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- Refined the DTD futher: 'id' changed to 'name'; tree structure rearranged
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre /
2002-06-28 brian- Refined the DTD futher: 'id' changed to 'name'; tree...
2002-06-28 behlendo- Refined the DTD futher: 'id' changed to 'name'; tree...
2002-06-28 braamAdd a new patch for the new LLNL kernel. This contains...
2002-06-28 braam- more fixes to export handling. Probably tomorrow...
2002-06-27 braam- More changes in the connection handle stuff. We...
2002-06-27 braamDon't update your trees yet..... Brian and I are trying...
2002-06-26 brianAnother slightly less rough cut at XML based configurat...
2002-06-26 behlendoAnother slightly less rough cut at XML based configurat...
2002-06-26 braamStart maintaining the release changelog file.
2002-06-25 pschwan- ldlm fixes to get it to pass intent-test.sh, although...
2002-06-25 adilgerMerge trivial changes from branch to head.
2002-06-25 braam- Cleanup of the lock callback infrastructure - not...
2002-06-24 adilgerRemove obdext2.cfg as we no longer have obdext2
2002-06-24 braam- fixes to let a client do correct lock cancellation...
2002-06-24 braamstatus: on ./mcreate I believe the client lock on the...
2002-06-24 adilgerFix o_valid and o_size for truncate through osc/ost...
2002-06-24 braam- first fixes to get things working again: current...
2002-06-24 braamlast compile fixes: WARNING nothing works probably.
2002-06-24 braam- more fixes
2002-06-24 braam- mds compile fixes
2002-06-24 pschwan*** empty log message ***
2002-06-24 pschwan*** empty log message ***
2002-06-24 pschwan*** empty log message ***
2002-06-24 braam*** empty log message ***
2002-06-24 braam- compile fix.
2002-06-24 braamcompile fixes.
2002-06-24 pschwanextern/static fix
2002-06-24 pschwanlock descriptor fixups
2002-06-24 pschwancompilation cleanups
2002-06-24 braam- compilation fixes.
2002-06-24 pschwanhandful of conflict-causing DLM changes
2002-06-24 pschwancompilation fixups
2002-06-24 braamLots of reorg in the lock manager, dealing with the...
2002-06-24 pschwanstructure changes for LDLM revamp
2002-06-24 pschwanmore DLM lock cleanups
2002-06-24 braam- minor renaming of handling functions
2002-06-24 pschwanmore locking hackery
2002-06-24 braam- rework lock handling functions with get/put and refcounts
2002-06-24 braam- changes for lock handles and refcounts
2002-06-24 pschwanFirst swing at DLM lock cleanup. Do not update your...
2002-06-23 pschwanFix a handful of unsafe spin_unlock()s
2002-06-23 pschwanFixed lock_mode thinko
2002-06-23 braam- improve the explanatory comment
2002-06-23 braam- minor fix
2002-06-23 pschwan- If the DLM server returns ELDLM_LOCK_ABORTED, pass...
2002-06-23 braam- add reentrant locks
2002-06-23 pschwan- The first unfinished bits of the DLM regression test...
2002-06-23 braamturn off directory indexing pending the resolution...
2002-06-23 braam- remainder of rmdir changes
2002-06-23 braamautomatic detection of OST/MDS
2002-06-23 adilgerAllow specifying > 4GB sizes for truncate via strtoull().
2002-06-23 adilgerllite and MDC statfs operations.
2002-06-23 adilgerMove cleanup of service struct into ptlrpc_unregister_s...
2002-06-23 adilgerMerge from posix_stable.
2002-06-23 braampatches for the previous fixes
2002-06-23 braam- fixes for truncating new files with intent locks
2002-06-22 pschwanLBUG() if we get a NULL intent in ll_lookup2
2002-06-22 pschwanBring small ha_assist2.sh change from branch to trunk
2002-06-22 braamdo panic dump logs with the notifier list
2002-06-22 braamPage must be mapped before prepare write, since on...
2002-06-22 braamnew images and editorial updates to documentation
2002-06-21 braamkernel patches that dump the Lustre debug log when...
2002-06-21 braam- commit mkdir fix to head as well. Head has slightly...
2002-06-21 pschwangive the intent test some easily-changed variables
2002-06-21 pschwanFix for cleanup deadlock
2002-06-21 pschwanSmall typo fix
2002-06-21 pschwan- If a completion callback arrives before the reply...
2002-06-21 braamtiny changes to accompany the Portals update which...
2002-06-21 adilgerMerge from posix_stable.
2002-06-21 adilgerMerge from posix_stable
2002-06-21 adilgerMerge from posix_stable.
2002-06-21 adilgerUse OBD_BRW_{READ,WRITE} for BRW calls.
2002-06-21 braamfix the path problem in common.sh
2002-06-21 pschwanFixed an MDS crash bug discovered as a result of earlie...
2002-06-20 pschwanFix many (mostly un-serious) build warnings
2002-06-20 pschwanFix one build error, one build warning, and one extreme...
2002-06-20 pschwanAdded some debugging support on the server side of...
2002-06-20 rreadadded check for libxml2 development libraries
2002-06-20 rreadfix for older versions of gcc
2002-06-20 rreadremove obsolete reference to obdext2
2002-06-20 braam- fix to kernel patches: intents must be free before...
2002-06-20 rreadadded check_getpage to ia64
2002-06-20 adilgerMerge from posix_stable.
2002-06-20 adilgerMerge from posix_stable.
2002-06-20 adilgerMerge from posix_stable.
2002-06-20 adilgerMerge new failure test points from posix_stable.
2002-06-20 adilgerMerge from posix_stable.
2002-06-20 adilgerMerge posix_stable to the head.
2002-06-20 adilgerAdd ll_pack to the head.
2002-06-20 adilgerMerge from posix_stable branch.
2002-06-20 braam- bring the chaos patch forward to where user mode...
2002-06-20 adilgerhtree patch fix for the head.
2002-06-20 braamBring stock kernel 2.4.18 intent patch up to date.
2002-06-19 adilgerRemove debugging from htree patch, sync with branch.
2002-06-18 pschwanAnother attempted DLM deadlock fixup
2002-06-18 pschwan- Fixed a DLM deadlock bug
2002-06-17 pschwan- Add more DLM threads
2002-06-17 pschwan- Fixed some screwy ldlm resource refcount issues
2002-06-17 pschwanMany dlm and intent lock fixes.
2002-06-17 braamupdated patch to current CVS head of Lustre code.