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Added code for obdfs to do writes to files and reads of directories and
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre /
1999-09-26 braamAdded code for obdfs to do writes to files and reads...
1999-09-11 braamWhoops, forgotten!
1999-09-11 braamMuch cleaner separation of the class and simulated...
1999-09-03 braamfixes for deliverables.
1999-08-31 braamMinor change for Linux 2.3
1999-08-31 braamFixes for Linux 2.3 as well as bug fixes after Ayman...
1999-08-31 braampatches for the kernel code.
1999-08-16 braamfix the module unloading bug.
1999-08-10 braamNumerous patches and fixes to Phil's initial attack.
1999-07-28 braamFixed a spelling mistake: "symulated" --> "simulated...
1999-06-24 pschwanthe last two weeks' work
1999-06-10 pschwanmostly read, 2.2.1 -> 2.2.9 updates
1999-06-05 pschwanA couple days of changes--much improvement.
1999-06-03 pschwanfoo