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2011-01-27 Johann Lombardib=24388 remove another file inadvertently added by...
2011-01-27 Johann Lombardib=24388 remove files inadvertently added by previous...
2011-01-27 Elena Gryaznovab=24388 sgpdd-survey fix: use node_var_name () for...
2011-01-27 Isaac Huangb=21776 Set PF_MEMALLOC on outgoing path to prevent...
2011-01-27 Johann Lombardib=22980 init_logging does not exist in 1.8
2011-01-26 Brian J. Murrellb=24417 Update Build-Depends
2011-01-26 Brian J. Murrellb=24416 debian packaging fixes
2011-01-26 Brian J. Murrellb=24413 fix for automake > 1.9.6
2011-01-26 Terry RutledgeRevert "b=24413 fix for automake > 1.9.6"
2011-01-26 Brian J. Murrellb=24413 fix for automake > 1.9.6
2011-01-26 Niu Yaweib=22980 Support unlocked_ioctl
2011-01-26 Vitaly Fertmanb=24320 do not fork a new thread in mem pressure
2011-01-25 Johann Lombardib=24245 fix SA perf test to support SA disabled by...
2011-01-24 Bob Glossmanb=17275 make lustre client less verbose at startup...
2011-01-24 niub=24360 fix NULL pointer deref in mds_verify_child...
2011-01-24 Andreas Dilgerb=20563 Fix fid_flatten() after 1 trillion SEQ numbers
2011-01-24 Andreas Dilgerb=20563 Fix fid_flatten32() to not lose OID bits
2011-01-24 Joseph Herringb=22660 Return kernel's locking return code to when...
2011-01-24 Zhang HongChaob=23352 modified value of at_min is not taken into...
2011-01-24 Dmitry Zoginb=22378 Correct MDS client stats
2011-01-20 Johann Lombardib=15962 disable statahead by default due to important...
2011-01-20 Bernd Schubertb=22882 MMP might sleep negative time
2011-01-20 Christopher... b=21456 Patch to support lnet v1 pings in 'lctl ping'
2011-01-19 Johann Lombardibump version to
2011-01-19 Johann Lombardib=23988 Remove sd iostats patch from sles11 patch series
2011-01-11 Terry RutledgeUpdated version for 1.8.6 build 02. v1_8_5_52
2011-01-07 Johann Lombardiadd missing changelog entries
2011-01-06 Andreas Dilgerb=24039 actually add exit_traps.sh to EXTRA_DIST
2011-01-06 Andreas Dilgerb=23122 make exit_traps.sh executable
2010-12-30 Brian J. Murrellb=24093 not all build files/scripts being distributed
2010-12-30 Brian J. Murrellb=24087 reverse order of $LINUX{,_OBJ}/include
2010-12-24 Elena Gryaznovab=24294 test_pios: take the ost-s sizes into account
2010-12-23 Elena Gryaznovab=23793 MOUNTOPT "-o" cleanup
2010-12-22 Elena Gryaznovab=23051 improve summary of acc-sm to include test times
2010-12-22 Elena Gryaznovab=23051 improve summary of acc-sm to include test times
2010-12-22 Jeremy Filizettib=23081 Move llap page to tail instead of head.
2010-12-22 James Simmonsb=24226 typo fix for sanity test 72
2010-12-21 Mikhail Pershinb=20394 correct check for transno value in filter_finis...
2010-12-21 Mikhail Pershinb=24048 Set body->eadatasize in mdc_getattr_pack()
2010-12-20 Elena Gryaznovab=18717 make "lfs check" output consistent on stdout
2010-12-20 Elena Gryaznovab=23049 canonicalize disk names
2010-12-20 Elena Gryaznovab=23049 various t-f.sh patches
2010-12-20 Elena Gryaznovab=23049 set path to truncate
2010-12-20 Elena Gryaznovab=22544 delete module_setup.sh
2010-12-20 Elena Gryaznovab=24039 lfs setstripe --pool broken
2010-12-20 Elena Gryaznovab=24239 use SAMPLE_FILE instead of termcap
2010-12-20 Elena Gryaznovab=24266 increase replay-single test_70d dbench duration...
2010-12-17 James Simmonsb=24226 Only force the mode change if we're changing... v1_8_5_51
2010-12-17 Johann LombardiRevert "b=23787 make struct lprocfs_percpu definition...
2010-12-17 Johann Lombardichange version to
2010-12-17 Andreas Dilgerb=19808 fix d_obtain_alias() misuse due to compat macro
2010-12-17 Landenb=24055 a patch to detect if quota is turned on properly
2010-12-17 Landenb=22546 fix errors in test_18c
2010-12-17 Jian Yub=24245 skip sanity test 123 under 1.8 <-> 2.x interope...
2010-12-17 Andreas Dilgerb=23821 Limit bio_alloc() to BIO_MAX_PAGES iovecs.
2010-12-17 Andrew Perepechkofix the formatting in filter_do_bio
2010-12-17 Dmitry Zoginb=23787 make struct lprocfs_percpu definition C99 compliant
2010-12-17 Dmitry Zoginb=23786 make lh_exit code C99 compliant
2010-12-17 Bernd Schubertb=23157 do not crash on wrong network message in filter...
2010-12-17 Minh Diepb=24270 need to mkdir mntpt before mount
2010-12-16 Andreas Dilgerb=16605 don't LASSERT on unverified client data in...
2010-12-14 Vladimir Savelievb=13698 llapi_get_version
2010-12-13 Elena Gryaznovab=23961 fix for setup with several network interfaces
2010-12-10 rootb=4424 Reserve obd_connect_data.ocd_max_easize field
2010-12-09 Elena Gryaznovab=22376 sanity test for non-root exec-only file execution
2010-12-02 Andrew Perepechkob=23766 interop bits for sanity/203
2010-12-02 Elena Gryaznovab=24118 test_70b rundbench load failed
2010-12-01 Andrew PerepechkoRevert "b=23913 fix "ASSERTION(!cfs_list_empty(&dquot...
2010-12-01 Elena Gryaznovab=24228 fix test duration check to be more accurate
2010-12-01 Elena Gryaznovab=23535 sgpdd-survey.sh should check for sg_map
2010-11-30 Elena Gryaznovab=22157 combined mgs/mds fix for single node setup
2010-11-30 Elena Gryaznovab=23402 mmp_fini () multiple oss fix
2010-11-29 Isaac Huangb=23575 O2iblnd credit deadlock regression
2010-11-29 Landenb=23913 fix "ASSERTION(!cfs_list_empty(&dquot->dq_hash...
2010-11-29 Landenb=23868 fix "sanity-quota test_18c: @@@@@@ FAIL: quotao...
2010-11-26 Elena Gryaznovab=23954 MGS device has stopped when we try to start...
2010-11-26 Elena Gryaznovab=23869 HARD failure mode fixes
2010-11-26 Elena Gryaznovab=23956 change conf-sanity test_37 to be functional...
2010-11-26 Elena Gryaznovab=24020 lustre doesn't start with ext4 based ldiskfs.
2010-11-26 Andrew Perepechkob=24201 add procfs tunable to enable/disable lockless...
2010-11-25 Johann Lombardib=21804 make sure the request is protected by rq_refcou...
2010-11-25 Johann Lombardib=23820 add missing changelog entry
2010-11-25 Johann Lombardib=21760 start bulk unregistering at the same time as...
2010-11-25 Dmitry Zoginb=23820 ptlrpc_check_set()) ASSERTION(req->rq_phase...
2010-11-25 Johann Lombardimove to 1.8.6
2010-11-18 Andrew Perepechkofixed a typo from previous commit
2010-11-18 Andrew Perepechkob=23766 atime is not updated properly
2010-11-15 yangshengb=23985 Fix upstream jbd2 code issue. 1.8.5 v1_8_5_RC4
2010-11-15 Andrew PerepechkoChangelog update
2010-11-15 Andrew Perepechkob=24051 sanity test_76 fix
2010-11-15 Andrew Perepechkob=23766 atime isn't properly updated on the MDS
2010-10-27 Andrew Perepechkob=21587 don't LBUG if transno has changed during replay v1_8_5_RC3
2010-10-22 yangshengb=23988 Changes sd-iostats patch for 2.6.32 kernel.
2010-10-21 Johann LombardiRevert "b=23988 Changes sd-iostats patch for 2.6.32...
2010-10-21 yangshengb=23965 Add fiemap patch for ldiskfs base on ext4(sles1...
2010-10-21 yangshengb=23988 Changes sd-iostats patch for 2.6.32 kernel.
2010-10-21 yangshengb=24003 Shows stripe_count: 65535 but should be '-1'.
2010-10-20 Johann Lombardib=21587 don't clean up echo_client is refcount is not 0
2010-10-20 Johann Lombardib=23966 Revert "b=21137 sles11 with 1.8 is slower than...
2010-10-14 Brian J. Murrellb=23721 download OFED from OFA v1_8_5_RC2