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descriptionMirror of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/fs/ext2/e2fsprogs.git
ownergerrit application user
last changeSun, 22 Mar 2020 02:34:30 +0000 (22:34 -0400)
2020-03-22 Theodore Ts'oMerge tag 'v1.45.6' into next master
2020-03-21 Theodore Ts'oUpdate release notes, etc., for the 1.45.6 release
2020-03-21 Jaegeuk KimAOSP: tune2fs, resize2fs: make ramdisk binaries.
2020-03-21 David AndersonAOSP: e2fsdroid: Don't skip unusable blocks in BaseFS.
2020-03-21 David AndersonAOSP: e2fsdroid: Fix logical block sequencing in BaseFS.
2020-03-21 David AndersonAOSP: e2fsdroid: Properly free the dedup block map.
2020-03-21 Alessio BalsiniAOSP: Build e2freefrag
2020-03-21 Elliott HughesAOSP: Add -e2fsprogs to the e2fsprogs chattr and lsattr.
2020-03-21 Yifan HongAOSP: Make ramdisk_available.
2020-03-21 Kousik KumarAOSP: Change #define to _BLKID_TYPES_H
2020-03-21 Dario FreniAOSP: Allow resize2fs to compile with BUILD_HOST_static
2020-03-21 Dario FreniAOSP: Allow debugfs_static to be compiled as host tool.
2020-03-21 Sharuzzaman... po: update ms.po (from translationproject.org)
2020-03-21 Theodore Ts'omisc: add text describing the impact of an inode size...
2020-03-20 Theodore Ts'olibe2p: add a thread-safe variant of e2p_feature2string
2020-03-20 Theodore Ts'olibext2fs: fix the {set_get}_bitmap_range functions...
2 months ago v1.45.6.wc2 New tag v1.45.6.wc2
6 months ago v1.45.6.wc1 Tag release 1.45.6.wc1.
6 months ago v1.45.2.wc2 Tag v1.45.2.wc2 release.
17 months ago v1.45.2.wc1 Release 1.45.2.wc1.
18 months ago debian/1.45.2-1 e2fsprogs Debian release 1.45.2-1
18 months ago v1.45.2 v1.45.2
18 months ago debian/1.45.1-1 e2fsprogs Debian release 1.45.1-1
18 months ago v1.45.1 v1.45.1
18 months ago v1.45.1-rc1 v1.45.1-rc1
20 months ago v1.45.0 v1.45.0
20 months ago v1.44.6 v1.44.6
21 months ago v1.44.3.wc1 Tag release 1.44.3.wc1.
21 months ago v1.44.5.wc1 Tag release 1.44.5.wc1.
23 months ago debian/1.44.5-1 e2fsprogs Debian release 1.44.5-1
23 months ago v1.44.5 v1.44.5
2 years ago debian/1.44.4-2 e2fsprogs Debian release 1.44.4-2
8 days ago master-lustre
3 months ago maint
6 months ago v1.45.2.wc2-lustre
8 months ago master
9 months ago snapshot
17 months ago v1.44.5.wc1-lustre
23 months ago v1.44.3.wc1-lustre
2 years ago v1.42.13.wc6-lustre
8 years ago v1.42.3-lustre
8 years ago v1.41.90.wc4-lustre