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2005-04-04 jacobland b1_4_bgl on HEAD (20050404_1913)
2005-04-04 adilgerBranch: b_cray
2005-04-04 yury- landed b_hd_cray_merge3
2005-04-04 eeb* 5852 vibnal patch to detect __u64/void* vv_scatgat_...
2005-04-02 jacobbail if we can't compile modules, and reorder uml check...
2005-04-01 nathanbuild all b1_4 derivatives with bgl portals
2005-03-31 ericmsince b_hd_sec has landed, all security branches should...
2005-03-31 ericmland lustre part of b_hd_sec on HEAD.
2005-03-31 ericmland portals part of b_hd_sec on HEAD.
2005-03-31 eeb* 6020 openibnal CM callback fixes
2005-03-31 eeb* Fix for 5998: LASSERT(kibnal_peer_active(peer))
2005-03-31 eeb* Fixed bad LASSERT in qswnal (= instead of ==)
2005-03-30 jacobwe build this file on all rhel 2.6 as well
2005-03-30 brianReplace /usr/sbin and /usr/bin filelists with wildcards.
2005-03-30 eeb* Removed '-Wall' from ranal build
2005-03-30 eeb* Fixed trailing ';' on #define PORTALS_CFG_VERSION
2005-03-30 eeb* Changed --with-iib to allow a path to the installe...
2005-03-30 jacoball aboard! next stop, testing your build before submi...
2005-03-30 adilgerBranch: b_cray
2005-03-30 adilgerBranch: b_cray
2005-03-29 adilgerBranch: b1_4
2005-03-29 buffalo-pullEnable SMFS build.
2005-03-29 yury- update from HEAD.
2005-03-29 buffalo-pullNeed to include smfs_api.h in the distributed sources...
2005-03-29 buffalo-pullHEAD is now at 1.7.0. Mostly cosmetic for building...
2005-03-29 buffalo-pullFix needed so make dist works again.
2005-03-29 alexget rid of old wrong patch
2005-03-29 greenb1_4_quotaoff needs same portals as b1_4 too
2005-03-29 jacobr=phil
2005-03-29 jacobClean out this change in my tree; don't install the...
2005-03-29 zhaoqiangChangelog:
2005-03-28 wangchaothe basic code/patch for remote permission, including...
2005-03-26 adilgerBranch: b_cray
2005-03-25 adilgerBranch: b1_4
2005-03-25 yury- fixed ability of variables being used uninitialized...
2005-03-25 yury- fixed ability of ret_mode being used uninitialized...
2005-03-25 lsyMerge b1_4_quota from b1_4 (20050325_1039)
2005-03-24 jacobdon't break things on purpose
2005-03-24 jacobb1_4 lustre needs b1_4_bgl portals until after 1.4...
2005-03-24 ericmbranch: b_hd_acl
2005-03-23 adilgerBranch: HEAD
2005-03-23 nicjust set portals tag on any v1_4 build
2005-03-21 tapprob=5881
2005-03-21 tapprob=5881
2005-03-21 tapproedit code that was changed by latest commits
2005-03-19 tapprob=5881
2005-03-18 eeb* forgot to re-do wirecheck on last commit (vibnal...
2005-03-18 eeb* "proper" fix for 5890: fixed the misplaced vibnal...
2005-03-18 adilgerIgnore generated file.
2005-03-18 adilgerBranch: b1_4_rhel4
2005-03-17 adilgerBranch: HEAD
2005-03-17 eeb* fix for 5890: different compilers produce different...
2005-03-17 eeb* vibnal fix + earlier arp failure reporting for...
2005-03-17 yury- added check for existing TAG file before catting it
2005-03-17 zhaoqiang*** empty log message ***
2005-03-16 yury- find_assigned_loop() should check all loop devices...
2005-03-16 yury- fix in test_16 in conf sanity
2005-03-16 eeb* fix for 5876 to change vibnal connection request...
2005-03-16 tapprob=5881
2005-03-16 tapprob=5881
2005-03-16 yury- fix in mds_cancel_cookie_cb() with freeing lsm.
2005-03-16 niuadd debug mask for quota
2005-03-15 alexb=5874
2005-03-15 yury- returned back old schema of mds_verify_child()
2005-03-15 yury- fixed wrongly inverted condition in lmv_create_obj()
2005-03-14 alexb=5765
2005-03-14 yury- memory leak fixes from b_fid.
2005-03-13 yury- more checks and verbosity in test_16 of conf-sanity...
2005-03-12 yury- mds_verify_child() is converted to use fid component...
2005-03-11 alexb=5863
2005-03-11 yury- fixed using not initialized ctxt with pop_ctxt()...
2005-03-11 eeb* fixed bug tracefile.c: tage_alloc() as encountered...
2005-03-11 eeb* fixed 5000: socknal autoconnect race (outgoing...
2005-03-11 wangdiexp might be NULL
2005-03-11 yury- update from HEAD
2005-03-10 alexb=5209
2005-03-10 eeb* fix for 5809: vibnal tx_sending race
2005-03-09 nikitaturn debugging on by default for now
2005-03-09 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2005-03-08 alex- fix against credits leak in journal_release_buffer()
2005-03-08 liuduouptodate with HEAD, resovle lots of conflictions
2005-03-07 adilgerBranch: b1_2
2005-03-07 eeb* further lctl debug_file fixes
2005-03-07 eeb* vibnal fixes
2005-03-06 yury- different fixes in MDS
2005-03-06 adilgerBranch: b1_4
2005-03-05 adilgerMerge b1_4_bgl from b1_4 (20050304_1757)
2005-03-04 nicall 2.6 platforms need the -objdir/Module.symvers built
2005-03-04 nicset LINUX26 in 2.6-rhel4 to get correct building instru...
2005-03-03 alexb=5599
2005-03-03 eeb* Fix for 5806: vibnal NULL arp_data deref
2005-03-03 eeb* fix for 5722 openibnal: NULL dereference in kibnal_...
2005-03-02 jacobPatch from HP to support external qsnet.
2005-03-02 jacobb=5786
2005-03-02 nicremove the lustre version from the kernel EXTRA_VERSION...
2005-03-02 eeb* Fixed 5708: openib reconnect on client reboot issues
2005-03-02 greenlustre b1_4_rhel4 requires portals b1_4_rhel4
2005-03-02 yury- fixes from b1_4:
2005-03-02 yury- fixed sanity test 55.
2005-03-02 yury- fixed md_getattr() in lustre_common-fill_super()