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2004-02-06 nicb=2623
2004-02-06 zab- add an overwrite pass
2004-02-05 wangdiadd some methods in file.c
2004-02-05 alex- ext3 batching allocation against suse2 series
2004-02-05 alex- export few extents-related functions
2004-02-05 wangdiupdate smfs 1)some fix in cache mount 2)some fix in...
2004-02-05 eeb* Removed support for old (pre open source) QSW instal...
2004-02-05 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-02-05 zab- collect basic oprofile results when it is available
2004-02-04 zab- require iozone with the -+o patch
2004-02-04 wangdiupdate smfs 1.fix bugs of read_super. 2.some minor fix
2004-02-04 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-02-03 zab- clean up last_block cleanup a little
2004-02-03 alex- series for uml on 2.6.0
2004-02-03 wangdiupdate smfs. 1)fix bugs in sm_read_super 2) add some...
2004-02-03 rreadpython 1.5 doesn't have isspace() (I know, how barbaric...
2004-02-03 wangchaob=2603
2004-02-03 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-02-02 zab- add a helper to call bc with a specified precision
2004-02-02 eeb* Modified socknal to...
2004-02-02 zab- try to verify that a bdev is alive by reading from it
2004-02-02 zab- add an argument to select which tests to run
2004-02-02 wangdiupdate smfs
2004-02-01 wangdiupdate smfs, add some files dir.c cache.c inode.c still...
2004-01-31 alex- ldlm builds as part of ptlrpc
2004-01-31 wangdiadd mount cache in sm_read_super
2004-01-31 wangdiadd smfs
2004-01-31 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-01-31 adilgerUpdate b_orphan from HEAD (20040130_1601)
2004-01-31 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-01-31 adilgerLand b_orphan on HEAD (20040130_1601)
2004-01-30 alex- ext3_ext_insert_extent() tries to merge as many exten...
2004-01-30 alex- ext3_ext_new_extent_cb() unmaps buffer_heads in order...
2004-01-30 wangchaob=1171
2004-01-30 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-01-30 shaverAdd a tiny sleep to keep from hitting multiop with...
2004-01-29 adilgerFix build problems with RH ia64 kernel on TDEV/Thunder:
2004-01-29 adilgerFix compile warnings due to print format mismatches.
2004-01-29 alex- initial implementation of batching block allocator...
2004-01-29 eeb* Changed qswnal.h to expect more recent QSW headers...
2004-01-29 alex- internal testing and extra checks should be disabled...
2004-01-29 alex- locking reworked in ext3_ext_new_extent_cb(). this...
2004-01-29 zaba block device profiling script which is built to relia...
2004-01-29 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-01-29 adilgerKernel RPM build fixes from b1_0.
2004-01-29 rreaddon't use +=, because old pythons don't have it
2004-01-28 adilgerAlways disable nagle in the socknal, even for 0conf...
2004-01-28 adilgerAllow OST read cache to be disabled (already on b1_0).
2004-01-28 alexchanges in extents:
2004-01-28 wangchaob=2323
2004-01-28 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-01-28 adilgerLand b_bug2370 to HEAD (20040127_1701)
2004-01-28 adilgerLand b_bug2503 onto HEAD (20040127_1701)
2004-01-28 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-01-27 adilgerDon't dereference NULL dentry for NFS root (BG/l testing).
2004-01-27 adilgerDon't hard-code lconf path, use PATH instead.
2004-01-27 jacobsynchronize changelog with final 1.0.3 version
2004-01-27 wangdiadd ext3-extents patch to snapfs
2004-01-27 wangdiadd ext3-record-extents-ea.patch for sparse extents...
2004-01-27 wangdirename snapfs-core-2.4.20.patch to ext3-snapfs-2.4...
2004-01-27 wangchaob=2552
2004-01-27 jacobb=2516
2004-01-26 shaverb=2605: fix conf-sanity test 9 (--ptldebug/--subsystem...
2004-01-26 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-01-26 alex- port of extents for 2.4.21-suse2 series
2004-01-26 wangdi1)In migration, get rid of page and buffer of src inode...
2004-01-26 adilgerAllow sanityN.sh to be run with SANITYLOG so all tests...
2004-01-26 wangdisome fix about snapfs
2004-01-26 adilgerDon't fail llog test if no MDS is available on the...
2004-01-24 alex- reworked extents patch against 2.4.20
2004-01-24 adilgerDo what I actually did in b_bug974 when I was testing...
2004-01-24 adilgerDon't run test 56 with bogus /proc file name on client...
2004-01-24 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-01-23 adilgerIgnore XMLCONFIG file.
2004-01-23 jacobb=2516
2004-01-23 nicb=2255
2004-01-23 shaverb=2572: default to large inodes, sized according to...
2004-01-23 alex- minor bug fixed in ea-in-inode for ext3
2004-01-23 zabb=2301
2004-01-23 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-01-22 adilgerFix bug 2587 - sanity test 56 - so I can pass this...
2004-01-22 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-01-22 jacobrequested by radhika:
2004-01-21 adilgerSync up HEAD ChangeLog to match b1_0.
2004-01-21 adilgerMove lov/lov_pack.c messages into LOV subsystem.
2004-01-21 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-01-20 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-01-19 shaverLanding b_elan4.
2004-01-19 wangdisome minor fix in delete snapshot
2004-01-19 wangdisome fix in delete snapshot
2004-01-18 zab- revert the b=1934 fix from 1/16 to stop llmount from...
2004-01-18 wangdi1) some minor fix in copy_back_pages 2)add snap_delete...
2004-01-17 wangdi1 add some initial snapfs process in ext3_readsupre...
2004-01-17 wangdisome minor fix in copy_back_pages
2004-01-17 wangdiput copy_block method of regular file in snapfs module...
2004-01-17 buffalo-pull- tagging RC_CURRENT
2004-01-17 tianying * b:1934 - fix mds_cleanup_orphans
2004-01-17 wangchaob=2510
2004-01-16 zab- print the uuid string, not the struct that contains it.
2004-01-16 adilgerIgnore test-generated files.