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file pers.c was initially added on branch b_cray_portals_merge.
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre /
2004-03-16 adilgerDon't spew errors during readahead.
2004-03-16 nicremove unneccessary debugging
2004-03-16 adilgerCorrect number of journal credits calculated for FSFILT...
2004-03-16 adilgerb=2926
2004-03-16 wangchaob=2939
2004-03-16 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-03-15 adilgerb=2464
2004-03-15 greenb=2926
2004-03-15 yury*** empty log message ***
2004-03-15 yury*** empty log message ***
2004-03-13 rreadb=2898
2004-03-13 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-03-13 rreadb=2898
2004-03-12 nicadd target and configuration files for hp_pnnl on ia64
2004-03-12 nicfix lmake to link to correct ia64 kernels
2004-03-12 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-03-11 yuryRemoved fsfilt_tmpfs.c from HEAD branch as it was got...
2004-03-11 yuryCleanups about readdir stuff. ext2_dirent and macros...
2004-03-11 yuryCleanups and fixes at Andreas' review results.
2004-03-11 jacobmerge error
2004-03-10 jacobb=2306
2004-03-10 jacobb=2264
2004-03-10 jacobb=2325
2004-03-10 nicb=2914
2004-03-10 yuryadded tmpfs related stuff
2004-03-10 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-03-10 adilgerFix desctription of configure option.
2004-03-09 rreadDon't LBUG the MDS if orphan cleanup requests times...
2004-03-09 adilgerDelete obd_self_export from exp_obd_chain while we...
2004-03-09 adilgerDon't allocate zero-length LVBs on the MDS. Verified...
2004-03-09 uid707Set loi_kms_valid even if we get a lock back that has...
2004-03-09 adilgerStop error spew if no real error, doh.
2004-03-09 adilgerCall test_foo() functions directly instead of via run_o...
2004-03-09 adilgerDrop the filter export grants under the same lock as...
2004-03-09 jacobb=2295
2004-03-09 youfengb 2295
2004-03-09 youfengb 2295
2004-03-09 jacobfixup last commit
2004-03-09 jacobr=adilger,phil
2004-03-08 adilgerCopy the extent lock policy data only in the completion...
2004-03-08 adilgerHandle glimpse races where inode is evicted by client...
2004-03-08 eeb* Made echo_commitrw() pay attention to the final...
2004-03-08 adilgerFix munlink messages to not make it appear like there...
2004-03-07 adilgerIncrement the ost_start_idx inside the object creation...
2004-03-06 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-03-05 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-03-05 adilgerLand b1_2 onto HEAD (20040304_171022)
2004-03-04 ericmliblustre:
2004-03-04 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-03-03 ericmliblustre:
2004-03-03 ericmliblustre:
2004-03-03 ericmliblustre:
2004-03-02 ericmliblustre:
2004-03-02 ericmliblustre:
2004-03-02 ericmliblustre:
2004-03-02 yuryChanges in vanilla-2.4.20 patch set. Added tmpfs relate...
2004-03-02 ericmliblustre build fix:
2004-03-02 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-03-01 philDon't dereference NULL lock in error path
2004-03-01 yuryUpdated iopen patch for tmpfs.
2004-03-01 hitaoto incorporate change of lib_finalize function in porta...
2004-03-01 hitaomerge gmnal code in b_llp2 to HEAD
2004-02-28 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-02-27 eeb* Changed obdecho persistent object id to 1; object...
2004-02-27 eeb* Applied the last patch in Bug 2306, which changes...
2004-02-27 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-02-26 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-02-25 wangdiUpdate smfs: minor fixs in smfs_unlink
2004-02-25 wangdiUpdate smfs:some minor fix in smfs
2004-02-24 wangdiUpdate smfs: 1)unlock cache inode after we call bottom...
2004-02-24 philsome scripts were mysteriously deleted when b_size...
2004-02-24 philFix a fencepost I was pretty sure I had already fixed...
2004-02-24 youfengb 2295
2004-02-24 adilgerFix RPM tag
2004-02-24 adilgerLand b_smallfix onto HEAD (20040223_1817)
2004-02-24 jacobr=phil
2004-02-23 philb=1021,2720
2004-02-23 adilgerCreate ll_truncate_complete_page() compat macro.
2004-02-23 wangdiupdate smfs 1)Add kml in smfs, but still not finish...
2004-02-23 ericmport several patches to 2.6.3
2004-02-23 ericm2.6 compile fix under obdfilter.
2004-02-23 ericmmodule's init function will not get called when loading...
2004-02-23 wangdiget rid of some .h file we do not need in options.c
2004-02-21 eeb* Applied fix for 1888
2004-02-20 wangdicopy inode attribute to bottom inode in smfs_dirty_inode
2004-02-20 jacobb=2774
2004-02-20 youfengb_2074
2004-02-19 wangdiOops, Just forget to commit smfs_internal.h in the...
2004-02-19 wangdiUpdate smfs 1. Use d_alloc to alloc the cache dentry...
2004-02-19 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-02-18 rreadb=2751
2004-02-18 adilgerFix endian conversion of socknal major/minor version...
2004-02-18 wangdi1. Replace i_mapping with the bottom inode imapping...
2004-02-17 adilgerIncrease the number of request buffers to 4096 from...
2004-02-17 wangdiadd address method of smfs for mmap
2004-02-17 jacobr=shaver
2004-02-16 wangdicopy bottom inode attribute out to the vfs inode
2004-02-16 wangdiUpdate smfs: 1.fix bugs in smfs_link 2) decrease i_coun...
2004-02-16 adilgerShouldn't have been merged.
2004-02-16 adilgerAdd newline to ll_readpage() debug message.