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Add missing files, cleanup .cvsignore's
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre /
2002-01-23 braamAdd missing files, cleanup .cvsignore's
2002-01-23 braamIt's been a good day: chmod/chown and friends now work...
2002-01-21 braam assorted bug fixes and a working directory readpage...
2002-01-21 braamNasty cflag confusion in configure.ac.
2002-01-21 braamdefaults back to format
2002-01-21 braamsmall fix.
2002-01-21 braamfix the obdfssetup script to use obdext2 (not filter...
2002-01-21 braamcleanups coming from the new functions/macros
2002-01-21 braamFix a broken macro.
2002-01-21 braamthis minimal patch might actually work.
2002-01-20 braamSmall fixes to get lustre_light mount working over...
2002-01-20 braamA few missing files...
2002-01-20 braamSmall fixes to the request processing.
2002-01-18 braamFix small typos in ost/osc
2002-01-03 braamomitted test script
2002-01-03 braamforgotten two files
2002-01-03 braamSmall bug fixes. OSC/OST almost working.
2001-12-30 braamit _compiles_ finally on 7.1 and 7.2, but the solution...
2001-12-30 braamLustre light client request module
2001-12-30 braamMost of the code for the OST target.
2001-12-29 braam- fixes to the MDS: it now answers requests from the...
2001-12-28 braamA solid part of the MDS request processing infrastructure.
2001-12-17 braamsmall changes and fixes to get the filter OBD working...
2001-12-13 braam- obd filter works over ext2, but bonnie++ is buggie
2001-12-11 braamNumerous changes:
2001-11-08 braamTwo small changes to support large files.
2001-11-08 braamlarge file printk cleanups
2001-11-08 braamfix minor kmap/kunmap mismatch.
2001-11-06 braamMinor compilation fixes for RedHat 2.4.9
2001-11-06 braamminor fix to the patch
2001-11-06 braamcreated
2001-11-05 braamIf you free a string ... it can cost a lot of time.
2001-11-05 braammany changes: seems ok on 2.4.9
2001-10-25 gord-figBack out size/blocks changes.
2001-10-24 gord-figSegregate block and size counting between obdfs and...
2001-10-24 gord-figRemove debugging clutter.
2001-10-21 braamAnother very major cleanup:
2001-10-19 gord-figAgain, only use loop device for testing.
2001-10-19 braamThis fixes a race between killing inodes in obdfs and...
2001-10-19 braamfairly massive change to remove write_inode methods...
2001-10-19 braamfix statfs bug and a truncation issue.
2001-10-19 braamfix setattr bug; check in symlink changes
2001-10-18 gord-figDon't use printk unconditionally.
2001-10-18 gord-figAdd code to help debug the rmmod hang.
2001-10-17 gord-figConsolidate variables into a structure.
2001-10-17 gord-figConvert signals in pupdated into wait queues.
2001-10-17 gord-figRemove the obdo->o_rdev member, and store rdev numbers...
2001-10-17 gord-figMark potentially obsolete functions.
2001-10-16 braamfix for the symlink problem.
2001-10-16 braamdebugging fixes and small memory leak fix.
2001-10-15 braamone more high memory kmap missing.
2001-10-15 braammore page cache changes
2001-10-15 braamext2 page cache updates
2001-10-14 braamhighmemory changes
2001-10-14 braamhigh memory fixes
2001-10-12 braamattempted bug fixes for 2.4.9.
2001-10-12 gord-figUpdate RPM building.
2001-10-10 braam - ext2_obd.c --- fix the bugs in read/write for Linux...
2001-10-08 gord-figConvert to Automake.
2001-10-01 gord-figCreate lustre-tools and lustre-modules packages.
2001-09-29 braamFixes to get things running on 2.4.3.
2001-09-29 braamadd this to prevent locally modified config.sh files...
2001-09-27 gord-figMinor build and RPM cleanups.
2001-09-27 gord-figUpdate copyright and license information.
2001-09-26 gord-figEnsure that obdcontrol is installed.
2001-09-26 gord-figAdd an initial RPM spec file.
2001-09-26 gord-figAdd scripts/mass_install to simplify installation rules.
2001-09-25 gord-figPreserve timestamps if a patch made no changes.
2001-09-25 gord-figUpdates for Debian, devfs, and the device command.
2001-09-25 braamadd export of do_kern_mount for 2.4.9
2001-09-25 braamfix setup method for ext2 obd devices
2001-09-24 gord-figRemove spurious trailing \0 bytes.
2001-09-24 gord-figMinor interface cleanups.
2001-09-24 gord-figUpdate <linux/malloc.h> to <linux/slab.h>.
2001-07-03 rzahir * obdfs/flushd.c: conditionalized number of...
2001-06-26 braamcouple of missing files added
2001-06-26 braamChange in the make system - also minor edits and fixes...
2001-03-16 braamNow it really works again on 2.4.2! Yippeah. (No loop...
2001-03-11 braamrelease another lock and now it even unmounts.
2001-03-11 braama working file system!
2001-03-08 braamthings are starting to work for Linux 2.4.2!!
2000-03-09 adilgerdoc/OBD-HOWTO.sgml: updated references to attach types...
2000-03-09 adilgerdemos/test.c: removed duplicate files (also exist in...
2000-03-09 adilgerinclude/linux/obdfs.h: handle block special devices,
2000-03-09 adilgerobdfs/dir.c: add truncate method for directory
2000-03-07 adilgerobdfs/flushd.c: added constant for nr_free_buffer_pages...
2000-03-07 adilgerobdfs/*.c: finished truncate implementation
2000-03-07 adilgerobdfs,ext2_obd,class/*.c: added truncate/punch method...
2000-03-06 adilgerobdfs/flushd.c: pupdated stopped on module unload.
2000-03-06 adilgerclass_obd.c: plugged a few minor memory leaks
2000-02-29 adilgerobdfs/dir.c: fix bug when reading directories > 4096...
2000-02-29 adilgerdemos/base*.sh: don't insmod loop when it is not used
2000-02-29 adilgerinclude/linux/*.h: update debugging messages
2000-02-29 adilgerobdfs/flushd.c: send writes in FIFO order (use ->prev...
2000-02-29 adilgerclass/*.c: changed debugging messages
2000-02-25 adilgerobdfs/flushd.c: turned on page aging, and set pupdated...
2000-02-25 adilgerdemos/*: update demos to handle module autoloading...
2000-02-25 adilgerinclude/linux/*.h: turn of debugging output, minor...
2000-02-25 adilgerclass/*: updated to handle module autoloading (from...
2000-02-25 adilgerobdfs/*.c: fixed bug with flushing of cache of deleted...