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2007-02-14 adilgerBranch HEAD
2007-02-14 adilgerBranch HEAD
2007-02-14 adilgerBranch HEAD
2007-02-14 adilgerBranch HEAD
2007-02-14 adilgerBranch HEAD
2007-02-14 adilgerBranch HEAD
2007-02-13 nathanthread id starts counting at 1
2007-02-13 adilgerBranch HEAD
2007-02-13 nathanalias b1_5 and b1_6 to HEAD
2007-02-13 shadowremove debug assert.
2007-02-12 nathanb=11564
2007-02-12 adilgerBranch b1_4
2007-02-12 nathanpass through mkfs progress display with '-v'
2007-02-12 nathanno dashes in variable names
2007-02-10 nathanland b1_5 onto HEAD
2007-02-10 nathancurrent branches now use lnet from HEAD
2007-02-10 nathana couple of little improvements
2007-02-10 nathanLanding b_hd_newconfig on HEAD
2007-02-09 nathanreplace tag with rtag to better deal with added/removed...
2007-02-09 nathantesting that landing to head keeps history
2007-02-09 nathanAdd new "repalce" scripts, mainly for moving a new...
2007-01-25 nathanb=10960
2007-01-24 nathanb=10958
2007-01-23 nathanb=10958
2007-01-23 nathanb=10958
2007-01-23 nathanb=10958
2007-01-19 nathanb=10958
2007-01-12 nathanb=10958
2007-01-05 yury- added two configure keys controlling libcfs debug...
2007-01-05 wufeib=11500
2007-01-04 yury- added comment or cmd3 macros
2007-01-04 yury- enable cmd3 specific configure keys.
2006-12-30 shadowdon`t set aio methods, use internal compat methods...
2006-12-29 nathancleanup title
2006-12-28 mjmac* fix broken configure check
2006-12-28 mjmac* now commit the sles10 build fix, after reverting...
2006-12-28 mjmac* reverting:
2006-12-28 mjmacOK, let's try that again.
2006-12-28 mjmacback out previous commit, which was more extensive...
2006-12-28 mjmac* fix build breakage when this branch is built in a...
2006-12-21 nathanr=nathan, eeb
2006-12-20 wangdiBranch: b_new_cmd
2006-12-15 scjodyBranch HEAD
2006-12-14 adilgerMerge b1_5 from b1_4 (20061213_1244)
2006-12-11 shadowmerge patchless client and some cleanups.
2006-12-08 nathanalign text output
2006-12-06 scjodyBranch HEAD
2006-12-04 eeb* 11293 - removed LP_PROG_LINUX leftover from portals...
2006-11-30 nathanb=10958
2006-11-01 cliffwRemoving IOR tarball
2006-11-01 cliffwFOrce path to /usr/local
2006-11-01 cliffwFixes
2006-11-01 cliffwRenamed
2006-11-01 cliffwChanged quotes for newer bash
2006-11-01 cliffwAdded missing files
2006-11-01 cliffwUpaating the kit to use autoconf, and to build RPMs...
2006-10-31 nathanb=10959
2006-10-31 nathanb=10959
2006-10-31 nathanb=10959
2006-10-31 nathanb=10959
2006-10-30 nathanb=10959
2006-10-28 nathanfix some probs with 1.6
2006-10-23 ericmbranch: b_new_cmd
2006-10-23 ericmbranch: HEAD
2006-10-19 greenfile 2.6.5-quotafix.patch was initially added on branch...
2006-10-18 ericmbranch: b_new_cmd
2006-10-13 ericmbuild: explicitly declare AC_KERBEROS_V5 be a valid...
2006-10-12 yury- added LC_CONFIG_LDISKFS
2006-10-10 scjodyBranch b1_4
2006-10-10 eebfile new-tcp-zero-copy-2.4.29-vanilla.patch was initial...
2006-10-09 eebfile new-tcp-zero-copy-2.6.9-41.2chaos.patch was initia...
2006-10-08 yury- add GSS COND to linux m4
2006-10-07 ericmbranch: b_new_cmd
2006-10-06 ericmbranch: b_new_cmd (lustre), HEAD (build)
2006-10-06 yury- checks for CRYPTO should not be depend on GSS, capa...
2006-10-06 yury- put GSS check after linux modules check to make sure...
2006-10-02 brian~grumble~ Shared build modules.
2006-10-02 brianSo we have not had any build requirements to date?...
2006-10-02 brianNeed to replace the nfs-utils-lustre that was installed...
2006-09-29 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2006-09-28 nikitacollect more info in checkstack
2006-09-20 briansrc needs to be in the options list if it is going...
2006-09-15 niufile quota-umount-race-fix.patch was initially added...
2006-09-15 niufile quota-deadlock-on-pagelock-ext3.patch was initiall...
2006-09-15 niufile quota-deadlock-on-pagelock-core.patch was initiall...
2006-09-12 nathanb=22481
2006-09-11 deenfile flocks_test.c was initially added on branch b1_4.
2006-09-08 adilgerBranch b1_4
2006-09-08 wangybrevert previous changes as per the discussion between...
2006-09-06 bobijamfile bitops_ext2_find_next_le_bit-2.6.patch was initial...
2006-09-02 nathanfile lustre_rmmod.sh was initially added on branch...
2006-09-01 qiyongcvsignore quilt's series
2006-08-31 qiyongfile export-do_kern_mount.patch was initially added...
2006-08-31 qiyongfile lookup_bdev_init_intent-2.6.18-vanilla.patch was...
2006-08-30 wangybr=adilger
2006-08-30 wangyblustre-kernel-2.4.spec uses '_tmppath' instead of ...
2006-08-27 brianTry to avoid a race where two rpmbuilds on the same...
2006-08-27 tapproadd libiam.a if its source is in lustre tree
2006-08-27 brianWhile this looks like it should work, and Yury says...
2006-08-24 cliffwb=10851