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LU-10629 lod: Clear OST pool with setstripe
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lnet / include /
2018-03-17 Amir ShehataLU-10800 lnet: reduce discovery timeout 63/31663/3
2018-03-03 Kit WestneatLU-8912 nodemap: fix contiguous range support 97/24397/4
2018-03-03 James SimmonsLU-9019 selftest: remove remaining cfs_time wrappers 41/31041/3
2018-02-22 Mike MarciniszynLU-10560 libcfs: handle rename to wait_queue_entry_t 53/31153/11
2018-01-25 James SimmonsLU-9019 lnet: move ping and delay injection to time64_t 58/30658/4
2018-01-14 James SimmonsLU-9859 libcfs: delete libcfs/linux/libcfs.h 06/30706/4
2018-01-09 Andreas DilgerLU-10308 misc: update Intel copyright messages for... 41/30341/4
2017-11-22 James SimmonsLU-6142 lnet: remove last of the typedefs from LNet... 47/29847/3
2017-11-06 John L. HammondLU-10086 libcfs: use dynamic minors for /dev/{lnet... 41/29741/2
2017-10-02 Oleg DrokinLU-8066 lnet: port lnet router to debugfs 30/26430/8
2017-09-13 Amir ShehataLU-9921 lnet: resolve unsafe list access 23/28723/6
2017-08-22 Amir ShehataLU-9480 lnet: show peer state 30/26130/21
2017-08-22 Amir ShehataLU-9480 lnet: add enhanced statistics 95/25795/27
2017-08-22 Sonia SharmaLU-9480 lnet: add "lnetctl discover" 93/25793/29
2017-08-22 Olaf WeberLU-9480 lnet: add "lnetctl ping" command 91/25791/31
2017-08-22 Olaf WeberLU-9480 lnet: add "lnetctl peer list" 90/25790/26
2017-08-22 Olaf WeberLU-9480 lnet: implement Peer Discovery 89/25789/24
2017-08-22 Olaf WeberLU-9480 lnet: add the Push target 88/25788/23
2017-08-22 Olaf WeberLU-9480 lnet: add discovery thread 86/25786/23
2017-08-22 Olaf WeberLU-9480 lnet: add msg_type to lnet_event 85/25785/23
2017-08-22 Olaf WeberLU-9480 lnet: reference counts on lnet_peer/lnet_peer_net 84/25784/23
2017-08-22 Olaf WeberLU-9480 lnet: add LNET_PEER_CONFIGURED flag 83/25783/23
2017-08-22 Olaf WeberLU-9480 lnet: preferred NIs for non-Multi-Rail peers 82/25782/24
2017-08-22 Olaf WeberLU-9480 lnet: introduce LNET_PEER_MULTI_RAIL flag bit 81/25781/23
2017-08-22 Olaf WeberLU-9480 lnet: refactor lnet_add_peer_ni() 80/25780/23
2017-08-22 Olaf WeberLU-9480 lnet: rename lnet_add/del_peer_ni_to/from_peer() 78/25778/23
2017-08-22 Olaf WeberLU-9480 lnet: cleanup of lnet_peer_ni_addref/decref_loc... 77/25777/23
2017-08-22 Olaf WeberLU-9480 lnet: add sanity checks on ping-related constants 76/25776/23
2017-08-22 Olaf WeberLU-9480 lnet: add Multi-Rail and Discovery ping feature... 75/25775/23
2017-08-22 Olaf WeberLU-9480 lnet: automatic sizing of router pinger buffers 74/25774/23
2017-08-22 Olaf WeberLU-9480 lnet: add struct lnet_ping_buffer 73/25773/21
2017-08-22 Olaf WeberLU-9480 lnet: configure lnet_interfaces_max tunable... 71/25771/18
2017-08-22 Olaf WeberLU-9480 lnet: add lnet_interfaces_max tunable 70/25770/16
2017-08-05 James SimmonsLU-6245 uapi: move libcfs/lnet UAPI header into own... 89/28089/7
2017-08-01 Amir ShehataLU-9203 lnet: fix lnet_cpt_of_md() 65/28165/7
2017-07-29 Andreas DilgerLU-9728 osd: use GFP_HIGHUSER for non-local IO 08/27908/3
2017-06-03 Amir ShehataLU-9536 lnet: set LND tunalbes properly 63/27263/3
2017-06-03 Amir ShehataLU-9549 lnet: prevent assert on ln_state 62/27262/2
2017-05-12 Bobi JamLU-9324 lnet: move cyaml.h under lnet/include/ 59/26859/6
2017-05-12 Doug OucharekLU-8943 lnd: Enable Multiple OPA Endpoints between... 68/25168/15
2017-05-05 Olaf WeberLU-9119 lnet: rename LNET_MAX_INTERFACES 93/26693/4
2017-05-05 Olaf WeberLU-9119 lnet: fix race in lnet shutdown path 90/26690/4
2017-05-01 Amir ShehataLU-9119 lnet: Normalize ioctl interface 89/26689/6
2017-05-01 Olaf WeberLU-9119 lnet: remove debug ioctl 88/26688/4
2017-03-01 Sergey CheremencevLU-9094 lnet: remove ni from lnet_finalize 75/25375/5
2017-02-15 James SimmonsLU-6142 lnet: remove most of typedefs from LNet headers 31/20831/10
2017-02-07 Sonia SharmaLU-8769 lnet: removal of obsolete LNDs 21/23621/6
2017-01-31 Steve GuminskiLU-6210 lnet: Change positional struct initializers... 93/23493/7
2017-01-25 Amir ShehataLU-7734 lnet: cpt locking
2017-01-25 Amir ShehataLU-7734 lnet: rename peer key_nid to prim_nid
2017-01-25 Amir ShehataLU-7734 lnet: fix NULL access in lnet_peer_aliveness_en...
2017-01-25 Olaf WeberLU-7734 lnet: set primary NID in ptlrpc_connection_get()
2017-01-25 Amir ShehataLU-7734 lnet: fix routing selection
2017-01-25 James SimmonsLU-7734 lnet: power8 compile fix
2017-01-25 Amir ShehataLU-7734 lnet: Routing fixes part 1
2017-01-25 Amir ShehataLU-7734 lnet: fix lnet_select_pathway()
2017-01-25 Amir ShehataLU-7734 lnet: configuration fixes
2017-01-25 Amir ShehataLU-7734 lnet: Fix lnet_msg_free()
2017-01-25 Amir ShehataLU-7734 lnet: protect peer_ni credits
2017-01-25 Amir ShehataLU-7734 lnet: proper cpt locking
2017-01-25 Amir ShehataLU-7734 lnet: peer/peer_ni handling adjustments
2017-01-25 Doug OucharekLU-7734 lnet: Add peer_ni and NI stats for DLC
2017-01-25 Amir ShehataLU-7734 lnet: handle non-MR peers
2017-01-25 Amir ShehataLU-7734 lnet: Primary NID and traffic distribution
2017-01-25 Amir ShehataLU-7734 lnet: NUMA support
2017-01-25 Amir ShehataLU-7734 lnet: configure local NI from DLC
2017-01-25 Amir ShehataLU-7734 lnet: configure peers from DLC
2017-01-25 Amir ShehataLU-7734 lnet: Multi-Rail local_ni/peer_ni selection
2017-01-25 Amir ShehataLU-7734 lnet: Multi-Rail peer split
2017-01-25 Amir ShehataLU-7734 lnet: Multi-Rail local NI split
2017-01-24 Gregoire PichonLU-8932 lnet: define new network driver ptl4lnd 68/24768/3
2017-01-24 James SimmonsLU-9019 lnet: simplify lnet_eq_wait_locked 47/23147/9
2017-01-18 James SimmonsLU-6142 lnet: change wire protocol typedefs to proper... 66/24566/3
2017-01-01 James SimmonsLU-6245 libcfs: add ktime_get_real_seconds support 66/22866/10
2016-12-23 James SimmonsLU-6142 socklnd: change UAPI typedefs to proper structure 06/18506/5
2016-12-17 Andreas DilgerLU-8901 misc: update Intel copyright messages for 2016 33/24233/4
2016-12-17 James SimmonsLU-6142 lnet: change lnet selftest UAPI typedefs to... 88/24188/4
2016-10-08 James SimmonsLU-8648 all: remove all Sun license and URL references 00/22800/4
2016-10-05 Liang ZhenLU-5718 lnet: add offset for selftest brw 96/12496/6
2016-09-21 James SimmonsLU-6142 lnet: replace white spaces with tabs for LNet... 75/19975/10
2016-09-08 James SimmonsLU-8560 libcfs: handle PAGE_CACHE_* removal in newer... 06/22206/4
2016-08-29 Sebastien BuissonLU-7845 lnet: check if ni is in current net namespace 84/21884/7
2016-05-31 Bruno FacciniLU-4330 lnet: Allocate MEs and small MDs in own kmem_caches 86/18586/12
2016-04-07 Mike ShueyLU-4423 lnet: remove LNET_MUTEX_LOCK macro 85/18985/3
2016-04-07 Amir ShehataLU-7101 lnet: per NI map-on-demand value 67/16367/18
2016-03-14 James SimmonsLU-6245 libcfs: remove types.h from userland code 79/16879/9
2016-02-02 James SimmonsLU-6245 libcfs: make libcfs_ioctl.h and lnetctl.h uapi... 43/17643/9
2016-01-28 Oleg DrokinLU-7623 lnet: Get rid of IOC_LIBCFS_DEBUG_PEER hack 78/17778/3
2016-01-07 Oleg DrokinLU-7623 lnet: Remove __user attribute from lnet_copy_fl... 85/17785/2
2016-01-07 James SimmonsLU-6613 lnet: change lib-dlc.h to LGPLv2.1 license 97/17697/7
2016-01-05 Parinay KondekarLU-5844 get rid of IOC_LIBCFS_MEMHOG and IOC_LIBCFS_PAN... 92/17492/9
2015-12-18 Frank ZagoLU-5710 all: fourth set of corrected typos and grammar... 06/17306/5
2015-12-02 Al ViroLU-4423 lnet: don't use iovec instead of kvec 05/17205/3
2015-12-02 Amir ShehataLU-6851 lnet: Ignore hops if not explicitly set 19/15719/12
2015-11-15 Andreas DilgerLU-6204 build: clean up kernel module metadata 87/16787/5
2015-11-03 Andreas DilgerLU-7243 misc: update Intel copyright messages 2015 58/16758/3
2015-08-18 Amir ShehataLU-6122 lnet: Allocate the correct number of rtr buffers 19/13519/11
2015-07-10 James SimmonsLU-6763 lnet: test for sk_sleep presence in compact... 86/15386/9
2015-06-19 James SimmonsLU-6245 libcfs: move cfs_ip_addr_* function from kernel... 85/15085/4
2015-06-05 James SimmonsLU-6245 libcfs: move struct netstrfns to nidstr.h 83/15083/2