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2005-09-15 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2005-09-05 alex- set SCSI_MAX_PHYS_SEGMENTS to 256 for 1MB requests
2005-09-01 alex- eeb's sd iostat bits have been added
2005-08-13 alexb=7049
2005-08-06 tappro- b_hd_audit landing
2005-08-05 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2005-07-21 ericmland b_hd_pag: rudiment support for PAG.
2005-07-10 alex- we don't need deadlock-monitor in general series
2005-07-10 alexb=6817
2005-07-04 alex - add mballoc to ldiskfs series
2005-07-03 alex- highmem-split-2.6.10-fc3.patch in order to make 3GB...
2005-06-27 alexb=6885
2005-06-02 ericmadd a sunrpc cache_put patch for testing.
2005-05-31 wangdiBrach HEAD
2005-05-31 alex- export show_task()
2005-05-16 yury- fixed umounting all GNS entrie son lustre umount...
2005-05-12 yury- fixed sys_umount() code path. It did not release...
2005-04-08 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2005-04-07 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2005-04-06 wangdiBranch HEAD
2005-04-04 yury- landed b_hd_cray_merge3
2005-03-31 ericmland lustre part of b_hd_sec on HEAD.
2005-03-29 alexget rid of old wrong patch
2005-03-08 alex- fix against credits leak in journal_release_buffer()
2005-01-19 alexb=5209
2004-11-18 yury- at Peter's request removed all 2.4.x related patches...
2004-11-11 yury- landing b_fid.
2004-10-24 yury- unland b_fid to HEAD
2004-10-24 yury- landing of b_fid after merge with b_hd_cleanup_merge.
2004-10-23 yury- landing of b_hd_cleanup_merge to HEAD.
2004-09-22 alexb=4584
2004-08-19 alexb=4336
2004-08-19 alex- outdated patches have been removed
2004-08-07 alex- extents patch updated from b1_4:
2004-07-22 alexb=2185
2004-07-18 alexb=3772
2004-07-16 alex- slab-use-after-free debug tool added to vanilla-2...
2004-06-15 ccooper- adding kksymoops patch to vanilla-2.4.24 series
2004-06-07 philland b_gns onto HEAD. If you are working on CMD, you...
2004-06-04 phil- merge 2 weeks of b1_4 fixes onto HEAD
2004-06-03 wangchaoupdate vanilla-2.4.24 series
2004-06-02 phillanding b_cmobd_merge on HEAD
2004-05-20 alex- pdirops patches against vanilla-2.4.20 series
2004-05-17 philsmash the HEAD with the contents of b_cmd. HEAD_PRE_CM...
2004-05-13 efelixremoving patch for 2.6.5 as i have moved on.
2004-05-12 efelixNew files for vanilla 2.6.6 linux kernel. also a new...
2004-05-05 efelixAdding patch set for vanilla 2.6.5, had to port over...
2004-05-05 yurylanding smfs.
2004-04-29 ccooper- use sles8 iopen patch
2004-04-29 adilgerLand b_smallfix onto HEAD (20040428_2142)
2004-04-28 ccooper- original patch applies fine against most recent chaos...
2004-04-28 ccooper- chaos kernel only needs half of the old inode-max...
2004-04-27 nicb=3119
2004-04-23 adilgerLand b_smallfix onto HEAD (20040423_1603)
2004-04-20 eeb* Landed b_cray_portals_merge (3148, 3158)
2004-04-16 adilgerLand b_smallfix onto HEAD (20040416_1638) (more 2.6...
2004-04-14 adilgerLand b_smallfix onto HEAD (20040414_1359)
2004-04-07 jacobland b_smallfix 20040407_1414:
2004-03-24 adilgerHandle deleted working directory (from b1_2) for 2...
2004-03-18 adilgerLand b1_2 onto HEAD (20040317_2319)
2004-03-17 nicland b_v26 (20040316_1603)
2004-03-05 adilgerLand b1_2 onto HEAD (20040304_171022)
2004-03-02 yuryChanges in vanilla-2.4.20 patch set. Added tmpfs relate...
2004-02-09 adilgerFix truncate-vs-write corruption - truncate wasn't...
2004-02-09 yuryadded tmpfs-xattr to vanilla-2.4.20
2004-02-03 alex- series for uml on 2.6.0
2004-01-27 wangdiadd ext3-extents patch to snapfs
2004-01-15 alex- 2.6 fixes landed
2004-01-13 alex- 2.4.19-pre1 misses some xattr definitions in include...
2004-01-13 alex- ext3_stop_delete_thread() has to wait for nullified...
2004-01-12 alex- procfs-ndynamic against 2.4 kernels
2004-01-10 alex- series against second suse 2.4.21 kernel
2004-01-10 alex- vanilla-2.4.24 series and needed patches
2004-01-09 wangdiadd loop_device_get_info.patch in snapfs series
2004-01-04 wangdiadd snapfs-2.4.20 kernel series
2003-12-30 alex- patch from Oleg to export get_kmem_end in UML kernel
2003-12-15 alex- large kernel address space support against vanilla...
2003-12-12 alex- chaos-2.4.21 series against 2.4.21-p4smp-12chaos
2003-12-10 alex- kernel_text_address patch against chaos-2.4.18 series
2003-12-03 philland 1.0.1 fixes on main development branch (head)
2003-12-03 philland v0.9.1 on HEAD, in preparation for a 1.0.x branch
2003-10-09 wangdiadd kgdb_2.6.0_test6 series
2003-08-22 philfix socknal build on vanilla kernels by adding socket...
2003-07-25 philmerge b_devel into HEAD, which will become 0.7.3
2003-07-25 philmerge b_devel into HEAD, which will become 0.7.3
2003-06-12 pschwan- merge 0.7rc1 from b_devel to HEAD (20030612 merge...
2003-03-11 pschwanmerge b_devel into HEAD. Includes:
2003-03-02 pschwanland b_devel onto HEAD (b_devel will remain)
2003-02-07 pschwanMerge b_md into HEAD
2002-12-17 braam- series file for Chaos kernel.
2002-12-16 braam- add more patch series files. We have now obsoleted...
2002-12-14 braamadd patch fixups for Red Hat 2.4.18-18.8.0 kernel
2002-12-07 zab- bring in akpm's patch management scripts and a first...