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2021-02-26 Mr NeilBrownLU-10391 lnet: allow lnet_connect() to use IPv6 addresses. 06/37706/14
2021-02-26 Mr NeilBrownLU-10391 lnet: allow creation of IPv6 socket. 05/37705/12
2021-02-26 Mr NeilBrownLU-9679 ptlrpc: list_for_each improvements. 33/39133/4
2021-02-26 Elena GryaznovaLU-14275 tests: add ior_CLEANUP 79/41079/2
2021-02-26 Andreas DilgerLU-14388 utils: always enable ldiskfs project quota 70/41370/3
2021-02-26 Mr NeilBrownLU-14353 obd: move debug.c to obdecho 90/41290/2
2021-02-26 Andreas DilgerLU-14305 ldiskfs: add parameters for mb_c123_threshold 93/41193/10
2021-02-26 Mr NeilBrownLU-14289 ptlrpc: move heap.c from libcfs to ptlrpc 29/41129/4
2021-02-26 Mr NeilBrownLU-14291 lustre: only include nrs headers when needed 28/41128/4
2021-02-26 Mr NeilBrownLU-14291 ptlrpc: support nrs_delay for client-only... 27/41127/4
2021-02-26 Arshad HussainLU-14285 utils: Add error message when osd_init fails 18/41118/3
2021-02-26 Andreas DilgerLU-12477 llite: remove unused ll_teardown_mmaps() 86/41086/2
2021-02-26 James NunezLU-930 doc: fix format man page sections for lctl 75/41075/4
2021-02-26 Elena GryaznovaLU-14272 tests: different mpirun options for different... 72/41072/3
2021-02-26 Elena GryaznovaLU-14271 tests: add new node crash method 71/41071/3
2021-02-26 Elena GryaznovaLU-14270 tests: delay node's power up 70/41070/3
2021-02-26 Alex ZhuravlevLU-14262 utils: lfs to set component flags by pool... 24/41024/5
2021-02-26 Mr NeilBrownLU-14195 lustre: remove 'fs' from 'struct lvfs_run_ctxt' 10/40910/3
2021-02-26 Mr NeilBrownLU-14195 osd: don't use set_fs() for ->fiemap() calls. 09/40909/3
2021-02-26 Mr NeilBrownLU-14195 build: Adjust Makefile for Linux build changes. 07/40907/3
2021-02-26 Andreas DilgerLU-14178 ldlm: return error from ldlm_namespace_new() 51/40851/3
2021-02-26 Mr NeilBrownLU-14073 ofd: remove use of smp_read_barrier_depends() 94/40394/2
2021-02-26 John L. HammondLU-14047 lustre: change EWOULDBLOCK to EAGAIN 07/40307/4
2021-02-26 Mr NeilBrownLU-13783 libcfs: switch from ->mmap_sem to mmap_lock() 88/40288/5
2021-02-26 James SimmonsLU-9325 osd-ldisk: replace simple_strto* with kstr... 19/40119/8
2021-02-26 James SimmonsLU-9859 lod: use linux kernel bitmap API 76/39876/2
2021-02-26 Mr. NeilBrownLU-9859 libcfs: replace all CFS_CAP_* macros with CAP_* 75/39875/3
2021-02-26 Andriy SkulyshLU-13100 lov: grant deadlock if same OSC in two components 95/37095/8
2021-02-26 Rahul DeshmkuhLU-7853 lod: fixes bitfield in lod qos code 12/18812/15
2021-02-26 Andreas DilgerLU-14180 utils: verify setstripe comp_end is valid 39/41239/3
2021-02-26 Artem BlagodarenkoLU-14207 mgs: delete "add failnid" sections on replace_nids 30/40930/3
2021-02-26 Alexander BoykoLU-13974 llog: check stale osp object 42/40742/3
2021-02-26 Alex ZhuravlevLU-12961 mdd: avoid double call to mdd_changelog_fini() 37/36737/11
2021-02-26 Andreas DilgerLU-14439 build: require a newer version of e2fsprogs 82/41682/4
2021-02-26 Stephane ThiellLU-13609 mgs: fix config_log buffer handling 78/41478/5
2021-02-26 Mr NeilBrownLU-10391 socklnd: use sockaddr instead of __u32 addresses. 04/37704/17
2021-02-26 Serguei SmirnovLU-13929 lnet: modify assertion in lnet_post_send_locked 49/40749/4
2021-02-26 Alex ZhuravlevLU-14362 tests: sanity-flr to prepare stuff before... 07/41307/6
2021-02-26 Alex ZhuravlevLU-14423 osd: recognize holes in osd_is_mapped() 81/41481/3
2021-02-26 John L. HammondLU-14398 llapi: add llapi_fid2path_at() 06/41406/2
2021-02-26 John L. HammondLU-14398 llapi: simplify llapi_fid2path() 05/41405/2
2021-02-26 Shaun TancheffLU-14390 gnilnd: Use DIV_ROUND_UP to calculate niov 71/41371/2
2021-02-26 John L. HammondLU-14301 lustre: add ENOTSUPP to spelling.txt 80/41280/2
2021-02-26 Wang ShilongLU-12766 test: convert time to seconds properly 59/41259/4
2021-02-26 James SimmonsLU-13903 build: make lustre-devel buildable for Linux... 88/41188/2
2021-02-26 Olaf FaalandLU-14313 utils: mount error when no server support 82/41182/4
2021-02-26 Bobi JamLU-14268 lod: fix layout generation inc for mirror... 68/41068/4
2021-02-26 Alex ZhuravlevLU-14098 obdclass: try to skip corrupted llog records 54/40754/10
2021-02-26 Lai SiyaoLU-9820 osd-ldiskfs: OI scrub speed limit fix 91/40591/3
2021-02-26 Shaun TancheffLU-14099 build: Fix for unconfigured arch_stackwalk 03/40503/7
2021-02-26 Yang ShengLU-14044 llog: check fid after convert 94/40294/6
2021-02-26 Sergey CheremencevLU-13620 tests: pool_add_targets() fix 03/38803/4
2021-02-26 Elena GryaznovaLU-13584 tests: gather_logs() fix 60/38660/6
2021-02-26 Vladimir SavelievLU-13513 osp: make neterr not fatal for precreate_reserve 72/38472/10
2021-02-26 Alex ZhuravlevLU-13453 osd-ldiskfs: do not leak inode if OI insertion... 35/38235/16
2021-02-26 Gerrit Code... Merge "LU-9121 lnet: User Defined Selection Policy...
2021-02-26 Bruno FacciniLU-12682 llite: fake symlink type of foreign file/dir 56/35856/52
2021-02-22 Sebastien BuissonLU-14444 gss: handle empty reqmsg in sptlrpc_req_ctx_switch 85/41685/2
2021-02-22 Mikhail PershinLU-14455 mdt: fix DoM lock prolong logic 01/41701/3
2021-02-22 Li DongyangLU-14436 tgt: only use T10PI guard when doing full... 77/41677/2
2021-02-22 Sebastien BuissonLU-14435 doc: include lfs-flushctx manpage inside packages 76/41676/4
2021-02-22 Mikhail PershinLU-14430 mdd: fix inheritance of big default ACLs 94/41494/6
2021-02-22 Oleg DrokinNew tag 2.14.50 2.14.50 v2_14_50
2021-02-22 Amir ShehataLU-9121 lnet: User Defined Selection Policy (UDSP) 18/41718/1
2021-02-22 Serguei SmirnovLU-9121 lnet: Add info on udsp to lnetctl man page multi-rail
2021-02-22 Amir ShehataLU-9121 lnet: add show udsp command
2021-02-22 Sonia SharmaLU-9121 lnet: Delete a selection policy
2021-02-22 Sonia SharmaLU-9121 lnet: Add a selection policy
2021-02-22 Sonia SharmaLU-9121 lnet: Add the userspace Marshalling API
2021-02-22 Sonia SharmaLU-9121 lnet: Add the userspace De-Marshalling API
2021-02-22 Amir ShehataLU-9121 lnet: ioctl handler for get policy info
2021-02-22 Sonia SharmaLU-9121 lnet: ioctl handler for "delete policy"
2021-02-22 Sonia SharmaLU-9121 lnet: Add the ioctl handler for "add policy"
2021-02-22 Sonia SharmaLU-9121 lnet: Add the kernel level De-Marshalling API
2021-02-22 Sonia SharmaLU-9121 lnet: Add the kernel level Marshalling API
2021-02-22 Amir ShehataLU-9121 lnet: Apply UDSP on local and remote NIs
2021-02-22 Amir ShehataLU-9121 lnet: UDSP handling
2021-02-22 Amir ShehataLU-9121 lnet: select best peer and local net
2021-02-22 Amir ShehataLU-9121 lnet: Select NI/peer NI with highest prio
2021-02-22 Amir ShehataLU-9121 lnet: Preferred gateway selection
2021-02-22 Amir ShehataLU-9121 lnet: foundation patch for selection mod
2021-02-22 Amir ShehataLU-9121 lnet: UDSP liblnetconfig structure def
2021-02-22 Amir ShehataLU-9121 lnet: UDSP storage and marshalled structs
2021-02-19 Oleg DrokinNew release 2.14.0 2.14.0 v2_14_0
2021-02-19 Andreas DilgerLU-14345 misc: update e2fsprogs to 1.45.6.wc5 33/41433/3
2021-02-13 Oleg DrokinNew RC 2.14.0-RC3 2.14.0-RC3 v2_14_0-RC3
2021-02-13 Oleg DrokinLU-14424 Revert "LU-9679 osc: simplify osc_extent_find()" 98/41498/2
2021-02-08 Oleg DrokinNew release candidate 2.14.0 RC2 2.14.0-RC2 v2_14_0-RC2
2021-02-08 James NunezLU-13751 tests: remove read of changelog sanity 160j 17/41317/7
2021-02-08 Sebastien BuissonLU-14355 ptlrpc: do not output error when imp_sec is... 10/41310/2
2021-02-08 Hongchao ZhangLU-14299 test: sleep to enable quota acquire again 89/41389/3
2021-02-08 Andreas DilgerLU-13449 tests: fix recovery-small test_140b check 09/39909/2
2021-02-08 Andreas DilgerLU-14316 llite: quiet spurious ioctl warning 27/41427/2
2021-02-08 James NunezLU-11607 tests: replace lustre_version/fstype in sanity... 29/35929/10
2021-02-08 Andreas DilgerLU-14389 lov: avoid NULL dereference in cleanup 98/41398/2
2021-02-08 Wang ShilongLU-13669 llite: make readahead aware of hints 28/41228/3
2021-02-08 Andrew PerepechkoLU-10958 ofd: data corruption due to RPC reordering 81/32281/18
2021-02-01 Oleg DrokinNew release candidate 2.14.0-RC1 2.14.0-RC1 v2_14_0-RC1
2021-02-01 Andreas DilgerLU-13184 tests: wait for OST startup in test_112 93/37393/8
2021-02-01 Sergey CheremencevLU-14307 quota: fix NULL pointer dereference 64/41264/7