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LU-6285 libcfs: get rid of deprecated cpumask function usage
[fs/lustre-release.git] / libcfs / libcfs / linux / linux-cpu.c
2015-05-01 Oleg DrokinLU-6285 libcfs: get rid of deprecated cpumask function... 26/13926/7
2015-04-06 Oleg DrokinLU-6285 libcfs: Do not unnecessarily copy cpumask 04/13904/3
2015-03-28 Liang ZhenLU-6325 libcfs: shortcut to create CPT from NUMA topology 49/14049/5
2015-01-07 Liang ZhenLU-5751 libcfs: check mask returned by cpumask_of_node 07/13207/2
2014-12-28 Andreas DilgerLU-6068 misc: update Intel copyright messages 2014 74/13174/2
2014-03-28 Dmitry EreminLU-4588 code: replace semaphores with mutexes 94/9294/5
2014-03-25 Dmitry EreminLU-4629 libcfs: fix issues found by Klocwork Insight... 00/9400/7
2014-01-15 Liang ZhenLU-4454 libcfs: warn if all HTs in a core are gone 70/8770/3
2013-12-06 James SimmonsLU-3963 libcfs: cleanup list operations 80/4780/11
2013-11-18 Andriy SkulyshLU-3992 libcfs: Fix NUMA emulated mode 24/7724/6
2013-09-26 Peng TaoLU-1346 libcfs: cleanup libcfs primitive (linux-prim.h) 56/6956/8
2013-09-13 Peng TaoLU-1346 libcfs: cleanup waitq related primitives 55/6955/8
2013-07-23 James SimmonsLU-2800 autoconf: remove LC_SET_CPUS_ALLOWED test 84/5384/7
2013-07-23 James SimmonsLU-2800 autoconf: remove topology checks 36/5336/7
2013-07-10 James SimmonsLU-2800 autoconf: remove obsolete autoconf options 05/5505/11
2013-05-02 Keith ManntheyLU-3030 build: Update Master Copyrights pre 2.4 split
2013-03-20 Isaac HuangLU-2884 libcfs: SMP optimizations cleanups
2013-01-08 Peng TaoLU-1756 kernel: cleanup lustre_compat25.h
2013-01-08 Keith ManntheyLU-2446 build: Update Whamcloud copyright messages...
2012-09-17 Andreas DilgerLU-1095 debug: quiet unnecessary console chatter
2012-07-10 Liang ZhenLU-1607 tests: enable multiple CPU Partitions
2012-05-22 Liang ZhenLU-56 libcfs: implementation of cpu partition