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2005-08-10 adilgerLand b_release_1_4_4 onto HEAD (20050810_0253)
2005-08-10 brianBackout "liblustre now builds" commit. It breaks build...
2005-08-10 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2005-08-10 yury- many fixes in liblustre related stuff. By now liblust...
2005-08-10 niu- check connection before calling obd_set_info to set...
2005-08-10 adilgerBranch HEAD
2005-08-09 tappro- rc code is not failure is > 0
2005-08-09 eeb* #ifdef for extra proc_dointvec parameter under linux...
2005-08-09 eeb* fixed openibnal/iibnal wire structs to use WIRE_ATTR...
2005-08-09 wangdiBranch HEAD
2005-08-09 lsyLand b_hd_capa onto HEAD (20050809_1942)
2005-08-09 alex- put fill fid in a punch request
2005-08-09 wangdiBranch: b_hd_crypto
2005-08-09 tappro- add mountoptions argument to lmv.sh
2005-08-08 alex- let's learn where uninitialized objects come from
2005-08-08 tapprob=7277
2005-08-08 alexb=4268
2005-08-08 alex- add second mountpoint in the config
2005-08-08 yury- landed b_hd_mdref (mostly WB cache fixes)
2005-08-08 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2005-08-08 tappro- another issue from landing day
2005-08-08 tappro- root fid is 2 not 1
2005-08-08 eeb* Incorporated latest GMNAL updates from HP.
2005-08-08 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2005-08-08 niusplit dir after setting id in ea (in lfs dirstripe...
2005-08-08 niuneedn't get rootid while reconstruct pathname
2005-08-07 alex- mds_validate_size() vs. mds_reint_unlink() race is...
2005-08-07 alexb=7267,7034
2005-08-07 alex- don't mix var declarations and code
2005-08-07 alex- throw needless debugging bits away
2005-08-07 alex- couple minor optimizations
2005-08-07 alex- don't pass pid in case of slave creation.
2005-08-07 alexb=7264
2005-08-07 tappro- small fixes after landing
2005-08-07 alex- show n_link to learn the race
2005-08-06 alex- minor fixes after landing day
2005-08-06 alex- show correct id in debug line
2005-08-06 alex- return back original OST/MDS sizes
2005-08-06 alex- test 19 should take one more internal ea into account...
2005-08-06 alex- missing back slash caused flood of complains from...
2005-08-06 alex- one more merging mess
2005-08-06 alex- typo from merging
2005-08-06 alex- minor cleanups in that patch, quilt pop was claiming...
2005-08-06 ericmlanding b_hd_sec, b6818, b7244
2005-08-06 tappro- b_hd_audit landing
2005-08-05 alex- minor correction
2005-08-05 alex- return right path back
2005-08-05 alex- some versions of python don't eat single member set...
2005-08-05 alexb=7039
2005-08-05 alex- track time recovery took and dump a log if it took...
2005-08-05 alex- additional debug in ldlm_lock_decref()
2005-08-05 alex- during last landing old version of the patch was...
2005-08-05 alex- code duplicate we got during landing b_hd_crypto
2005-08-05 brianAdd missing file from distribution.
2005-08-05 alex- repair lmv.sh - it was broken for months
2005-08-05 nikitacomment for ll_readahead_state and assertion in osc_sen...
2005-08-05 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2005-08-05 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2005-08-05 alex- warn about the race in filter_intent_policy(), just...
2005-08-04 alexb=7039
2005-08-04 alexb=7039
2005-08-04 alex- missing \n
2005-08-04 alexb=7039
2005-08-04 alex- no more flooding
2005-08-04 alexb=7039
2005-08-04 alexb=7049
2005-08-04 niugive a warnning if somebody don't pass lustre id to...
2005-08-04 liangzhenFix of careless (miss ;;)
2005-08-04 niustore lustre id in ost object's EA.
2005-08-04 liangzhenCFLAGS for compiling in Tiger
2005-08-03 alexb=7049
2005-08-03 alexb=7049
2005-08-03 alexb=7049
2005-08-03 alexb=7049
2005-08-03 alexb=7049
2005-08-03 alexb=7237
2005-08-02 adilgerMerge b1_4_bug3389 from b1_4 (20050729_0312)
2005-08-02 alexb=3984
2005-08-02 alexb=7039
2005-08-02 alexb=7231
2005-08-02 alexb=7231
2005-08-02 alexb=7039
2005-07-31 alex- b_size_on_mds landed on HEAD:
2005-07-31 ericmland b_hd_remote_acl: support get/set ACL from remote...
2005-07-29 jacobupdate patches and scripts for SLES 9 SP2
2005-07-29 wangdiBranch: b_hd_crypto
2005-07-28 ericmland minor fixes from b_hd_sec:
2005-07-27 philadd missing entry for bug 6993
2005-07-27 alexb=7200
2005-07-27 adilgerBranch b1_4_bug3389
2005-07-27 alexb=5210
2005-07-27 wangdiBranch:b_hd_crypto
2005-07-23 alexb=7017
2005-07-22 ericmsome env (cnbuild) can't build without explicitly include
2005-07-21 ericmland b_hd_pag: rudiment support for PAG.
2005-07-21 brianCopyright is now License in RPM spec files.
2005-07-20 jacobquiet
2005-07-20 brianShould allow the uml_switch to be used if wanted.
2005-07-20 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2005-07-20 wangdiBranch: HEAD