on GSS, capa...
2006-10-06 yury- put GSS check after linux modules check to make sure...
2006-09-29 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2006-08-27 brianWhile this looks like it should work, and Yury says...
2006-08-24 yury- add libiam.a (if exists) to rpm, this is neededfor...
2006-07-10 eeb* landing build diffs from b_release_1_4_7_1
2006-06-06 qiyongTemp fix: gcc with 64-bit support (like in debian)...
2006-05-31 ericmreally hook gss configuration into build system.
2006-03-17 scjodyBranch b1_4
2005-12-09 brianb=9729
2005-12-03 brianb=9729
2005-10-21 lsyremove unused LC_CONFIG_QUOTA in lustre-build.m4.
2005-10-18 nathanb=8080
2005-10-17 gordCommented out LC_CONFIG_QUOTA line, which had no defini...
2005-09-26 lsyadd makefile for standalone quota.
2005-08-31 pjkirnerFix build breakage introduced by lnet reorg.
2005-08-30 pjkirnerPhase 1 of LNET Reorg
2005-08-15 adilgerBranch b1_4
2005-07-15 jacobmove AC_SUBST into lustre-build.m4 (b=7126)
2005-07-14 jacobjust remove unused macro as i can't get it to work...
2005-07-14 jacobmy mind fell out of m4 mode for a moment
2005-07-14 jacobremove harmless error message when snmp is not present
2005-07-14 jacobadd support for the snmp module.
2005-07-04 adilgerBranch b1_4
2005-05-05 jacobb=3518
2005-05-03 jacobb=3031
2005-04-26 jacobb=5782
2005-04-26 jacobb=6205
2005-04-06 adilgerBranch: b_cray
2005-03-02 jacobb=5786
2005-02-04 jacobb=5576
2005-01-19 adilgerBranch: b_cray
2005-01-06 jacobb=5278
2005-01-05 jacobb=4642
2005-01-05 jacobb=5278
2004-12-22 jacobmake sure libsysio is always disted
2004-12-22 jacobFix some liblustre typos
2004-12-21 jacobb=5278
2004-12-20 jacobb=5478
2004-12-15 jacob * fix cvs up for HEAD branches
2004-12-13 jacob - add missing files to EXTRA_DIST
2004-12-09 jacobb_port_step files
2004-12-09 jacobadd autoconf dirs to build
2004-12-09 jacobrefine skeletal configure.ac
2004-12-09 jacobSplit up configure thusly: