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* vibnal fixes
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2005-03-06 yury- different fixes in MDS
2005-03-03 alexb=5599
2005-03-02 yury- fixes from b1_4:
2005-03-02 yury- fixed sanity test 55.
2005-03-02 yury- fixed md_getattr() in lustre_common-fill_super()
2005-03-01 yury- fixed comment of OBD_MD_FID.
2005-02-28 yury- returned back OBD_MD_FID. For many reasons its remova...
2005-02-28 yury- fixed ROOT setting up. If it is not empty, it should...
2005-02-28 yury- small fix in ll_update_inode()
2005-02-28 tapproinitial release
2005-02-27 greenb=5230
2005-02-26 yury- returning correct error code from mds_statfs() amd...
2005-02-26 tapproHLD document for SMFS(Storage Management Filesystem)
2005-02-25 yury- locks and dentries should be released in the case...
2005-02-24 alex- tuning ported from b1_4
2005-02-24 eeb* lustre updates for recent portals HEAD changes
2005-02-23 yury- fix from b1_4 in MDS_CHECK_RESENT()
2005-02-22 alex- commit from zzeng
2005-02-22 yury- changes with names on exports and another fields...
2005-02-04 eeb * updates to HEAD lustre since landing b_port_step...
2005-01-28 jacobb=5584; only install module if it is built
2005-01-28 yury- fixed problem with sid of virtual directory "FIDS...
2005-01-28 nkjre-applying my initial changes. forgot that the HEAD...
2005-01-28 nkj2.4 kernels do not have the ext3 xattr config flag...
2005-01-27 yury- removed optimization related to fid's updating on...
2005-01-26 wangdiBranch:HEAD
2005-01-26 nkjchanged from warn to error when ext3 attributes are...
2005-01-26 yury- initializing parent_lockh in mds_open() the same...
2005-01-26 yury- removed redundant check and lock release. If name...
2005-01-26 yury- fixed releasing lock with correct mode in mds_id2lock...
2005-01-20 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2005-01-19 alexb=5209
2005-01-19 alex- minor correction to the patch for gcc-3.4.2
2005-01-17 brianFixes from b_port_step needed to get HEAD to build.
2005-01-17 brianRemove trailing /lustre from lustre/ldlm/lustre pathnames.
2004-12-22 jacobliblustre fixes
2004-12-20 jacobfix in-tree path to portals
2004-12-20 jacobRemove files that moved to lustre-build
2004-12-19 jacobfixes for make rpms
2004-12-19 jacobMove portals into its own CVS module for HEAD.
2004-12-17 eeb* Updated ranal prior to the Great Schism
2004-12-17 eeb* more ranal lconf fixes
2004-12-17 eeb* fixed ranal lconf support
2004-12-17 eeb* Added ranal subdir
2004-12-17 eeb* Added ranal
2004-12-17 eeb* fixed subsystem_names in lconf
2004-12-11 adilgerFix lconf --dump handling:
2004-12-10 adilgerLimit setting kernel debug buffer size to 512MB to...
2004-12-09 eeb* removed a diff that crept in somehow
2004-12-03 yury- fixes in fsfilt interface about 2.6/2.4 versions...
2004-12-01 eeb* fixed 4012: NULL deref in ep_complete_rpc
2004-11-25 yury- many fixes and cleanups in cobd. By now it load and...
2004-11-24 eeb* applied fix from b1_4_smallfix for compilation...
2004-11-23 yury- lots of fixes and cleanups in cobd and cmobd.
2004-11-22 yury- mdc_op_data should not be allocated on stack.
2004-11-22 yury- fixes about mdc_op_data on stack allocations.
2004-11-22 yury- mdc_op_data is big and should not be allocated on...
2004-11-22 yury- mdc_op_data should not be allocated on stack. Fixes...
2004-11-22 yury- fixed mdc_op_data stack allocations.
2004-11-22 yury- mdc_op_data structures should not be allocated on...
2004-11-22 yury- fixed memory leak
2004-11-19 yury- fixes and cleanups in error messages and in code.
2004-11-19 alex- debug message correction
2004-11-18 eeb* Fixed lonal copyright
2004-11-18 eeb* Added lonal (loopback NAL)
2004-11-18 yury- OBD_ALLOC() of obdos are replaced by obdo_alloc(...
2004-11-18 yury- at Peter's request removed all 2.4.x related patches...
2004-11-17 yury- fixes about recovery in mds. Added asserts.
2004-11-17 yury- lots of fixes about obdo allocating. By now, there...
2004-11-16 yury- fix about valid field assigning
2004-11-16 yury- small fixes.
2004-11-16 yury- one more fid management correctness test.
2004-11-16 yury- cleanups about mds methods lproc stats.
2004-11-16 greenb=5149
2004-11-15 yury- added md_ops stats
2004-11-15 yury- changes about @flags in m_disconnect(). It should...
2004-11-15 eeb* Fixed incorrect handling of 'eq == NULL' in ptl_eq2h...
2004-11-15 yury- fixes about lmv_delete_inode().
2004-11-14 yury- small cleanups, comments.
2004-11-14 yury- destroy lmv_obj cache in error case in lmv module...
2004-11-14 yury- more fixes about lmv_put_inode()
2004-11-14 yury- fixes about removing lmv_obj when coresponding inode...
2004-11-13 yury- cleanups about getattr_name. By now getattr_lock...
2004-11-13 yury- added standard CFS headers in some source files.
2004-11-12 wangdiBranch HEAD
2004-11-12 yury- cleanups about lmv_obd_create().
2004-11-12 yury- changed uml config for 2.6.7, added uml config for...
2004-11-12 yury- fix from Alex
2004-11-11 yury- small fix
2004-11-11 yury- cleanups about ENTRY, EXIT, etc. in mds and lmv stuff.
2004-11-11 yury- added comment.
2004-11-11 yury- landing b_fid.
2004-11-10 alexb=4738
2004-11-09 alexb=5151
2004-11-09 alexb=5150
2004-11-09 alexb=5153
2004-11-09 wangchaoremove my previous patch, which should be committed...
2004-11-09 wangchaoadd netid patameter to lctl mynid cmd
2004-11-04 yury- fix in mds_init_ucred()
2004-11-01 alexb=4180