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2004-02-14 rreadland b_eq on HEAD
2004-02-13 adilgerOops.
2004-02-13 adilgerLanding b_bug974 onto HEAD (20040213_1538).
2004-02-13 adilgerLand b_smallfix onto HEAD (20040213_1402)
2004-02-13 adilgerOr rather just old ones, since this bites me sometimes.
2004-02-13 adilgerIgnore all .mergeinfo files.
2004-02-13 wangdiUpdate smfs: fix bugs of smfs_create
2004-02-13 wangdiUpdate smfs: some fix about clear_inode in smfs
2004-02-12 nicb=2618
2004-02-12 adilgerDon't pass garbage mode bits to the filesystem with...
2004-02-12 adilgerFix obvious cut-n-paste error in lov_brw_check() (would...
2004-02-12 adilgerFix comment to refer to a function which actually exists.
2004-02-12 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-02-12 rreadb=2699
2004-02-11 zab- be sure to run the tests with 0 debugging
2004-02-11 adilgerHave the loopback OST/MDS files use the same names...
2004-02-11 wangdiupdate smfs, some fix about read in smfs
2004-02-11 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-02-11 wangchaob=2019
2004-02-11 wangchaob=2079
2004-02-10 zab- record 'readprofile' profiles if they are available
2004-02-10 rreadinitialize force_umount = 0
2004-02-10 adilgerLanding b_smallfix onto HEAD (20040210_1202)
2004-02-10 adilgerAdd cvsdiffclient and cvs-modified-files.pl to CVS...
2004-02-10 adilgerAdd land[12].sh and add some extra checks to merge...
2004-02-10 shaochengfile Makefile.in was initially added on branch b_bug1414.
2004-02-10 shaochengfile Makefile was initially added on branch b_bug1414.
2004-02-10 shaochengfile lustre_user.h was initially added on branch b_bug1414.
2004-02-10 shaochengfile liblustreapi.h was initially added on branch b_bug...
2004-02-10 shaochengfile Makefile.am was initially added on branch b_bug1414.
2004-02-10 shaochengfile ll_dirstripe_verify.c was initially added on branc...
2004-02-10 shaochengfile ll_dirstripe_verify was initially added on branch...
2004-02-10 rreadFix a merge error in conf-sanity.sh. Using CMDVERBOSE...
2004-02-10 wangdiupdate smfs, some minor fix about symlink, link and...
2004-02-10 adilgerCorrect description for bug 1934.
2004-02-10 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-02-10 adilgerFix mkfsoptions support for osts.
2004-02-10 adilgerAdditional debugging for MDS client eviction problem...
2004-02-10 adilgerPrint out dotted-quad IP addresses in the socknal ...
2004-02-10 adilgerFix timeouts when evicting a client with a single lock...
2004-02-10 adilgerDon't leave stale dentries around after renames (from...
2004-02-09 adilgerZero end of page at obdfilter for partial page writes...
2004-02-09 adilgerRPM build fix from 1.0.4
2004-02-09 adilgerDon't flag the ptlrpcd thread with PF_MEMALLOC (from...
2004-02-09 adilgerFix truncate-vs-write corruption - truncate wasn't...
2004-02-09 adilgerFix for failed assertion in iopen_connect_dentry (2...
2004-02-09 rreadFix "implicit declaration" warning
2004-02-09 adilgerUpdate ChangeLog with fixes from b_recovery landing.
2004-02-09 wangdiupdate smfs 1)delete inode->i_list in smfs_delete_inode...
2004-02-09 yuryFixes and improvements in tmpfs-sanity.sh
2004-02-09 yuryFixes in tmp-sanity.sh
2004-02-09 yuryadded tmpfs-xattr to vanilla-2.4.20
2004-02-09 yuryAdded CONFIG_TMPFS_XATTR=y in vanilla 2.4.20 config
2004-02-09 yuryAdded tmpfs-xattr patch for vanilla 2.4.20
2004-02-09 yuryAdded tmpfs-sanity.sh which checks if xattr support...
2004-02-09 wangdiminor fix about smfs in Makefile.am
2004-02-08 rread- missed some calls to zconf_mount/umount in the test...
2004-02-08 wangdiupdate smfs.c 1)fix bugs of inode and dentry in dir.c
2004-02-07 rreadLanding b_recovery
2004-02-07 wangdioops! just forget commit a fix in the last commit
2004-02-07 wangdiupdate smfs 1)fix read file bugs 2)add some superblock...
2004-02-07 eeb* Fixed 2634 ("instant" socknal timeout?)
2004-02-07 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-02-07 adilgerQuiet warning on ia64 compiles.
2004-02-07 adilgerFix type mismatch errors found on ia64.
2004-02-07 zabb=2683
2004-02-06 alex- use-after-free debugging tool against 2.4.24
2004-02-06 alex- we have to get undo access for block bitmaps
2004-02-06 adilgerUpdate ChangeLog
2004-02-06 adilgerMake it clear which error was hit in test 62 (failed...
2004-02-06 wangdiupdate smfs, 1)add dir and files methods of smfs 2...
2004-02-06 shaochengfile dirstripe.sh was initially added on branch b_bug1414.
2004-02-06 alex- few additional asserts added
2004-02-06 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-02-06 nicb=2623
2004-02-06 zab- add an overwrite pass
2004-02-05 wangdiadd some methods in file.c
2004-02-05 alex- ext3 batching allocation against suse2 series
2004-02-05 alex- export few extents-related functions
2004-02-05 wangdiupdate smfs 1)some fix in cache mount 2)some fix in...
2004-02-05 eeb* Removed support for old (pre open source) QSW instal...
2004-02-05 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-02-05 zab- collect basic oprofile results when it is available
2004-02-04 zab- require iozone with the -+o patch
2004-02-04 wangdiupdate smfs 1.fix bugs of read_super. 2.some minor fix
2004-02-04 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-02-03 zab- clean up last_block cleanup a little
2004-02-03 alex- series for uml on 2.6.0
2004-02-03 wangdiupdate smfs. 1)fix bugs in sm_read_super 2) add some...
2004-02-03 rreadpython 1.5 doesn't have isspace() (I know, how barbaric...
2004-02-03 wangchaob=2603
2004-02-03 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-02-02 zab- add a helper to call bc with a specified precision
2004-02-02 eeb* Modified socknal to...
2004-02-02 zab- try to verify that a bdev is alive by reading from it
2004-02-02 zab- add an argument to select which tests to run
2004-02-02 wangdiupdate smfs
2004-02-01 wangdiupdate smfs, add some files dir.c cache.c inode.c still...
2004-01-31 alex- ldlm builds as part of ptlrpc
2004-01-31 wangdiadd mount cache in sm_read_super