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LU-6635 lfsck: block replacing the OST-object for test
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / utils /
2016-10-13 Jeremy FilizettiLU-3289 gss: Fix issues with SK privacy and integrity... 22/21922/8
2016-10-08 Jeremy FilizettiLU-3289 gss: Change the handling of keys for SK 26/22626/3
2016-10-08 James SimmonsLU-8648 all: remove all Sun license and URL references 00/22800/4
2016-10-08 Lokesh Nagappa Jal... LU-7919 mount: Buffer overflow issue while parsing... 58/19158/21
2016-10-05 Andreas DilgerLU-3289 gss: don't build SSK if libssl-1.0+ not available 06/22806/5
2016-09-29 Andreas DilgerLU-3888 utils: print lmm_fid as part of getstripe 65/10465/33
2016-09-26 Lai SiyaoLU-8454 mountconf: delay FS default stripe config setting 80/22580/2
2016-09-26 James SimmonsLU-6245 libcfs: remove byteorder.h 16/16916/8
2016-09-26 Andreas DilgerLU-8599 utils: restore lshowmount utility 93/17593/13
2016-09-15 Li XiLU-4931 ladvise: Add dontneed advice support for ladvise 03/20203/8
2016-09-08 Fan YongLU-8361 lfsck: detect Lustre device automatically 96/21596/4
2016-09-02 Artem BlagodarenkoLU-8443 utils: exclude "resize" parameter with meta_bg... 45/21545/5
2016-09-02 James SimmonsLU-6245 libcfs: cleanup list handling 00/15200/3
2016-08-22 Lai SiyaoLU-8454 llite: normal user can't set FS default stripe 12/21612/2
2016-08-15 Lai SiyaoLU-8314 utils: revert lfs_getdirstripe to non-recursive... 16/21516/5
2016-08-15 Li XiLU-4931 ladvise: Add willread advice support for ladvise 58/12458/36
2016-08-15 Patrick FarrellLU-7225 llite: ladvise protocol changes 66/20666/20
2016-08-11 Jeremy FilizettiLU-3289 gss: Fix for SK bulk HMACs 91/21491/4
2016-08-06 Bob GlossmanLU-8257 utils: fix mtab symlink logic 60/21260/4
2016-07-27 Andreas DilgerLU-6135 lustreapi: allow specific-OST with llapi_layout 63/12663/15
2016-07-20 Kit WestneatLU-7839 nodemap: add a flag to deny access to unmapped... 58/18758/10
2016-07-20 Christopher J. MorroneLU-8386 zfs: Use ZFS_MAXPROPLEN instead of ZFS_MAXNAMELEN 51/21251/2
2016-07-20 Fan YongLU-7648 man: new man pages for LFSCK commands 94/19294/5
2016-07-14 Henri DoreauLU-8065 utils: clarify lctl help messages 64/19764/6
2016-06-20 Andreas DilgerLU-7004 utils: remove "lctl conf_param" deprecation 73/20573/2
2016-06-20 Fan YongLU-6971 cleanup: not support remote client anymore 89/19789/13
2016-06-16 Nathaniel ClarkLU-3289 gss: Cleanup gss code 27/20727/4
2016-06-16 Andreas DilgerLU-7813 utils: improve lfs setstripe pool error message 65/18965/3
2016-06-14 John L. HammondLU-4781 utils: handle EEXIST in lustre_rsync 49/20649/2
2016-06-14 Dmitry EreminLU-7747 lfs: fix help message for migrate 41/20541/4
2016-06-14 Ben EvansLU-8058 utils: Remove old commented out code 15/20415/3
2016-06-14 Henri DoreauLU-8138 utils: misc fixes in wirecheck 89/20189/3
2016-06-14 John L. HammondLU-5560 obd: reserve connection flag OBD_CONNECT2_FILE_... 70/19970/8
2016-06-14 John L. HammondLU-8036 utils: remove ARRAY_SIZE() define from lustreapi.h 18/19818/4
2016-06-14 Kit WestneatLU-5092 nodemap: handle config changes while mid-flight 41/16941/13
2016-06-14 Andreas DilgerLU-5969 lustreapi: replace llapi_get_version() 21/16721/11
2016-06-14 Li XiLU-8006 ptlrpc: cleanup codes of TBF command 99/19499/13
2016-06-13 Jeremy FilizettiLU-3289 gss: Add option for loading keys during mount 01/17601/16
2016-06-13 Jeremy FilizettiLU-3289 gss: Add userspace support for GSS null and sk 00/17600/13
2016-06-13 Jeremy FilizettiLU-3289 gss: Interface and code changes for shared key 28/16728/17
2016-06-02 Sebastien BuissonLU-7846 nodemap: add fileset info to nodemap 83/18783/14
2016-05-31 Nathaniel ClarkLU-7134 utils: Ensure hostid set for ZFS during mkfs 11/16611/12
2016-05-27 Quentin BougetLU-8080 utils: Replace calls to signal with sigaction 55/19855/10
2016-05-08 John L. HammondLU-7152 hsm: sync volatile file before setting times 41/19441/2
2016-05-03 Dmitry EreminLU-7999 utils: fix double free the pointer 09/19409/4
2016-05-03 Emoly LiuLU-8064 lctl: fix a typo in lustre_cfg.c 59/19759/3
2016-04-22 Jian YuLU-8015 utils: fix lr_link() to get correct src and... 99/19599/5
2016-04-22 Dmitry EreminLU-7937 utils: Fix NULL pointer dereference 94/19194/4
2016-04-22 Tatsushi TakamuraLU-8009 utils: Lustre_rsync does not sync files on... 94/19594/2
2016-04-22 Fan YongLU-5070 utils: mkfs.lustre code cleanup 03/15303/8
2016-04-21 John L. HammondLU-7992 hsm: close KUC pipe before unregistering 42/19442/2
2016-04-21 Dmitry EreminLU-7998 utils: fix fd lost 08/19408/4
2016-04-17 Dmitry EreminLU-7220 llog: fix fd lost and correct error reporting 07/19407/3
2016-04-17 Jinshan XiongLU-7990 rpc: increase bulk size 66/19366/3
2016-04-17 Lai SiyaoLU-28 fileset: add fileset mount support 07/5007/39
2016-04-17 Li XiLU-4931 ladvise: Add feature of giving file access... 29/10029/52
2016-04-17 Christopher J. MorroneLU-7699 build: Eliminate lustre_build_version.h 08/18108/11
2016-04-11 Gregoire PichonLU-7965 utils: fix stack corruption in mkfs.lustre 60/19260/3
2016-04-11 Dmitry EreminLU-7936 utils: fix resource lost 93/19193/5
2016-04-11 James SimmonsLU-6245 libcfs: remove libcfs userland time abstraction 13/19113/3
2016-04-11 Yang ShengLU-7759 utils: build mount.lustre with libmount 20/18820/5
2016-04-06 Ryan HaaskenLU-7796 utils: print error with valueless lctl set_param 03/18703/4
2016-03-28 Bob GlossmanLU-5704 utils: stop open hangs on fifo files 39/19039/4
2016-03-14 Frederic SaunierLU-7003 utils: must quote the value of the context... 94/18294/5
2016-03-14 Frederic SaunierLU-7002 utils: SELinux context repeated in mount opts 19/18319/4
2016-03-14 vinayakswami harih... LU-7718 utils: lfs getstripe does not work on bind... 95/18195/3
2016-03-14 James SimmonsLU-6245 libcfs: remove types.h from userland code 79/16879/9
2016-03-13 Fan YongLU-7256 tests: wait current LFSCK to exit before next... 06/17406/10
2016-02-20 Alex ZhuravlevLU-7704 utils: check LOOP_CTL_GET_FREE aginst target... 21/18121/8
2016-02-20 Kit WestneatLU-5092 nodemap: save id maps to targets in new index... 13/11813/31
2016-02-20 Andreas DilgerLU-6389 utils: fix lustre_rsync read retry 75/18275/2
2016-02-20 Johann LombardiLU-2049 grant: add support for OBD_CONNECT_GRANT_PARAM 93/7793/31
2016-02-15 Andreas DilgerLU-7437 utils: continue on errors in lctl {get,set... 38/18338/12
2016-02-13 Di WangLU-7579 osd: move ORPHAN/DEAD flag to OSD 24/18024/12
2016-02-05 Richard HenwoodLU-3531 doc: update lfs migrate and mkdir documentation. 92/17392/14
2016-02-04 James SimmonsLU-5030 util: migrate lctl params functions to use... 66/17466/18
2016-02-02 John L. HammondLU-7576 llapi: use dirname() in opendir_parent() 96/17796/4
2016-02-02 James SimmonsLU-6245 libcfs: remove userland headers from libcfs.h 14/16914/8
2016-02-02 James SimmonsLU-6245 libcfs: make libcfs_ioctl.h and lnetctl.h uapi... 43/17643/9
2016-01-28 Lai SiyaoLU-3538 dne: Commit-on-Sharing for DNE 30/12530/48
2016-01-26 Nathaniel ClarkLU-7635 utils: Fix lhsmtool_posix interval reporting 78/17878/4
2016-01-25 Emoly LiuLU-7628 lfs: fix NULL pointer check in cb_migrate_mdt_i... 14/17814/3
2016-01-25 James SimmonsLU-5030 utils: migrate most lustre utils to use cfs_get... 62/17462/14
2016-01-21 Andreas DilgerLU-5030 tests: remove /proc paths from tests 82/17082/17
2016-01-18 James SimmonsLU-5030 util: migrate liblustreapi to use cfs_get_paths() 68/17468/8
2016-01-18 Andreas DilgerLU-7276 utils: fix llog_reader loop on empty log 27/17627/4
2016-01-18 James SimmonsLU-5030 util: delete no longer functional lltrack_stats... 04/17904/3
2016-01-09 Jian YuLU-7503 utils: add “--verbose|-v” option to “lfs migrat... 20/17420/3
2016-01-09 James NunezLU-6710 tests: Constrain stripe index conf-sanity test 82a 24/15824/3
2016-01-07 Emoly LiuLU-7506 lfs: "lfs quota -h" should support petabytes... 41/17441/6
2016-01-06 Alex ZhuravlevLU-7421 utils: getparam_display() should reset popt 35/17135/12
2016-01-06 Fan YongLU-7543 obd: reserve connection flag OBD_CONNECT_FLAGS2 47/17647/2
2016-01-06 Fan YongLU-7543 obd: reserve connection flag OBD_CONNECT_LOCK_AHEAD 46/17646/2
2016-01-06 Fan YongLU-7543 obd: reserve connection flag OBD_CONNECT_OBDOPACK 45/17645/2
2016-01-06 Fan YongLU-7543 obd: reserve connection flag OBD_CONNECT_SUBTREE 44/17644/2
2016-01-05 Parinay KondekarLU-5844 get rid of IOC_LIBCFS_MEMHOG and IOC_LIBCFS_PAN... 92/17492/9
2016-01-05 Andreas DilgerLU-5017 idl: clean up file attribute flags 74/10274/6
2016-01-05 Fan YongLU-7349 lfsck: skip auto resume lfsck when mount 72/16972/6
2015-12-18 Hongchao ZhangLU-6662 utils: allow overriding default mountopts 70/15870/6
2015-12-17 Andreas DilgerLU-5030 utils: add -R parameter to lctl get_param 81/17081/9