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2 days ago Mikhail PershinLU-14312 ldlm: don't change GROUP lock GID on client 68/41268/5 master
2 days ago John L. HammondLU-14034 hsm: add PID file handling to lhsmtool_posix 53/40253/9
2 days ago Bobi JamLU-14326 osc: correctly update size/kms for fallocate 72/41272/2
2 days ago Yang ShengLU-14303 tests: parallel-scale test rr_alloc fails 92/41192/2
2 days ago Serguei SmirnovLU-14334 lnet: update changelog 63/41263/4
2 days ago Wang ShilongLU-14283 obdclass: connect vs disconnect race 56/41256/3
2 days ago Qian YingjinLU-13602 flr: skip unknown FLR component types 13/39513/8
2 days ago Andreas DilgerLU-12125 llite: send file mode with rename RPC 84/41184/5
2 days ago Alex ZhuravlevLU-14286 osd-ldiskfs: don't read unwritten blocks 16/41216/4
6 days ago Mikhail PershinLU-14194 cksum: add lprocfs checksum support in MDC/MDT 71/40971/5
6 days ago Andreas DilgerLU-13676 tools: find unique stacks from sysrq-t 56/40956/5
7 days ago Jian YuLU-14317 ldiskfs: ‘%llu’ mismatch with type ‘long int... 91/41191/2
7 days ago Sebastien BuissonLU-14263 gss: unlink revoked key 47/41047/4
12 days ago James NunezLU-14286 tests: reduce fallocate space sanity 150e 11/41211/3
12 days ago Oleg DrokinLU-14324 tests: Fix fsx fallocate detection 02/41202/5
13 days ago Bobi JamLU-14128 lov: correctly set OST obj size 81/40581/6
13 days ago John L. HammondLU-14296 lnet: use an unbound cred in kiblnd_resolve_addr() 37/41137/3
13 days ago John L. HammondLU-14301 llite: return EOPNOTSUPP if fallocate is not... 48/41148/3
13 days ago Sebastien BuissonLU-14281 tests: fix sanity-sec test_56 for ZFS 30/41130/4
13 days ago Mr NeilBrownLU-13783 o2iblnd: make FMR-pool support optional. 87/40287/6
2021-01-11 Arshad HussainLU-14286 osd-ldiskfs: fallocate() should zero new blocks 19/41119/10
2021-01-07 Sebastien BuissonLU-14298 tests: fix sanity-sec test_44 for aarch64... 46/41146/6
2021-01-05 Wang ShilongLU-14187 osd-ldiskfs: fix locking in write commit 91/40991/12
2021-01-05 Serguei SmirnovLU-13641 socklnd: announce deprecation of 'use_tcp_bonding' 88/41088/5
2021-01-05 Alex ZhuravlevLU-14267 osd: do not update inode each write 69/41069/3
2021-01-05 Andreas DilgerLU-14265 utils: allow 'lfs mkdir' without arguments 54/41054/2
2021-01-05 Jian YuLU-14218 kernel: kernel update SLES15 SP1 [4.12.14... 30/41030/3
2021-01-05 Wang ShilongLU-12702 quota: wait pending write before acquiring... 23/41023/9
2021-01-05 Yang ShengLU-14082 ldlm: Use req_mode while lock cleanup 33/40433/4
2021-01-05 Alex ZhuravlevLU-14097 tests: conf-sanity/91 should check specific MDT 01/40501/4
2020-12-22 Alex ZhuravlevLU-11365 tests: test-framework::add() to load ldiskfs 40/33140/16
2020-12-22 Alex ZhuravlevLU-14214 ofd: fix locking in ofd_object_fallocate() 69/40969/2
2020-12-22 Andreas DilgerLU-8066 osd-ldiskfs: quiet debug mount message 68/40968/3
2020-12-22 Vitaly FertmanLU-14192 mdt: check for overstriping correctly 96/40896/3
2020-12-22 Vitaly FertmanLU-14191 lod: comp stripe count limit check 95/40895/2
2020-12-22 Etienne AUJAMESLU-14158 mdc: process changelogs_catalog from the oldes... 86/40786/2
2020-12-22 Andreas DilgerLU-4165 tests: restore skipped sanity-lfsck tests 60/40760/5
2020-12-22 Jian YuLU-14075 kernel: kernel update RHEL8.2 [4.18.0-193... 17/40417/5
2020-12-22 Qian YingjinLU-13745 pcc: fall back normal splice read for detached... 96/40396/4
2020-12-22 Wang ShilongLU-14205 osd-ldiskfs: fix return of osd_extend_restart_... 89/40989/2
2020-12-18 Andreas DilgerLU-11848 misc: update e2fsprogs to 1.45.6.wc3 67/40967/2
2020-12-18 Andreas DilgerLU-11848 tests: handle 4-digit version numbers properly 97/40897/4
2020-12-17 Oleg DrokinLU-14227 tests: Add missing space in sanity-lnet test 21 03/41003/2
2020-12-17 Bobi JamLU-11848 lov: FIEMAP support for PFL and FLR file 66/40766/23
2020-12-17 Mr NeilBrownLU-13839 ldiskfs: fix detecting ext4_journal_ensure_credits 39/40939/4
2020-12-17 Vitaly FertmanLU-14185 osp: alloc fails for OSP obj xattr cache 71/40871/2
2020-12-17 Shaun TancheffLU-14080 gnilnd: updates for SUSE 15 SP2 26/40426/3
2020-12-17 Mr NeilBrownLU-14161 obdclass: fix some problems with obd_nid_hash 46/40846/5
2020-12-17 Andreas DilgerLU-9114 ldlm: don't compute sumsq for pool stats 35/39435/2
2020-12-17 Shaun TancheffLU-14100 gnilnd: fix kgnilnd_setup_immediate_buffer 04/40504/4
2020-12-17 James SimmonsLU-9215 build: Re-add the lustre-devel package 28/40728/5
2020-12-17 Wang ShilongLU-14205 osd-ldiskfs: return correct error after end io 44/40944/2
2020-12-17 Sebastien BuissonLU-14149 llite: fiemap set flags for encrypted files 52/40852/5
2020-12-17 John L. HammondLU-14208 utils: remove copy_file_range() usage from... 66/40966/2
2020-12-14 Mikhail PershinLU-10664 dom: non-blocking enqueue for DOM locks 03/36903/25
2020-12-14 Sebastien BuissonLU-14199 sec: find policy version in use for sepol 18/40918/2
2020-12-14 Sebastien BuissonLU-14095 gss: use RCU protection for sunrpc cache 14/40914/2
2020-12-13 Wang ShilongLU-14186 lov: instantiate components layout for fallocate 85/40885/3
2020-12-13 Mr NeilBrownLU-13783 libcfs: don't lookup symbol when not needed 25/40825/2
2020-12-13 Andreas DilgerLU-13855 tests: remove the need for libiberty 02/40802/11
2020-12-13 Sebastien BuissonLU-14151 gss: use skcipher when sync_skcipher not available 68/40768/9
2020-12-13 Mikhail PershinLU-14143 lov: fix SEEK_HOLE calcs at component end 13/40713/5
2020-12-13 Sebastien BuissonLU-14181 tests: except sanity test_64e 64f with SHARED_KEY 65/40865/2
2020-12-13 Sebastien BuissonLU-14121 nodemap: do not force fsuid/fsgid squashing 45/40645/6
2020-12-13 Sebastien BuissonLU-14095 ssk: default rounds of Miller-Rabin for DH_check 86/40686/6
2020-12-13 Serguei SmirnovLU-12901 o2iblnd: retry qp creation with reduced queue... 48/40748/4
2020-12-09 Oleg DrokinNew tag 2.13.57 2.13.57 v2_13_57
2020-12-09 Bobi JamLU-14042 llite: don't check layout info for page discard 67/40267/3
2020-12-09 Jian YuLU-13839 kernel: RHEL 8.3 server support 29/40729/7
2020-12-09 Jian YuLU-14170 build: Update ZFS version to 2.0.0 22/40822/4
2020-12-09 Qian YingjinLU-13826 utils: fix compatibility for LL_IOC_MDC_GETINFO 58/40858/4
2020-12-09 Andriy SkulyshLU-13994 ldlm: osc_object_ast_clear() is called for... 52/40052/4
2020-12-09 Dominique MartinetLU-10262 mdt: mdt_reint_open: check EEXIST without... 98/33098/17
2020-12-09 Lai SiyaoLU-14172 lmv: optimize dir shard revalidate 63/40863/3
2020-12-09 Yang ShengLU-14155 mdc: avoid easize set to 0 85/40785/2
2020-12-09 Andreas DilgerLU-5855 tests: enable skipped sanity-lfsck DNE ZFS... 61/40761/4
2020-12-09 Aurelien DegremontLU-14073 ptlrpc: remove debugging assert using segment_eq() 97/40797/4
2020-12-09 Sebastien PiechurskiLU-14159 build: fix gcc8 warnings on kthread_run calls 90/40790/2
2020-12-09 Alex ZhuravlevLU-14154 ldiskfs: gcc10 support 76/40776/2
2020-12-09 John L. HammondLU-14043 lfs: use buffered IO in mirror extend 75/40275/4
2020-12-09 Chris HornLU-13569 lnet: Add lnet_recovery_limit to lnetctl 17/39717/14
2020-12-09 Chris HornLU-13569 lnet: Introduce lnet_recovery_limit parameter 16/39716/12
2020-12-09 Wang ShilongLU-13669 llite: try to improve mmap performance 16/38916/10
2020-12-09 Yang ShengLU-13368 lnet: discard the callback 45/38845/8
2020-12-09 Alex ZhuravlevLU-13170 osd: positive lookup shouldn't return an error 22/37322/8
2020-12-03 Wang ShilongLU-9555 quota: df should return projid-specific values 85/36685/17
2020-12-03 Mikhail PershinLU-13543 lustre: update *pos in seq_file .next functions 57/40757/4
2020-12-03 Andreas DilgerLU-13980 osd-ldiskfs: print label instead of device 38/40738/4
2020-12-03 Alex ZhuravlevLU-14140 osd: don't panic meeting OI dups 66/40666/5
2020-12-03 Wang ShilongLU-14134 osd-ldiskfs: reduce credits for new writing 26/40626/12
2020-12-03 Yang ShengLU-14130 osc: skip 0 row for rpc_stats 13/40613/2
2020-12-03 Lai SiyaoLU-14105 lfsck: don't LBUG() on disk data 24/40524/2
2020-12-03 Wang ShilongLU-14043 llite: allow DIO with unaligned IO count 92/40392/3
2020-12-03 Sebastien BuissonLU-13474 gss: do not return -ERESTART when gss rpc... 10/38310/17
2020-12-03 Andrew PerepechkoLU-12353 ldiskfs: speedup quota journalling 92/34992/3
2020-12-03 Sebastien BuissonLU-14095 gss: use hlist_unhashed() instead of ->next 14/40514/4
2020-12-03 Lai SiyaoLU-12960 lod: don't set index for 2nd stripe if specific 35/36735/4
2020-12-03 Chris HornLU-13571 lnd: Use NETWORK_TIMEOUT for some conn failures 00/39900/15
2020-12-03 Chris HornLU-13571 lnd: Use NETWORK_TIMEOUT for txs on ibp_tx_queue 99/39899/15
2020-12-03 Oleg DrokinLU-12564 libcfs: Use vfree_atomic instead of vfree 36/40136/3