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2005-12-22 nicadd vmstat running in parallel
2005-12-16 nic- allow most everything to be overridden on the command...
2005-12-12 brianWhen landing, strip the trailing segments off of the...
2005-12-12 adilgerBranch b1_4
2005-12-09 brianAdd ".#*" to the list of files removed from the make...
2005-12-09 brianb=9729
2005-12-06 greenreverting test commit
2005-12-06 greentest commit
2005-12-03 brianb=9729
2005-11-25 brianProtect the * from shell expansion producing:
2005-11-25 brianRemove the debugging flag to greatly reduce output.
2005-11-18 yury- added missed swab of body->mode
2005-11-16 greenfile lustre_ver.h.in was initially added on branch...
2005-11-16 greenb=7417
2005-11-16 wangdiBranch b1_4_join
2005-11-09 gordAdd kabi script to CVS.
2005-11-07 brianb1_4_rhel4_22 has been re-parented to b_release_1_4_6...
2005-11-02 brianFix timed_run() so that it returns success when it...
2005-11-02 brianI thought this would make expect more efficient, reduci...
2005-11-02 brianMake sure update_oldconfig does not hang the whole...
2005-11-02 brianExpect debugging to see what is hanging it up.
2005-11-01 brianr=nic
2005-11-01 brianDon't log the output of the make oldconfig. The expect...
2005-10-31 brianNeed to include update_oldconfig in the dist tarball.
2005-10-31 brianAn expect script to interact with make oldconfig answer...
2005-10-28 brianr=nic
2005-10-28 brianr=nic
2005-10-28 nicb_release braches are tagged for build/ too
2005-10-27 nathanb=9501
2005-10-26 brianr=nic
2005-10-25 nathanb=8080
2005-10-21 brianArray element access in bash MUST be enclosed with {}.
2005-10-21 lsyremove unused LC_CONFIG_QUOTA in lustre-build.m4.
2005-10-20 nathanadd configure warning if building without CONFIG_KMOD
2005-10-20 niuall children of b1_4 should use same lnet
2005-10-19 nathanb=8080
2005-10-18 ericmb1_4_acl has updated from b1_4, use same portals/lnet...
2005-10-18 nathanb=8080
2005-10-18 nathanb=8080
2005-10-17 gordCommented out LC_CONFIG_QUOTA line, which had no defini...
2005-10-14 adilgerBranch b1_4_newconfig
2005-10-14 mjmacFixes to allow the harness to build v1_4_5_91.
2005-10-14 alexb=9516
2005-10-06 nic1.2.8 and 1.4.0 did not have build/ tagged for them...
2005-10-06 nicallow vars to be overriden from the command line
2005-10-05 ericmb1_4_xattr don't need special requirement for lnet...
2005-10-05 ericmb1_4_xattr need same lnet as b1_4_newconfig
2005-09-29 pjkirner* make scheduler threads balance rx and tx more evenly
2005-09-29 adilgerBranch b1_4
2005-09-26 lsyadd makefile for standalone quota.
2005-09-24 brianGroup lock code to pass test 58.
2005-09-24 brianBackout changes made to day in efforts to make test...
2005-09-24 alex- minor optimization to avoid extra expenses related...
2005-09-24 alex- re-fill size/blocks attributes in open reply if ea...
2005-09-24 alex- missed bit from test 41 debugging
2005-09-24 alex- OST A/M/D should work OK in non-CMD setup
2005-09-23 brianr=alex
2005-09-23 wangdiHEAD
2005-09-23 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2005-09-22 alex- don't enable capabilities by default
2005-09-22 alexb=7148
2005-09-21 alex- drop ll_capa_stat flag in order to preven flood
2005-09-21 alex- make default key timelife 3 days long
2005-09-21 alex- generate capability in open resend case
2005-09-21 alex- additional debug to catch the case when client gets...
2005-09-21 ericmadd debug msg for gss seq window.
2005-09-21 alex- drop needless capas upon close
2005-09-21 lsydrop truncate capa after ll_truncate.
2005-09-21 lsymore debug message.
2005-09-21 nathanadd b1_4_mountconf using lnet
2005-09-21 lsymessage cleanup.
2005-09-21 alex- swab capa data in mdc_replay_open(), the sequence...
2005-09-21 lsyput capa before calling ll_renew_capa, in case it might...
2005-09-21 alex- don't make noise if we found needed capa
2005-09-21 alex- nobody needs these warnings any more
2005-09-21 lsydon't make too much noise.
2005-09-21 lsyexport symbol.
2005-09-21 lsymake noise when capa not found.
2005-09-21 ericmmissed i_gen
2005-09-21 alex- pack fake reply if mds_getattr() couldn't lookup...
2005-09-21 alex- in order to prevent flood during renewing capa for...
2005-09-21 lsyclient capa list is sorted.
2005-09-21 ericmthe missing part of last capa fix.
2005-09-21 ericmremove stale capa structure from mds/filter obd.
2005-09-21 ericmon OSS compare the whole capa structure because we...
2005-09-21 adilgerBranch b1_4
2005-09-20 alex- one more DEBUG_CAPA() to make sure we use proper...
2005-09-20 alex- typo fixed
2005-09-20 alex- bump capa cache size on MDS/OSS to 3000 to decrease...
2005-09-20 alex- allocate tfm per every sign procedure (tfm isn't...
2005-09-20 lsycleanup debug message.
2005-09-20 lsytypo.
2005-09-20 lsyadd debug for capa_key.
2005-09-20 alex- warn if HMAC's don't match
2005-09-20 lsyadd debug msg, and some cleanup.
2005-09-20 alex- needless \n grrrrr
2005-09-20 alex- additional debug
2005-09-20 alex- minor typo: CDEBUG() doesn't add \n at the end
2005-09-20 lsychange debug level.
2005-09-20 lsyllite doesn't put it.