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5 days ago Yang ShengLU-10401 tests: add -F so list_param prints entry type 67/38567/5 master
5 days ago Andreas DilgerLU-13187 tests: improve sanity test_129 checking 50/38550/2
5 days ago Shaun TancheffLU-13539 all: Cleanup LASSERTF uses missing newlines 40/38540/2
5 days ago Mr NeilBrownLU-9859 libcfs: move tcd locking across to tracefile.c 01/38601/4
5 days ago Sebastien BuissonLU-13549 build: fix zfs/spl config checks 92/38592/3
5 days ago Lai SiyaoLU-13481 dne: improve temp file name check 39/38539/2
5 days ago Mr NeilBrownLU-9859 libcfs: discard cfs_block_sigsinv() 30/38530/2
5 days ago Shaun TancheffLU-13004 lnet: Correct signature in gnilnd.h 91/38491/4
5 days ago Wang ShilongLU-13493 llite: check if page truncated in ll_write_begin() 25/38425/2
5 days ago Amir ShehataLU-13471 lnet: use the same src nid for discovery 20/38320/5
5 days ago Jian YuLU-13369 kernel: kernel update RHEL7.7 [3.10.0-1062... 40/38240/4
5 days ago Andreas DilgerLU-13427 lmv: do not print MDTs that are inactive 65/38165/4
5 days ago Amir ShehataLU-10973 lnet: initialize buffers properly 83/38083/5
5 days ago Vitaly FertmanLU-13366 utils: SEL yaml and copy file support 60/37960/3
5 days ago Vitaly FertmanLU-13366 doc: add SEL options to util's man pages 62/37962/3
5 days ago Mr NeilBrownLU-13004 socklnd: discard tx_iov. 51/37851/8
5 days ago Mr NeilBrownLU-13004 lnet: simplify ksock_tx. 50/37850/8
5 days ago Mr NeilBrownLU-13004 lnet: remove lnet_copy_flat2iov and ..iov2flat 49/37849/8
5 days ago Mr NeilBrownLU-13004 lnet: remove lnet_extract_iov() 48/37848/3
5 days ago Alex ZhuravlevLU-6006 tests: add sleep 1 after command in background 43/37343/10
5 days ago Lai SiyaoLU-13522 mdt: count mdt_mds_mds_conns upon reconnect 12/38512/3
5 days ago James NunezLU-13065 tests: clean up runtests 16/37016/8
5 days ago Nathaniel ClarkLU-12100 tests: Use least qunit to set limit 97/36797/8
5 days ago Sebastien BuissonLU-12854 nodemap: allow boolean value for audit_mode 50/36450/2
5 days ago James SimmonsLU-6142 libcfs: fix tab and alignment issues for libcfs... 23/38623/3
5 days ago Arshad HussainLU-6142 utils: Fix style issues for obd.c 58/38558/3
5 days ago Oleg DrokinLU-13131 osc: Ensure immediate departure of sync write... 53/38453/4
5 days ago Arshad HussainLU-6142 utils: Fix style issues for lustre_rsync.c 41/38441/4
5 days ago Mr NeilBrownLU-6142 kernel: use kmem_cache_zalloc as appropriate. 39/38439/3
5 days ago Chris HornLU-12222 ptlrpc: Check if NID is local, not just lolnd NID 88/38388/3
5 days ago Arshad HussainLU-6142 utils: Fix style issues for portals.c 62/38362/4
5 days ago Oleg DrokinLU-13131 osc: Do not wait for grants for too long 83/38283/6
5 days ago Mr NeilBrownLU-9679 target: use OBD_ALLOC_PTR_ARRAY() and FREE 55/38255/2
5 days ago Mr NeilBrownLU-9679 lodlov: use OBD_ALLOC_PTR_ARRAY() and others 54/38254/2
5 days ago Lai SiyaoLU-13357 lod: implement striped directory .dio_lookup 03/37903/6
5 days ago Alex ZhuravlevLU-12003 osd: take reference to object in osd_trunc_lock() 70/37170/8
5 days ago Lai SiyaoLU-11025 dne: support directory restripe 98/36898/14
5 days ago Lai SiyaoLU-11025 osd: osd_attr_get() returns dirent count 97/38097/8
5 days ago Lai SiyaoLU-11025 obdclass: add lu_device_operations::ldo_fid_al... 82/37282/10
5 days ago Andreas DilgerLU-12931 ldlm: use proper units for timeouts 65/38365/6
5 days ago Alexander BoykoLU-13411 llog: allow delete of zero size llog 31/38131/5
5 days ago Alexey LyashkovLU-13416 ldiskfs: don't corrupt data on journal replay 81/38281/5
8 days ago James NunezLU-11643 tests: revert new images and tests for upgrade... 19/38619/3
9 days ago Wang ShilongLU-13541 llite: fix possible divide zero in ll_use_fast... 45/38545/2
12 days ago Alex ZhuravlevLU-13246 osd: unlock os_lock if it was locked 47/37547/6 multi-rail
12 days ago Wei LiuLU-12662 tests: Add new pjdfstest into tests 41/35841/24
12 days ago Wei LiuLU-11643 tests: add new images and tests for upgrade... 49/35049/17
12 days ago Swapnil PimpaleLU-3606 fallocate: Implement fallocate preallocate... 75/9275/79
12 days ago Alex ZhuravlevLU-13432 tests: test-framework to preserver MODOPTS_LIBCFS 73/38173/3
12 days ago Alex ZhuravlevLU-13174 tests: sanity-quota to convert minutes into... 27/37327/5
12 days ago Andreas DilgerLU-13486 llite: restore ll_dcompare() 98/38498/3
12 days ago Mr NeilBrownLU-12477 ldiskfs: finish removing HAVE_CLEAR_RDONLY_ON_PUT 38/38438/3
12 days ago Kévin BaillergeauLU-13433 doc: fix lfs mirror "delete" and "split" doc 94/38394/2
12 days ago Amir ShehataLU-13461 lnet: restrict gateway selection 98/38298/5
12 days ago Mr NeilBrownLU-11310 ldiskfs: Repair support for SUSE 15 GA and SP1 56/38256/7
12 days ago Andriy SkulyshLU-13455 ptlrpc: connect to MDT stucks 43/38243/3
12 days ago Mr NeilBrownLU-9859 libcfs: replace memory_presure functions by... 11/38211/9
12 days ago Mikhail PershinLU-13426 mdd: correctly swap OIs during migration 72/38172/5
12 days ago Mikhail PershinLU-13415 dom: use DoM optimization for DOM+OST files 52/38152/5
12 days ago James SimmonsLU-13344 lnet: stop using struct timeval 05/38105/21
12 days ago Vladimir SavelievLU-13279 tests: sanityn.sh:test_20 takes DoM into account 62/37662/3
12 days ago Lai SiyaoLU-12974 lfsck: dryrun mode shouldn't repair for layout 67/36767/5
12 days ago Qian YingjinLU-11971 utils: Send file creation time to clients 07/36507/20
12 days ago Alexey LyashkovLU-12214 build: fix build without lustre_utils 29/36429/11
12 days ago Alexey ZhuravlevLU-12652 ldiskfs: disable credits check in 4.18 50/35750/19
12 days ago Chris HornLU-13502 lnet: Add MD options for response tracking 50/38450/3
12 days ago Andreas DilgerLU-13499 obd: fix printing of client connection UUID 43/38443/2
12 days ago Andreas DilgerLU-13168 tests: verify truncated xattr is handled 34/38434/5
12 days ago Wang ShilongLU-13490 lustre: fix to make jobstats work for async ra 26/38426/4
12 days ago Mr NeilBrownLU-6142 misc: declare static chars as const where possible. 21/38421/3
12 days ago Mr NeilBrownLU-10467 llite: clean up pcc_layout_wait() 03/38403/3
12 days ago Mr NeilBrownLU-6142 osd-zfs: convert container_of0() to container_of() 79/38379/2
12 days ago Mr NeilBrownLU-6142 lnet: use BIT() macro where appropriate 75/38375/2
12 days ago Mr NeilBrownLU-6142 libcfs: use BIT() macro where appropriate 74/38374/2
12 days ago Yang ShengLU-13054 ldiskfs: split htree_lock as separate patch 72/38372/5
12 days ago Yang ShengLU-13054 ldiskfs: htree_node wrongly granted 71/38371/4
12 days ago James SimmonsLU-12511 build: don't use OpenSFS UAPI headers with... 70/38370/2
12 days ago Mr NeilBrownLU-9679 various: use OBD_ALLOC_PTR_ARRAY() and others 50/38250/8
12 days ago Mr NeilBrownLU-9679 obdclass: use OBD_ALLOC_PTR_ARRAY() and others 21/38121/4
12 days ago Sergey CheremencevLU-11023 quota: quota pools for OSTs 15/35615/52
12 days ago Bobi JamLU-13137 llite: do not flush COW pages from mapping 78/37278/17
2020-05-08 James SimmonsLU-9859 libcfs: add support for Xarray 91/37391/9
2020-05-07 Amir ShehataLU-10973 lnet: dump cyaml to buffer 82/38082/5
2020-05-07 Andreas DilgerLU-13138 tests: measure 'dd' time more accurately 27/38427/3
2020-05-07 James SimmonsLU-9859 libcfs: hide struct cfs_cpt_table internals 89/38389/2
2020-05-07 Andreas DilgerLU-13449 tgt: fix recovery timer comparisons 66/38366/2
2020-05-07 Sebastien BuissonLU-13466 mgc: protect from NULL exp in mgc_enqueue() 80/38280/2
2020-05-07 Jian YuLU-13405 kernel: kernel update SLES15 SP1 [4.12.14... 45/38245/3
2020-05-07 Jian YuLU-13421 kernel: kernel update RHEL8.1 [4.18.0-147... 26/38226/3
2020-05-07 Mr NeilBrownLU-9859 libcfs: remove conditional compilation from... 81/37881/10
2020-05-07 John L. HammondLU-13238 ofd: add OFD access logs 52/37552/16
2020-05-07 Sebastien BuissonLU-13465 vfs: make ll_vfs_setxattr return -EOPNOTSUPP 01/38301/5
2020-05-07 Sebastien BuissonLU-13465 mgs: re-introduce mgs_set_info for interop... 11/38311/4
2020-05-07 Mr NeilBrownLU-12780 target: don't use ptlrpc_thread for txn_commit... 60/36260/10
2020-05-07 James SimmonsLU-9859 libcfs: handle missing refcount.h 90/38390/3
2020-05-07 Mr NeilBrownLU-6142 lustre: Remove inappropriate uses of BIT()... 73/38373/2
2020-05-07 James SimmonsLU-12511 build: avoid building rpm with --disable-modules 69/38369/3
2020-05-07 Chris HornLU-12222 lnet: Primary NID of lolnd NID is the lolnd NID 13/38313/3
2020-05-07 Chris HornLU-12222 lnet: Introduce constant for the lolnd NID 12/38312/3
2020-05-07 Mr NeilBrownLU-9679 osd: use OBD_ALLOC_PTR_ARRAY() and others 52/38252/3