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2004-08-17 yury- fixed typo in lconf LMV:clanup_module()
2004-08-16 adilgerFix assertion problem at flock cleanup.
2004-08-16 greenfile export_num_siblings.patch was initially added...
2004-08-16 yury- fixes, comments in mds_lock_mode_for_dir() about...
2004-08-13 adilgerfile rhel-2.4.21 was initially added on branch b1_4.
2004-08-13 adilgerfile vfs_intent-2.4.21-rhel.patch was initially added...
2004-08-13 yury- small fix in mds_lock_mode_for_dir()
2004-08-13 yury- mds_lock_mode_for_dir() should check also MDS_NO_SPLI...
2004-08-13 uid7211)cleanup smfs for build in 2.6
2004-08-12 houfengb=4223
2004-08-12 wangdiminor build fix for smfs
2004-08-12 wangdiget rid of lustre_snap.h in ptlrpc/pack_generic.c
2004-08-11 adilgerCommit debugging changes from current CMD testing.
2004-08-11 wangdi1)add .snap namespace to smfs
2004-08-11 ericmfile confobd.c was initially added on branch b_confobd.
2004-08-11 alex- export leak fixed: we need not 2nd obd_llog_init()
2004-08-10 alex- it's valid that MDC/LMV notifies MDS
2004-08-10 zhaibosorry, misoperation
2004-08-10 zhaiboss
2004-08-10 alexb=2089
2004-08-09 adilgerAdd separate create locks per object group.
2004-08-09 yury- generated new lustre_assert_wire_constants() to fix...
2004-08-09 adilgerAlex's fix for cross-MDS mkdir recovery (b=3869)
2004-08-08 alex- minor cleanups
2004-08-08 alexb=4182
2004-08-08 adilgerFix mis-patch in lov_connect/lov_disconnect.
2004-08-07 alex- minor cleanups
2004-08-07 alexb=3550
2004-08-07 alexb=4048
2004-08-07 alexb=3733
2004-08-07 alex- extents patch updated from b1_4:
2004-08-07 adilgerAdd SNMP monitoring variables.
2004-08-07 adilgerAdd flock support.
2004-08-07 adilgerCommit OST AMD support to HEAD so we can being running...
2004-08-06 alexfile configurable-x86_64-2.4.21.patch was initially...
2004-08-05 adilgerDisable llog on the MDS.
2004-08-05 adilgerRemove global atomic counter for MDS opens, it just...
2004-08-05 adilgerPrint client recovery info to the console for debugging.
2004-08-05 adilgerDefensive check to avoid re-freeing export during force...
2004-08-05 adilgerRemove duplicate but unused declaration of mds_pack_ope...
2004-08-05 adilgerMore verbose debugging for llog replay assertion.
2004-08-04 alex- we need not that CWARN()s
2004-08-03 ericmfile lutil.h was initially added on branch b_newsysio.
2004-08-03 ericmfile lutil.c was initially added on branch b_newsysio.
2004-08-02 alexb=4059
2004-08-02 alexb=4030
2004-08-02 wangdi1)reorganize the smfs hook ops to make smfs walk a...
2004-08-02 alexb=4054
2004-07-31 alex- comment fixed
2004-07-31 alexb=4051
2004-07-31 alexb=4049
2004-07-31 alexb=4044
2004-07-31 alexr=adilger
2004-07-30 adilgerFix error handling.
2004-07-30 adilgerGrab a lov llog lock so we ensure the llog records...
2004-07-30 alex- ext3_check_dir_entry shouldn't panic if inum in cross...
2004-07-30 rreadb=3825
2004-07-29 rreadMake recovery on clients less verbose and misleading.
2004-07-29 rreadb=3554
2004-07-29 alexb=3986
2004-07-28 alex- just to avoid gcc warning
2004-07-28 alexb=3825
2004-07-28 alexb=4019
2004-07-28 eebfile small_scatterlist-2.4.21-chaos.patch was initially...
2004-07-28 eebfile blkdev_tunables-2.4.21-chaos.patch was initially...
2004-07-27 alex- lmv.sh config generator may add several OST nodes...
2004-07-27 alexb=3999
2004-07-27 alexb=3550
2004-07-27 alex- don't show error message in replay case
2004-07-27 alexb=3995
2004-07-26 alexb=3983
2004-07-26 rreadb=3550
2004-07-26 wangdiUpdate snapfs: 1) some fix on clonefs read in lustre
2004-07-26 alexb=3983
2004-07-26 alex- more info in test 1c
2004-07-26 alex- mds_reint_unlink() shouldn't kill slaves if master...
2004-07-24 alexb=3874
2004-07-24 alexb=3874
2004-07-23 rreadb=3633,3934
2004-07-22 rreadb=3899
2004-07-22 rreadb=3934
2004-07-22 rreadb=3892
2004-07-22 rreadb=2525
2004-07-22 alexb=3920
2004-07-22 alex- PTLDEBUG var to control debug set
2004-07-22 alexb=2185
2004-07-22 alex- ost_brw_write() should return an error rather than...
2004-07-22 rreadb=3940
2004-07-22 wangchaob=3362
2004-07-22 wangchaob=3399
2004-07-22 rreadb=3940
2004-07-22 rreadb=3940
2004-07-21 wangdiadd uml_clone.sh for clonefs test
2004-07-21 wangdi1)add clonefs read in lustre
2004-07-21 jacobfile lustrefs was initially added on branch b1_2_smallfix.
2004-07-21 jacobfile rhel-2.4.target was initially added on branch...
2004-07-21 jacobfile x86-fpu-crash.patch was initially added on branch...
2004-07-21 jacobfile qlogic-suse-2.4.21-2.patch was initially added...
2004-07-21 jacobfile kernel-2.4.21-rhel-2.4-i686.config was initially...
2004-07-21 jacobfile kernel-2.4.21-rhel-2.4-i686-smp.config was initial...