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7 hours ago Jian YuLU-15874 kernel: new kernel [RHEL 9.0 5.14.0-70.22... 47/47847/11 master
7 hours ago Ian ZiembaLU-16078 o2iblnd: Salt comp_vector 48/48148/2
7 hours ago Jian YuLU-13813 tests: fix stack_trap in conf-sanity test... 22/48022/4
7 hours ago Qian YingjinLU-14139 statahead: add total hit/miss count stats 09/46309/7
7 hours ago Qian YingjinLU-14139 llite: simplify callback handling for async... 48/45648/14
7 hours ago Alexander ZarochentsevLU-16061 osd-ldiskfs: clear EXTENT_FL for symlink agent... 93/48093/2
7 hours ago Alexander ZarochentsevLU-16060 osd-ldiskfs: copy nul byte terminator in writelink 92/48092/2
7 hours ago Jian YuLU-16037 build: remove quotes from %{mkconf_options} 44/48044/4
10 days ago Oleg DrokinNew tag 2.15.51 2.15.51 v2_15_51
10 days ago Qian YingjinLU-15994 llite: use fatal_signal_pending in range_lock 06/48106/2
10 days ago Kevin ZhaoLU-16042 tests: can not get cache size on Arm64 30/48030/2
10 days ago Qian YingjinLU-16019 llite: fully disable readahead in kernel I... 93/47993/4
10 days ago Mikhail PershinLU-15938 llog: llog_reader to detect more corruptions 34/47934/6
10 days ago Hongchao ZhangLU-15996 quota: change 'none' to 'expired' for grace 12/47912/7
10 days ago Sebastien BuissonLU-15896 gss: support OpenSSLv3 17/47717/11
10 days ago James SimmonsLU-9859 lfsck: use Linux bitmap API 79/47579/11
10 days ago Lai SiyaoLU-14975 utils: non-recursive dir migration fix 12/47012/2
10 days ago Bobi JamLU-15486 lod: mirroring a plain file in mirrored-layout dir 17/46517/2
10 days ago Mr NeilBrownLU-8837 lustre: make uapi...lustre_disk.h unnecessary... 94/41994/14
10 days ago Bobi JamLU-8238 ldlm: rid of obsolete param of ldlm_resource_get() 31/20631/10
10 days ago James SimmonsLU-12511 utils: fix regression for UAPI headers for... 03/47803/6
10 days ago James SimmonsLU-9680 utils: fix Netlink / YAML library handling 02/47802/11
10 days ago Alexander BoykoLU-8367 osp: enable replay for precreation request 89/46889/21
13 days ago Lai SiyaoLU-15850 lmv: always space-balance r-r directories 78/47578/6
2022-08-04 Andreas DilgerLU-15846 tests: don't use comma-separated debug flags 08/47308/7
2022-08-03 James SimmonsLU-14651 ldiskfs: add 5.11 kernel support 00/47900/3
2022-08-03 Patrick FarrellLU-15821 ldlm: Prioritize blocking callbacks 15/47215/9
2022-08-03 Lai SiyaoLU-15850 llite: pass dmv inherit depth instead of dir... 77/47577/6
2022-08-03 Jian YuLU-16010 kernel: kernel update RHEL8.6 [4.18.0-372... 48/47948/4
2022-08-03 Lai SiyaoLU-15910 llite: use max default EA size to get default LMV 37/47937/4
2022-08-03 James SimmonsLU-12189 ec: code to add support for M to N parity 28/47628/5
2022-08-03 Chris HornLU-15851 lnet: Adjust niov checks for large MD 19/47319/3
2022-07-29 Lai SiyaoLU-16036 test: make sanity-lfsck 15d more robust 48/48048/3
2022-07-27 Alex ZhuravlevLU-16023 tests: sanity-quota/8 should return success 66/47966/4
2022-07-26 Andreas DilgerLU-15282 tests: relax test_51d thresholds somewhat 78/47978/3
2022-07-26 Chris HornLU-15983 lnet: Define KFILND network type 30/47830/5
2022-07-26 Lai SiyaoLU-15850 mdt: pack default LMV in open reply 76/47576/7
2022-07-26 Hongchao ZhangLU-14472 quota: skip non-exist or inact tgt for lfs_quota 71/41771/19
2022-07-26 Andreas DilgerLU-11407 tgt: cleanup job_stats output printing 64/37764/24
2022-07-26 Bruno FacciniLU-6612 utils: strengthen llog_reader vs wrong format... 54/15654/5
2022-07-19 Serguei SmirnovLU-15984 o2iblnd: debug message is missing a newline 33/47933/2
2022-07-18 Mikhail PershinLU-15938 lod: prevent endless retry in recovery thread 98/47698/3
2022-07-18 Shivani BhardwajLU-10994 clio: Remove cl_2queue_add wrapper 51/47651/4
2022-07-18 Cyril BordageLU-15925 lnet: add debug messages for IB 83/47583/4
2022-07-18 Lai SiyaoLU-15902 obdclass: dt_try_as_dir() check dir exists 83/47483/7
2022-07-18 Hongchao ZhangLU-15880 quota: fix issues in reserving quota 25/47425/4
2022-07-18 Jian YuLU-15991 kernel: kernel update RHEL7.9 [3.10.0-1160... 65/47865/2
2022-07-18 Etienne AUJAMESLU-16000 utils: align updatelog parameters in llog_reader 13/47913/2
2022-07-18 Alex ZhuravlevLU-15993 ofd: don't leak pages if nodemap fails 73/47873/4
2022-07-18 Li XiLU-8582 target: send error reply on wrong opcode 61/47761/6
2022-07-18 Shaun TancheffLU-15888 build: Debian dkms-debs requires ed and libkey... 55/47455/7
2022-07-18 Lai SiyaoLU-15886 lfsck: remove unreasonable assertions 47/47447/6
2022-07-18 Lai SiyaoLU-15868 lfsck: don't crash upon dir migration failure 81/47381/7
2022-07-18 Arshad HussainLU-15626 tests: Fix "error" reported by shellcheck... 66/46866/8
2022-07-18 Arshad HussainLU-15626 tests: Fix "error" reported by shellcheck... 65/46865/12
2022-07-18 Etienne AUJAMESLU-15132 hsm: Protect against parallel HSM restore... 67/45367/15
2022-07-18 Andreas DilgerLU-15913 mdt: disable parallel rename for striped dirs 93/47593/9
2022-07-15 Jian YuLU-15521 spec: fix more bare words error with rpm 4.16 33/47833/2
2022-07-12 Mikhail PershinLU-15653 client: able to cleanup devices manually 59/46859/7
2022-07-11 Andrew PerepechkoLU-15894 ofd: revert range locking in ofd 66/47466/4
2022-07-11 Mr NeilBrownLU-15759 libcfs: debugfs file_operation should have... 35/47335/7
2022-07-11 Alex ZhuravlevLU-15779 ofd: don't hold read lock over bulk 26/47126/5
2022-07-11 John L. HammondLU-15727 lod: honor append_pool with default composite... 14/47014/3
2022-07-11 Sebastien BuissonLU-15922 sec: new connect flag for name encryption 74/47574/5
2022-07-11 Lei FengLU-15952 doc: improvement on lfs-project doc 41/47641/2
2022-07-11 John L. HammondLU-15942 utils: ofd_access_log_reader exit status 25/47625/2
2022-07-11 Oleg DrokinLU-15931 tests: Escape * in log() 97/47597/3
2022-07-11 Aleksei AlyaevLU-8621 utils: cmd help to stdout or short cmd error 62/47162/3
2022-07-11 Gian-Carlo DeFazioLU-14555 lnet: asym route inconsistency warning 18/46918/6
2022-07-11 Andreas DilgerLU-13335 ldiskfs: add projid to debug logs 69/46369/8
2022-07-11 Etienne AUJAMESLU-15481 llog: Add LLOG_SKIP_PLAIN to skip llog plain 10/46310/5
2022-07-11 Sebastien BuissonLU-15451 sec: read-only nodemap flag 49/46149/5
2022-07-11 Qian YingjinLU-15399 llite: dont restart directIO with IOCB_NOWAIT 47/46147/4
2022-07-11 Stephane ThiellLU-7668 utils: add lctl del_ost 49/41449/12
2022-07-11 Li DongyangLU-13189 osd-zfs: add project id for old objects withou... 09/47709/3
2022-07-11 Etienne AUJAMESLU-15926 nrs: fix tbf realtime rules 85/47585/3
2022-07-11 Mr NeilBrownLU-6142 lnet: use list_first_entry() in lnet/lnet subdi... 88/47488/3
2022-07-11 Chris HornLU-15713 lnet: Ensure round robin across nets 76/46976/7
2022-07-11 Mr NeilBrownLU-10391 lnet: change lnet_*_peer_ni to take struct... 25/44625/6
2022-07-11 Mr NeilBrownLU-10391 lnet: discard some peer_ni lookup functions 24/44624/7
2022-07-11 James SimmonsLU-6142 obdclass: checkpatch cleanup of obd_mount_server.c 59/47259/6
2022-07-11 Qian YingjinLU-11695 som: disabling xattr cache for LSOM on client 11/33711/3
2022-07-11 Andreas DilgerLU-14642 tests: skip sanity-flr/100 for old servers 67/47567/2
2022-07-11 Andreas DilgerLU-15282 tests: improve sanity test_51d coverage 54/46154/11
2022-07-11 Andreas DilgerLU-15720 dne: add crush2 hash type 15/47015/8
2022-07-08 Sebastien BuissonLU-15956 gss: allow build without ssk 81/47681/6
2022-07-06 Jian YuLU-15973 build: remove AC_DEFINE(__state, state, ...) 99/47799/2
2022-07-06 Jian YuLU-15962 build: add in-kernel Module.symvers to symbol... 99/47699/2
2022-07-06 Jian YuLU-15940 build: add a required dependency for libmount 19/47619/5
2022-07-06 Shaun TancheffLU-15652 build: On Debian detect -common kernel headers 36/46836/6
2022-07-06 Shaun TancheffLU-15703 ldiskfs: Disable unused fast commit buffer 43/46943/8
2022-07-06 Jian YuLU-13562 build: get correct kernel flavor for SLES 94/47594/2
2022-07-06 Jian YuLU-15838 autoconf: fix use of obsolete macros 88/47288/3
2022-07-06 Minh DiepLU-15968 build: update libssl3 51/47751/2
2022-07-06 Alex DeiterLU-15005 build: wrong dependencies for lustre-client... 47/47747/2
2022-07-06 Alex DeiterLU-15967 build: configure script does not check for... 44/47744/2
2022-07-06 Alex DeiterLU-15939 build: configure script changes system header... 04/47604/2
2022-06-30 Chris HornLU-15914 lnet: Fix null md deref for finalized message 46/47546/4
2022-06-29 Andreas DilgerLU-15910 tests: skip sanity/413g for SSK 00/47800/3
2022-06-27 Lai SiyaoLU-15910 llite: enforce ROOT default on subdir mount 18/47518/4