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- series against second suse 2.4.21 kernel
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre /
2004-01-10 alex- series against second suse 2.4.21 kernel
2004-01-10 alex- vanilla-2.4.24 series and needed patches
2004-01-09 jacobb=2429
2004-01-09 jacobb=2502
2004-01-09 wangdifix some bugs in snapfs
2004-01-09 wangdiadd loop_device_get_info.patch in snapfs series
2004-01-09 wangdifix some bug in snap-core.patch 1) add some item in...
2004-01-09 youfengb 2198
2004-01-08 jacobb=2368
2004-01-08 rreadBreak, instead of panic, in the UML version of portals_...
2004-01-08 rreadb=2432,2494
2004-01-08 rreadb=2494
2004-01-08 rreadb=2432
2004-01-08 adilgerFix typo in patch.
2004-01-08 adilgerAdd missing ChangeLog entry.
2004-01-08 zabFix races in client write RPC generation when cache...
2004-01-08 zab- fix up eeb's assertion fix. __GFP_WAIT isn't suffici...
2004-01-07 eeb. Added an important comment in parse_get()
2004-01-07 adilgerAt least make some effort to detect errors in llog...
2004-01-07 adilgerQuiet error if run without args.
2004-01-07 adilgerUse munlink and not unlink (unlink doesn't exist in...
2004-01-07 shaverReverting 64K-stack change; r=phil.
2004-01-07 wangdiupdate snapfs, include super.c filter.c snapfs_internal.h
2004-01-07 wangdiadd options.c
2004-01-07 eeb. fixed ia64 format warnings
2004-01-07 eeb. fixed assertion when called from interrupt handler...
2004-01-07 jerriferset stacksize to 64K
2004-01-07 wangchaofix a typo.
2004-01-07 jerriferadd conf-sanity.sh to acceptance-small.sh
2004-01-07 jerriferupdate config file
2004-01-07 wangchaob=2103
2004-01-07 wangchaob=1719
2004-01-06 adilgerMake TCP zerocopy and pinger support enabled by default...
2004-01-06 wangdiupdate snapfs
2004-01-06 rreadb=2460
2004-01-05 jacobb=2421
2004-01-05 rreadb=2460
2004-01-05 adilgerDon't use SLAB_KERNEL (GFP_KERNEL) allocations for...
2004-01-05 adilgerWe haven't opened objects on OSTs in a long time. ...
2004-01-05 adilgerDon't dereference a bad dchild if we had a lookup error...
2004-01-05 wangdifix some bugs of snapfs
2004-01-05 jerriferchange tag from b_devel to HEAD
2004-01-05 wangdireomve i_filterdata in this patch, for vfs_intent patch...
2004-01-04 wangdiadd snapfs building support in lustre
2004-01-04 wangdiadd snapfs-2.4.20 kernel series
2004-01-04 wangdioops make a mistake, change snapfs_core-2.4.20.path...
2004-01-04 wangdiadd snapfs_core-2.4.20.path
2004-01-04 wangdiadd snapconf utils
2004-01-04 wangdiadd snapfs_internal.h snapfs_support.h Makefile.am
2004-01-04 wangdiport snapfs to 2.4
2004-01-04 wangdiadd snapfs to cvs
2004-01-03 adilgerMake "error" always report the test that failed, for...
2004-01-03 adilgerDon't remove directory inodes from locks prematurely...
2004-01-02 adilgerUpdate ChangeLog with already-fixed bugs.
2004-01-02 youfengb_2466
2003-12-31 eeb* Removed toenal
2003-12-31 wangchaob=1171
2003-12-31 ccooper- new test: run create and rename in same directory...
2003-12-30 adilgerReduce per-OSC client side cache to avoid pathalogical...
2003-12-30 alex- patch from Oleg to export get_kmem_end in UML kernel
2003-12-30 tianyingremove mount age check
2003-12-29 rreadb=2442
2003-12-28 zab- remove more forgotten relics
2003-12-26 zabb=2430
2003-12-24 ccooper- use munlink instead of unlink
2003-12-24 ccooper- ability to skip O_DIRECT tests on O_DIRECT-deficient...
2003-12-24 rread- test-frameworkize recovery-small.sh, and recovery...
2003-12-23 rreadb=2417
2003-12-23 jerriferchange lfs from /usr/sbin to /usr/bin
2003-12-23 adilgerFix valid uninitialized variable gcc warning.
2003-12-22 youfengb=2074
2003-12-21 greenReverted #974 for now as it causes problems for people.
2003-12-21 philMake the namespace/resource/lock dumping somewhat more...
2003-12-21 philb=2425
2003-12-21 philRemove pesky $Id tag which only causes conflicts
2003-12-19 rreadb=2353
2003-12-19 shaverb=2420: don't acquire a duplicate lock when processing...
2003-12-19 alex- tcp_sendpage_zccd() must be exported always
2003-12-18 philb=2383
2003-12-18 philPrint the service name in the mds RECOVERY: message
2003-12-18 zabb=2252
2003-12-18 zab- put llite page cache pages in a list_head for the...
2003-12-17 adilgerSilence bogus compiler warning.
2003-12-17 adilgerWe can never hit the end of mds_finish_open() with...
2003-12-17 zab- move the osc histogram helpers into lprocfs and renam...
2003-12-16 zab- get rid of some ancient unused left-overs
2003-12-16 greenr=zab,phil
2003-12-16 philb=1557/2316
2003-12-15 alex- large kernel address space support against vanilla...
2003-12-15 greenImplement saving of previous value of max_dirty_mb...
2003-12-15 tianying b: 2356
2003-12-15 philchange debug_client_off from 0 to the minimal but still...
2003-12-15 phil- fix iopentest*.c to produce error messages with filenames
2003-12-14 greenWhoops, just added test for #2319 was a bit flawed...
2003-12-14 greenr=shaver
2003-12-14 greenr=phik
2003-12-14 alex- xattr-related fixes against chaos-2.4.21
2003-12-14 philfix "empty case at end of compound statement" warning...
2003-12-14 philchange default debug level to a more reasonable product...
2003-12-14 philb=2371