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descriptionMirror of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/fs/ext2/e2fsprogs.git
ownergerrit application user
last changeTue, 13 Sep 2022 15:01:10 +0000 (11:01 -0400)
2022-09-13 Theodore Ts'oMerge branch 'maint' into next master
2022-09-13 Alessio BalsiniAOSP: e2fsdroid: static import of libbase maint
2022-09-13 AlixAOSP: Moved contents of clang_cflags into cflags
2022-09-13 Colin CrossAOSP: Fix e2fsdroid build with musl
2022-09-13 Tristan MuntsingerAOSP: Add vendor available for libext2_blkid library
2022-09-13 Theodore Ts'olibext2fs: in ext2fs_open[2](), return an error if...
2022-09-13 Theodore Ts'odebian: add release notes for 1.46.5-2 to the debian...
2022-09-12 Theodore Ts'oUpdate release notes, etc. for the 1.46.6-rc1 release v1.46.6-rc1
2022-09-12 Theodore Ts'omisc fix the chattr's man page regarding the -x flag
2022-09-12 Zhiqiang Liutune2fs: tune2fs_main() should return rc when some...
2022-09-12 Zhiqiang Liutune2fs: fix tune2fs segfault when ext2fs_run_ext3_jour...
2022-09-01 Theodore Ts'otests: filter out the checksum seed output from dumpe2fs
2022-09-01 Theodore Ts'omke2fs: disable CSUM_SEED if the METADATA_CSUM feature...
2022-09-01 Theodore Ts'omke2fs: disable orphan_file if the fs is too small...
2022-09-01 Theodore Ts'oFix typo in defeult /etc/mke2fs.conf file
2022-09-01 Theodore Ts'oMerge branch 'maint' into next
3 days ago v1.47.0-wc5 New tag v1.47.0-wc5
7 weeks ago 1.47.0-wc4 New tag 1.47.0-wc4
3 months ago v1.47.0-wc3 New tag v1.47.0-wc3
4 months ago v1.47.0-wc2 New tag v1.47.0-wc2
4 months ago v1.47.0-wc1 New tag v1.47.0-wc1
8 months ago v1.46.6-wc1 New tag v1.46.6-wc1
12 months ago v1.46.5.wc1 new tag v1.46.5.wc1
12 months ago v1.46.6-rc1 v1.46.6-rc1
12 months ago v1.46.2.wc6 New tag v1.46.2.wc6
18 months ago v1.46.2.wc5 New tag 1.46.5-wc5
20 months ago archive/debian/1.46.5-2_bpo11+1 e2fsprogs release 1.46.5-2~bpo11...
20 months ago debian/1.46.5-2_bpo11+1 e2fsprogs release 1.46.5-2~bpo11...
20 months ago archive/debian/1.46.5-2 e2fsprogs release 1.46.5-2 for...
20 months ago debian/1.46.5-2 e2fsprogs release 1.46.5-2 for...
21 months ago v1.46.5 v1.46.5
21 months ago archive/debian/1.46.5-1 e2fsprogs release 1.46.5-1 for...
3 days ago master-lustre
8 months ago v1.46.6.wc1-lustre
12 months ago v1.46.5.wc1-lustre
12 months ago master
12 months ago maint
12 months ago v1.46.2.wc6-lustre
18 months ago v1.46.2.wc5-lustre
2 years ago v1.45.6.wc7-lustre
2 years ago next
3 years ago v1.45.2.wc2-lustre
3 years ago snapshot
4 years ago v1.44.5.wc1-lustre
4 years ago v1.44.3.wc1-lustre
5 years ago v1.42.13.wc6-lustre
11 years ago v1.42.3-lustre
11 years ago v1.41.90.wc4-lustre