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2005-06-18 brianAllow sanity.sh to work with zconf.
2005-06-17 yury- fix in lmv.sh to use it along with sanityN.sh
2005-06-17 eeb* Backed out vib magic change; it's not required since...
2005-06-17 eeb* Make vibnal's magic unique before binary compatibi...
2005-06-16 ericmdon't assume PDSH as ssh, which caused troubles for...
2005-06-16 eeb* Use FMR in vibnal to avoid allocating huge contig...
2005-06-16 wangchaochange back on PTL_NETID_ANY in portals, which was...
2005-06-16 wangchaolctl flush command to flush the cache of idmap, lsd...
2005-06-16 alex- use mknod to avoid cross-ref mkdir
2005-06-16 alex- use DEFAULT recovery behaviour
2005-06-15 ericmland b_hd_sec_client_oss onto HEAD.
2005-06-15 brianEnsure that /sbin and /usr/sbin are in the remote ...
2005-06-15 eeb* Removed spurious vibnal CERROR
2005-06-15 brianMissed another aspect of the expect expression.
2005-06-14 ericmacl scripts: different enviroments may output differently.
2005-06-14 ericmacl test scripts: remove user substitution; remove...
2005-06-14 ericmneed convert hostname to nid in local.sh
2005-06-14 wangdiBranch:b_hd_crypto
2005-06-14 yury- fixed inverted condition, committed missed bits from...
2005-06-14 yury- changed name convention in cobd, thus all MD related...
2005-06-13 brianForgot closing brace in expect expression.
2005-06-13 ericmsome minor changes in lsd upcall.
2005-06-13 ericmminor change for debug msg.
2005-06-13 yury- removed canceling unused locks in cobd in switching...
2005-06-13 yury- fixed typos in comments and some alingment in cobd.
2005-06-13 alex- update from HEAD
2005-06-12 alex- revert back the change: it breaks replay-dual
2005-06-11 eeb* 6474: changes to low-level vibnal IB QP tunables
2005-06-10 brianAllow GSS password to be passed to the test-framework...
2005-06-09 ericmgss: be albe to parse signed int when lsvcgssd send...
2005-06-09 eeb* vibnal 6361 fix: change QP creation tunables & HCA...
2005-06-09 wangchaominor change for buffalo test of client-oss,
2005-06-08 brianNeed device mapper support for LVM.
2005-06-08 liangzhenScript used to create directory tree for PackageMaker...
2005-06-08 liangzhenSmall fix for install/uninstall scripts.
2005-06-07 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2005-06-07 ericmfix rawrpc, don't drop buffer before rpc really finishe...
2005-06-06 eebfile openibnal_modparams.c was initially added on branc...
2005-06-06 tappror=alex
2005-06-06 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2005-06-05 ericmland b_hd_sec onto HEAD, some debugging code also kept.
2005-06-05 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2005-06-03 eeb* Fixed 5858: vibnal arp retries
2005-06-03 liangzhenBoot time sysctl setting for Lustre OS X.
2005-06-03 alex- remove non-needed CERROR
2005-06-03 ericmadd more and adjust acl test script.
2005-06-02 ericmadd a sunrpc cache_put patch for testing.
2005-06-02 jacobhandle .tgz files
2005-06-02 eebfile vibnal_modparams.c was initially added on branch...
2005-06-02 jacobfile statfs64-cast-unsigned-2.4-rhel.patch was initiall...
2005-06-02 jacobfile nfs_statfs-toomanyfiles-rhel-2.4.patch was initial...
2005-06-02 ericmfix cred flags during client gss upcall; adjust timeout...
2005-06-01 eebfile ranal_modparams.c was initially added on branch...
2005-06-01 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2005-06-01 alexb=6427
2005-06-01 adilgerBranch HEAD
2005-06-01 yury- one more fix about jumping to wrong label in mds_crea...
2005-06-01 yury- fixed jump to wrong label in mds_create_objects(...
2005-05-31 alex- minor fixes in smfs to support raw lookups
2005-05-31 greenBranch: b_cray-1_4_2
2005-05-31 nicadd larry's changes that allow using mpirun or yod...
2005-05-31 alexb=5843
2005-05-31 ericmquiet some verbose gss messages.
2005-05-31 adilgerBranch b1_4
2005-05-31 wangdiBrach HEAD
2005-05-31 alex- don't try to show nid for non-connected exports
2005-05-31 tappro- add debug message
2005-05-31 alexb=6379
2005-05-31 tapprob=6414,6366
2005-05-31 eeb* Fix for 6357: handle RapidArray memory registration...
2005-05-31 alex- show nid for stale clients
2005-05-31 alex- export show_task()
2005-05-31 alexb=6379
2005-05-31 alexb=6403
2005-05-30 adilgerHEAD
2005-05-30 alex- minor debug message fix
2005-05-30 alexb=6403
2005-05-30 yury- more compilation fixes after discussing them with...
2005-05-29 alexb=6413
2005-05-29 alexb=6379
2005-05-29 yury- many gcc4 compilation fixes (warnings)
2005-05-29 alexb=6403
2005-05-28 alex- minor debug messages fixes
2005-05-27 adilgerBranch b1_4
2005-05-27 lincentfile llog_reader.c was initially added on branch b_cray...
2005-05-27 alexb=6403
2005-05-27 yury- landing MOD (MDS Originated destroy) plus few ldlm...
2005-05-27 alexb=6403
2005-05-27 tapprob=6366
2005-05-27 wangdiBranch HEAD
2005-05-26 alexb=6403
2005-05-26 ericmupdate to krb5 script: check krytab for root.
2005-05-26 ericmb=6394
2005-05-26 alex- minor log format fix
2005-05-26 ericmquite some unnecessary messages and a compiler warning.
2005-05-26 alexb=6398
2005-05-26 alex- don't log open replays
2005-05-26 alexb=6398
2005-05-25 alexb=6368
2005-05-25 ericm* add a bit in ptlrpc_request to indicate ptlrpcs error...