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2005-03-02 jacobPatch from HP to support external qsnet.
2005-03-02 jacobb=5786
2005-03-02 nicremove the lustre version from the kernel EXTRA_VERSION...
2005-03-02 eeb* Fixed 5708: openib reconnect on client reboot issues
2005-03-02 greenlustre b1_4_rhel4 requires portals b1_4_rhel4
2005-03-02 yury- fixes from b1_4:
2005-03-02 yury- fixed sanity test 55.
2005-03-02 yury- fixed md_getattr() in lustre_common-fill_super()
2005-03-02 adilgerMerge b1_4_smallfix from b1_4 (20050301_1341)
2005-03-01 jacobb=1987
2005-03-01 yury- fixed comment of OBD_MD_FID.
2005-03-01 eeb* Fixed ranal setup/teardown bug that ran a device...
2005-03-01 nathanb=4834
2005-03-01 philMore HP patch merging; part of misc_sfs_build_changes...
2005-03-01 philb=5783
2005-03-01 philSome, but not all, of the GMnal updates submitted by HP.
2005-03-01 philTurn a CERROR into a CWARN. HP patch quieten_console_e...
2005-02-28 yury- returned back OBD_MD_FID. For many reasons its remova...
2005-02-28 yury- fixed ROOT setting up. If it is not empty, it should...
2005-02-28 yury- small fix in ll_update_inode()
2005-02-28 tapproinitial release
2005-02-27 greenb=5230
2005-02-26 yury- returning correct error code from mds_statfs() amd...
2005-02-26 tapproHLD document for SMFS(Storage Management Filesystem)
2005-02-26 adilgerAdd b_cmd* to buildcvs to get correct portals version.
2005-02-25 yury- locks and dentries should be released in the case...
2005-02-24 eeb* vibnal HIGHMEM hacking
2005-02-24 eeb* simpified vibnal rdma setup
2005-02-24 eeb* Fixed the vibnal resilience-in-the-face-of-peer...
2005-02-24 alex- tuning ported from b1_4
2005-02-24 eeb* lustre updates for recent portals HEAD changes
2005-02-23 eeb* First cut working vibnal
2005-02-23 eeb* removed unused #defines in RANAL
2005-02-23 yury- fix from b1_4 in MDS_CHECK_RESENT()
2005-02-23 adilgerBranch: b1_4
2005-02-23 liuduoadd some code related to setxid
2005-02-23 liuduoto make b_hd_remote_uid portals based on b_hd_sec portals
2005-02-22 alex- commit from zzeng
2005-02-22 yury- changes with names on exports and another fields...
2005-02-18 adilgerBranch: b1_4
2005-02-17 nicia64 needs make vmlinux on 2.6-suse, and it works on...
2005-02-15 jacobb=5684
2005-02-15 nicneed these changes on HEAD for build too
2005-02-14 eeb* Added loopback optimisation to lib-move.c
2005-02-12 eeb* fixed bug in handling timed out RapkSetRiParams()
2005-02-12 philI keep finding these trees that I have, with little...
2005-02-12 eeb* Coded for new connection handshake.
2005-02-11 eeb* ghastly hack to serialise RapkSetRiParams with...
2005-02-11 niconly build ksocknal with modules enabled
2005-02-11 jacoboriginally by phil
2005-02-10 philremoved some empty files (authors, news, readme)
2005-02-10 adilgerFix LC_COLLATE so that [A-Z] only matches upper-case...
2005-02-09 eeb* Bug 5676 fix: keep extra ref on peer until all...
2005-02-08 eeb* removed spurious 'inline' from extern portal_ioctl_...
2005-02-05 liangzhenb_port_step is a branch only for portals
2005-02-05 jacobi did not mean for this to get committed
2005-02-05 jacobsort alphabetically
2005-02-05 jacobremove arch symlink
2005-02-05 jacobAdd empty install-data-hook rule on non-darwin
2005-02-05 jacobportals no longer installs list.h
2005-02-04 nicadd missing headers to dist - fixes problems with rpm...
2005-02-04 eeb * updates to HEAD lustre since landing b_port_step...
2005-02-04 eeb * Landed portals:b_port_step as follows...
2005-02-04 eeb* ranal passes netregression
2005-02-04 jacobb=5576
2005-02-02 jacobapparently os x's cvs includes the full cvs repo path in
2005-02-02 eeb* 5639 fix by having qswnal detect when portals is...
2005-02-02 jacobcomplain if more than one argument was passed, so that...
2005-02-01 eeb* ranal debugging and lconf support
2005-01-31 eeb* 5630 fix takes ibnal global lock at raised IRQ priority
2005-01-31 eeb* 5602 fix improves checks that NID is set correctly...
2005-01-28 jacobfix copy/paste error
2005-01-28 jacobb=5584; only install module if it is built
2005-01-28 yury- fixed problem with sid of virtual directory "FIDS...
2005-01-28 nkjre-applying my initial changes. forgot that the HEAD...
2005-01-28 nkj2.4 kernels do not have the ext3 xattr config flag...
2005-01-27 yury- removed optimization related to fid's updating on...
2005-01-27 huzfadd b_port_test branch
2005-01-26 wangdiBranch:HEAD
2005-01-26 nkjchanged from warn to error when ext3 attributes are...
2005-01-26 yury- initializing parent_lockh in mds_open() the same...
2005-01-26 yury- removed redundant check and lock release. If name...
2005-01-26 yury- fixed releasing lock with correct mode in mds_id2lock...
2005-01-25 jacobb=5588
2005-01-25 jacobb=5592; set CC in lbuild to work around this problem
2005-01-25 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2005-01-24 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2005-01-24 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2005-01-21 niulet child branch of bcray use same libsysio.
2005-01-21 jacobb=5578
2005-01-20 jacobb=5573
2005-01-20 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2005-01-19 jacobb=5568
2005-01-19 adilgerBranch: b_cray
2005-01-19 alexb=5209
2005-01-19 alex- minor correction to the patch for gcc-3.4.2
2005-01-17 adilgerBranch: b_cray
2005-01-17 brianFixes from b_port_step needed to get HEAD to build.
2005-01-17 brianRemove trailing /lustre from lustre/ldlm/lustre pathnames.
2005-01-12 nicr=boc