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31 hours ago Oleg DrokinLU-6504 socklnd: fix indentation issue highlighted... 99/14599/5 master
31 hours ago James SimmonsLU-10756 ptlrpc: change IMPORT_SET_* macros into real... 63/35463/2
31 hours ago NeilBrownLU-12477 lustre: use delete_from_page_cache() for direc... 62/35462/3
31 hours ago NeilBrownLU-12477 llite: use generic_error_remove_page() 61/35461/3
31 hours ago James SimmonsLU-12137 osd-ldiskfs: migrate osd_ios_lookup_one_len... 53/35453/2
31 hours ago Ann KoehlerLU-12524 libcfs: Reduce memory frag due to HA debug msg 49/35449/4
31 hours ago Ann KoehlerLU-12523 ptlrpc: Add jobid to rpctrace debug messages 45/35445/6
31 hours ago Ben EvansLU-12513 utils: add handling YAML_NO_TOKEN 28/35428/5
31 hours ago James SimmonsLU-12513 utils: change cy_valueint to 64 bits 23/35423/4
31 hours ago Oleg DrokinLU-12482 tests: use MDS1_VERSION in sanity-hsm 53/35353/2
31 hours ago Wang ShilongLU-12043 llite: make sure readahead cover current read 15/35215/4
31 hours ago Sebastien BuissonLU-12401 gss: fix checksum for Kerberos and SSK 99/35099/7
31 hours ago Sebastien BuissonLU-12131 tests: fix test_802a for GSS 35/35335/2
31 hours ago Sebastien BuissonLU-12131 tests: properly handle GSS in server failover 41/35041/6
31 hours ago Arshad HussainLU-6142 tests: Fix style issues for cascading_rw.c 33/35433/3
31 hours ago Hongchao ZhangLU-11761 fld: let's caller to retry FLD_QUERY 62/34962/10
31 hours ago Patrick FarrellLU-12538 lod: Add missed qos_rr_init 90/35490/4
44 hours ago Oleg DrokinNew tag 2.12.56 2.12.56 v2_12_56
5 days ago Oleg DrokinLU-7912 osc: Remove stale comment in osc_page_transfer_add 15/19115/8 pcc
6 days ago Oleg DrokinLU-12410 tests: ignore return status of removal of... 98/35398/2
6 days ago Nathaniel ClarkLU-9862 lov: Correct bounds checking 84/28484/16
6 days ago Lai SiyaoLU-12495 test: shorten qos_maxage to update statfs 95/35395/4
6 days ago Oleg DrokinLU-12514 obdclass: Drop FS_HAS_FIEMAP compat macro 24/35424/2
6 days ago Andreas DilgerLU-12368 obdclass: don't send multiple statfs RPCs 80/35380/5
6 days ago Andreas DilgerLU-12481 osd-ldiskfs: allow full 64KB xattr size 52/35352/2
6 days ago NeilBrownLU-9859 libcfs: remove prng 51/35351/4
6 days ago Dominique MartinetLU-12473 llapi: fix pool_list by path 20/35320/7
6 days ago NeilBrownLU-4423 ptlrpc: remove inline on non-inlined functions. 96/35296/5
6 days ago Shaun TancheffLU-12400 osd-ldiskfs: get rid of legacy 'get_ds()'... 38/35238/3
6 days ago Amir ShehataLU-12423 lnet: honor discovery setting 92/35192/3
6 days ago Vitaly FertmanLU-10070 lod: SEL: interoperability support 44/35144/8
6 days ago Shaun TancheffLU-12355 llite: totalram_pages changed to atomic_long_t 25/35025/5
6 days ago Vitaly FertmanLU-10070 utils: SEL: lfs find & getstripe support 09/34909/16
6 days ago NeilBrownLU-8066 obd_type: use typ_kobj.name as typ_name 17/34717/7
6 days ago NeilBrownLU-12101 socklnd: fix infinite loop in ksocknal_push() 99/34499/4
6 days ago Patrick FarrellLU-10070 lod: SEL: Repeated components 86/33786/28
6 days ago Patrick FarrellLU-10070 lod: SEL: Add FLR support 85/33785/24
6 days ago Patrick FarrellLU-10070 lod: SEL: Layout sanity checking 84/33784/25
6 days ago Patrick FarrellLU-10070 lod: SEL: Implement basic spillover space 83/33783/24
6 days ago Patrick FarrellLU-10070 lod: SEL: Add flag & setstripe support 82/33782/22
6 days ago Patrick FarrellLU-10070 lod: SEL: split lod_del_layout 80/33780/22
6 days ago Patrick FarrellLU-10070 tests: New test-framework functionality 78/33778/21
6 days ago James SimmonsLU-11762 ldlm: don't exceed hard timeout 08/34408/9
6 days ago James SimmonsLU-12491 obdclass: add comment for rcu handling in... 47/35447/4
6 days ago Gu ZhengLU-11518 osc: cancel osc_lock list traversal once found... 96/35396/4
6 days ago Lai SiyaoLU-11213 uapi: change "space" hash type to hash flag 18/35318/3
6 days ago Andreas DilgerLU-11264 llapi: clean up llapi_search_tgt() code 92/35092/5
6 days ago Andreas DilgerLU-11285 mdt: improve IBITS lock definitions 45/35045/6
6 days ago Alex ZhuravlevLU-12491 obdclass: use RCU to release lu_env_item 38/35038/5
6 days ago James SimmonsLU-11893 lnet: consoldate secondary IP address handling 93/34993/8
6 days ago Patrick FarrellLU-1732 utils: allow ldiskfs wide striping with ea_inode 15/4315/16
6 days ago Patrick FarrellLU-12462 llite: Remove old fsync versions 39/35339/2
7 days ago Amir ShehataLU-9971 lnet: fix peer ref counting 46/35446/2
7 days ago Andreas DilgerRevert "LU-11760 ofd: formatted OST recognition change" 88/35388/4
7 days ago Jian YuLU-12494 kernel: kernel update SLES12 SP4 [4.12.14... 91/35391/2
7 days ago Jian YuLU-12458 kernel: kernel update RHEL7.6 [3.10.0-957... 68/35268/5
7 days ago Jian YuLU-12456 kernel: kernel update RHEL 8.0 [4.18.0-80... 67/35267/4
7 days ago Oleg DrokinLU-12474 tests: Do not run check_progs_installed for... 27/35327/2
7 days ago Alex ZhuravlevLU-9792 tests: t-f do not create empty files for ZFS 05/34105/7
7 days ago Minh DiepLU-12395 build: build mpitests for el8 74/35374/9
7 days ago Oleg DrokinLU-12483 tests: fix sanity test 60h running conditions 55/35355/7
8 days ago Oleg DrokinRevert "LU-12328 flr: preserve last read mirror" 50/35450/2
10 days ago Lai SiyaoLU-12495 obdclass: generate random u64 max correctly 94/35394/5
10 days ago NeilBrownLU-9859 libcfs: remove libcfs_debug_vmsg2 25/35225/3
10 days ago Jinshan XiongLU-12328 flr: preserve last read mirror 11/35111/2
10 days ago Olaf WeberLU-9971 lnet: use after free in lnet_discover_peer_locked() 44/28944/5
2019-07-03 Andreas DilgerLU-930 doc: update MAINTAINERS file 41/35241/4
2019-07-03 James NunezLU-12045 tests: honor EXCEPT tests when using ONLY... 38/34938/9
2019-07-03 Andriy SkulyshLU-11518 ptlrpc: don't reset lru_resize on idle reconnect 85/35285/7
2019-07-03 Andriy SkulyshLU-11444 ptlrpc: Add increasing XIDs CONNECT2 flag 13/35113/3
2019-07-03 NeilBrownLU-4423 lustre: don't declare extern variables in C... 94/35294/3
2019-07-03 NeilBrownLU-4423 mgc: remove llog_process_lock 93/35293/2
2019-07-03 Andreas DilgerLU-1538 tests: standardize test script init - lnet 54/35254/2
2019-07-02 James NunezLU-10931 tests: stop running recovery-small 136 25/35325/5
2019-06-28 Li XiLU-12349 llite: console message for disabled flock... 86/34986/13
2019-06-27 Vitaly FertmanLU-10070 lod: layout_del memleak 70/35270/4
2019-06-27 Li DongyangLU-11775 obdclass: protect imp_sec using rwlock_t 61/33861/7
2019-06-27 Arshad HussainLU-6142 ldlm: Fix style issues for ldlm_lib.c 95/34495/10
2019-06-27 Arshad HussainLU-6142 obdecho: Fix style issues for echo.c 90/34490/5
2019-06-27 Arshad HussainLU-6142 utils: Fix style issues for mount_utils.c 39/34439/7
2019-06-27 Lai SiyaoLU-11867 osd-ldiskfs: FID in LMA mismatch won't block... 52/34052/5
2019-06-27 NeilBrownLU-4423 ptlrpc: make ptlrpc_bulk_frag_ops always const. 95/35295/2
2019-06-27 NeilBrownLU-4423 lprocfs: use log2.h macros instead of shift... 74/35274/3
2019-06-27 NeilBrownLU-4423 ldlm: discard varname in ldlm_pool. 73/35273/3
2019-06-27 NeilBrownLU-9859 libcfs: replace cfs_rand() with prandom_u32_max() 72/35272/3
2019-06-27 Andreas DilgerLU-1538 tests: standardize test script init - dne-part-4 55/35255/3
2019-06-27 Arshad HussainLU-12446 tests: Fix use of undefined variable under... 46/35246/5
2019-06-27 Amir ShehataLU-12424 lnet: prevent loop in LNetPrimaryNID() 91/35191/6
2019-06-27 James NunezLU-11673 tests: add space before ']' in test-framework 79/35079/4
2019-06-27 NeilBrownLU-8066 obd: collect all resource releasing for obj_type. 16/34716/4
2019-06-27 James SimmonsLU-11838 scrub: handle s_uuid change to uuid_t 89/34689/8
2019-06-25 NeilBrownLU-9859 libcfs: replace cfs_get_random_bytes calls... 34/35234/4
2019-06-25 NeilBrownLU-9859 libcfs: deprecate libcfs_debug_vmsg2 24/35224/4
2019-06-25 Li DongyangLU-12226 doc: recommend e2fsprogs 1.45.2.wc1 02/35202/2
2019-06-25 James SimmonsLU-8066 tests: use lod / osp tunables on servers 85/35185/2
2019-06-25 Li XiLU-12420 utils: llog_reader handles uninitialized mountdata 78/35178/2
2019-06-25 Li XiLU-12420 utils: llog_reader handles uninitialized llog... 77/35177/3
2019-06-25 Wang ShilongLU-12382 llite: fix deadloop with tiny write 58/35058/7
2019-06-25 NeilBrownLU-12330 obdclass: allow per-session jobids. 95/34995/9
2019-06-25 Wang ShilongLU-12043 llite: improve single-thread read performance 95/34095/35