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2004-07-18 rreadb=3869,1742
2004-07-17 wangdi1 add snap read in fsfilt_getpage
2004-07-17 alexb=3869
2004-07-17 rreadb=1451
2004-07-16 wangdisome fix for obdfilter cow and snap ext3 patch
2004-07-16 alex- vmlist needs to be exported for modules support
2004-07-16 alex- slab-use-after-free debug tool added to vanilla-2...
2004-07-16 alexb=3772
2004-07-16 rreadb=3843
2004-07-15 wangdi1)add more snap cow hook for dir ops.
2004-07-15 alexb=3772
2004-07-14 rreadb=3844
2004-07-14 alexb=3824
2004-07-14 alexb=3829
2004-07-13 rreadb=3405
2004-07-13 rreadb=3405
2004-07-12 rreadb=3405
2004-07-12 rreadDon't reset oscc_gr after recovery.
2004-07-12 rreadFix replay-single.sh and recovery-small.sh so they...
2004-07-12 rreaduse assignment instead of memset to clear the conn_cnt.
2004-07-12 uid7211)update snapfs, add more hooks for dir ops, some fixes...
2004-07-09 wangdi1)some fix in cobd for cache miss tests.
2004-07-09 alexb=3405
2004-07-08 alex- mds_fid2dentry() should check generation number as...
2004-07-08 wangdiminor fix for snap_inode_init
2004-07-08 wangdiadd lmvtrace for llanalyze
2004-07-08 wangdisome fix in llanalyze
2004-07-08 yuryll_delete_inode() should call clear_inode().
2004-07-07 wangdiUpdate snapfs
2004-07-06 alex- several asserts in dynlocks have been added to assist...
2004-07-06 wangdisome minor fix for snapfs
2004-07-06 wangdiUpdate snap
2004-07-05 wangdiUpdate snapfs
2004-07-05 wangdiadd snap support in lconf
2004-07-04 alex- lustre exploits pdirops feature if presented. we...
2004-07-04 wangdiadd ext3_snapfs_exports-2.4.24.patch
2004-07-04 wangdiadd fsfilt_snap_ext3.c fsfilt_snap_smfs.c in lvfs for...
2004-07-01 alex- reply must be prepared before possible reconstruction
2004-06-30 alex- filter_lock_dentry() exploits pdirops feature if...
2004-06-29 alex- typo fixed
2004-06-29 alex- useless ASSERTs have been removed
2004-06-29 alex- support for raw lookup in mds_getattr_name()
2004-06-29 alex- testing on mountain showed lmv_sync() works properly
2004-06-28 alex- minor cleanups since test #46 got working
2004-06-28 alex- race fixed: if 1st client sees directory isn't large...
2004-06-28 alex- commented ->delete_inode for a while
2004-06-28 alex- mdt_obj_create() should close transaction in success...
2004-06-27 alex- ext3_del_dir_entry() should drop nlink if victim...
2004-06-27 alex- ll_lookup_one_len() uses pdirops lock if the kernel...
2004-06-27 philmdt_obj_create would in some error cases call ldlm_lock...
2004-06-27 philmds_osc_destroy_orphan did an obd_destroy to the OSTs...
2004-06-27 philMake clear, for the sake of future merging, why the...
2004-06-27 philb=3652
2004-06-25 alexchanges to get test #46 working
2004-06-24 wangdiadd lock in inserting extents to EA
2004-06-24 alex- additional debug messages for #46
2004-06-24 houfengadd lmv into SUBDIRS
2004-06-24 alex- more debug messages for #46 failure
2004-06-24 alex- mds_try_to_split_dir() should show split expectation
2004-06-24 alex- CERROR's for test #46 debugging
2004-06-24 houfengadd linux/kallsyms.h kernel/kallsyms.c
2004-06-23 alex- forgotten bits of cross-node mkdir() with requested...
2004-06-23 alex- mds_preprw() handles failed mds_fid2dentry() properly
2004-06-23 ccooper- adding CONFIG_KALLSYMS to kksymoops patch
2004-06-22 alex- three lmv obj leaks fixed
2004-06-22 yurySmall fix about using LTIME_S macro
2004-06-21 alex- minor fix: lmv object leak in lmv_get_mea_and_update_...
2004-06-21 yuryFixes with refcounting.
2004-06-21 alex- this test shows lmv obj refcounting problem
2004-06-21 yuryAdded splitted object handling in lmv_getattr().
2004-06-21 yuryobk->freeing changed to obj->state and O_FREEING flag...
2004-06-21 yuryFixed possible sleep in invalid context in LMV object...
2004-06-21 yuryCWARN() chnaged to CDEBUG in lmv_delete_object().
2004-06-21 yury- added md_delete_object() and lmv_delete_object()...
2004-06-19 yuryLocking fix in lmv_destroy_obj().
2004-06-19 yury- added mutex to lmv_obj to protect slaves attrs.
2004-06-19 yuryFixes with managing objects in LMV object manager.
2004-06-18 yury- added lmv_destroy_obj() which will be used for destro...
2004-06-18 yury- added proper ref counting in lmv object manager.
2004-06-18 wangdirelease the parent locks in error handler in mds_get_pa...
2004-06-17 greenb=3643
2004-06-17 yuryFixed incorrect attempt to read clients configuration...
2004-06-17 yury- added error handling in various places of lmv code.
2004-06-17 wangdiadd jounal blocks in ext3_init_extents_ea
2004-06-16 alex- lmv_set_mdc_active() should skip NULL exports
2004-06-16 wangdi1) add cmobd support in lconf and lmc
2004-06-16 niu* pass in the 3rd parameter for obdgens while getting...
2004-06-16 alexb=2837
2004-06-16 uid723b=1742
2004-06-16 uid723b=1742
2004-06-16 alexb=3063
2004-06-15 alexb=2837
2004-06-15 ccooper- adding kksymoops patch to vanilla-2.4.24 series
2004-06-15 yuryFixes in mdsadd.sh
2004-06-15 wangdiget rid of some unused structure for smfs
2004-06-15 alexb=2837
2004-06-15 yuryfailover.sh renamed to mds.sh. This is a script for...
2004-06-14 alexb=2837
2004-06-14 wangdiget rid of setting stripe info of parent inode in mds_c...
2004-06-14 yurySmall fix in liblustre.