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descriptionMirror of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/fs/ext2/e2fsprogs.git
ownergerrit application user
last changeSun, 11 Apr 2021 23:52:57 +0000 (19:52 -0400)
2021-04-11 Theodore Ts'oblkid: include time.h to provide explicit declaration... maint master next
2021-04-02 Andreas Dilgerfilefrag: minor usability improvements
2021-04-02 Andreas Dilgere2image: add OPTIONS section to man page
2021-04-02 Zhiqiang Liumisc: remove useless code in set_inode_xattr()
2021-03-31 Paulo Antonio... ext2fs: compile the io implementation according to os
2021-03-31 Paulo Antonio... libext2fs: code adaptation to use the Windows IO manager
2021-03-31 Paulo Antonio... libext2fs: add a Windows implementation of the IO manager
2021-03-07 Theodore Ts'oresize2fs: close the file system on errors or early...
2021-03-07 Theodore Ts'oresize2fs: avoid allocating over the MMP block
2021-03-01 Theodore Ts'oUpdate release notes, etc., for the 1.46.2 release v1.46.2
2021-03-01 Theodore Ts'olibext2fs: fix potential races in unix_io
2021-02-28 Theodore Ts'olibext2s: fix unix_io with IO_FLAG_FORCE_BOUNCE flag set
2021-02-27 Antonio Ceballospo: update es.po (from translationproject.org)
2021-02-26 Theodore Ts'olibext2fs: fix unix_io's Direct I/O support
2021-02-26 Theodore Ts'oiscan: fix the test program iscan so it builds again
2021-02-26 Lukas Czernermmp: do not use O_DIRECT when working with regular...
3 months ago v1.46.2.wc3 New tag v1.46.2.wc3
3 months ago v1.46.2.wc2 New tag v1.46.2.wc2
4 months ago v1.46.2.wc1 New tag v1.46.2.wc1
5 months ago v1.45.6.wc7 New tag v1.45.6.wc7
5 months ago v1.45.6.wc6 New tag v1.45.6.wc6
6 months ago v1.46.2 v1.46.2
6 months ago archive/debian/1.46.2-1 e2fsprogs release 1.46.2-1 for...
6 months ago debian/1.46.2-1 e2fsprogs release 1.46.2-1 for...
7 months ago archive/debian/1.46.1-1_bpo10+1 e2fsprogs release 1.46.1-1~bpo10...
7 months ago debian/1.46.1-1_bpo10+1 e2fsprogs release 1.46.1-1~bpo10...
7 months ago v1.46.1 v1.46.1
7 months ago archive/debian/1.46.1-1 e2fsprogs release 1.46.1-1 for...
7 months ago debian/1.46.1-1 e2fsprogs release 1.46.1-1 for...
7 months ago v1.45.6.wc5 New tag v1.45.6.wc5
7 months ago v1.45.6.wc4 Add new tag 1.45.6.wc4
7 months ago v1.46.0 v1.46.0
9 days ago master-lustre
5 months ago v1.45.6.wc7-lustre
5 months ago maint
5 months ago master
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15 months ago v1.45.2.wc2-lustre
18 months ago snapshot
2 years ago v1.44.5.wc1-lustre
2 years ago v1.44.3.wc1-lustre
3 years ago v1.42.13.wc6-lustre
9 years ago v1.42.3-lustre
9 years ago v1.41.90.wc4-lustre