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descriptionMirror of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/fs/ext2/e2fsprogs.git
ownergerrit application user
last changeTue, 13 Sep 2022 15:01:10 +0000 (11:01 -0400)
2022-09-13 Theodore Ts'oMerge branch 'maint' into next master
2022-09-13 Alessio BalsiniAOSP: e2fsdroid: static import of libbase maint
2022-09-13 AlixAOSP: Moved contents of clang_cflags into cflags
2022-09-13 Colin CrossAOSP: Fix e2fsdroid build with musl
2022-09-13 Tristan MuntsingerAOSP: Add vendor available for libext2_blkid library
2022-09-13 Theodore Ts'olibext2fs: in ext2fs_open[2](), return an error if...
2022-09-13 Theodore Ts'odebian: add release notes for 1.46.5-2 to the debian...
2022-09-12 Theodore Ts'oUpdate release notes, etc. for the 1.46.6-rc1 release
2022-09-12 Theodore Ts'omisc fix the chattr's man page regarding the -x flag
2022-09-12 Zhiqiang Liutune2fs: tune2fs_main() should return rc when some...
2022-09-12 Zhiqiang Liutune2fs: fix tune2fs segfault when ext2fs_run_ext3_jour...
2022-09-01 Theodore Ts'otests: filter out the checksum seed output from dumpe2fs
2022-09-01 Theodore Ts'omke2fs: disable CSUM_SEED if the METADATA_CSUM feature...
2022-09-01 Theodore Ts'omke2fs: disable orphan_file if the fs is too small...
2022-09-01 Theodore Ts'oFix typo in defeult /etc/mke2fs.conf file
2022-09-01 Theodore Ts'oMerge branch 'maint' into next
9 days ago v1.46.5.wc1 new tag v1.46.5.wc1
3 weeks ago v1.46.2.wc6 New tag v1.46.2.wc6
6 months ago v1.46.2.wc5 New tag 1.46.5-wc5
9 months ago v1.46.2.wc4 New tag v1.46.2.wc4
15 months ago v1.46.2.wc3 New tag v1.46.2.wc3
15 months ago v1.46.2.wc2 New tag v1.46.2.wc2
17 months ago v1.46.2.wc1 New tag v1.46.2.wc1
17 months ago v1.45.6.wc7 New tag v1.45.6.wc7
17 months ago v1.45.6.wc6 New tag v1.45.6.wc6
18 months ago v1.46.2 v1.46.2
18 months ago archive/debian/1.46.2-1 e2fsprogs release 1.46.2-1 for...
18 months ago debian/1.46.2-1 e2fsprogs release 1.46.2-1 for...
19 months ago archive/debian/1.46.1-1_bpo10+1 e2fsprogs release 1.46.1-1~bpo10...
19 months ago debian/1.46.1-1_bpo10+1 e2fsprogs release 1.46.1-1~bpo10...
19 months ago v1.46.1 v1.46.1
19 months ago archive/debian/1.46.1-1 e2fsprogs release 1.46.1-1 for...
9 days ago master-lustre-test
9 days ago master-lustre
2 weeks ago master
2 weeks ago maint
3 weeks ago v1.46.2.wc6-lustre
6 months ago v1.46.2.wc5-lustre
17 months ago v1.45.6.wc7-lustre
17 months ago next
2 years ago v1.45.2.wc2-lustre
2 years ago snapshot
3 years ago v1.44.5.wc1-lustre
3 years ago v1.44.3.wc1-lustre
4 years ago v1.42.13.wc6-lustre
10 years ago v1.42.3-lustre
10 years ago v1.41.90.wc4-lustre