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LU-8631 quota: better error message for 'lfs quota'
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / utils / liblustreapi.c
2016-10-25 Niu YaweiLU-8631 quota: better error message for 'lfs quota' 21/23021/4
2016-10-08 James SimmonsLU-8648 all: remove all Sun license and URL references 00/22800/4
2016-09-29 Andreas DilgerLU-3888 utils: print lmm_fid as part of getstripe 65/10465/33
2016-06-20 Fan YongLU-6971 cleanup: not support remote client anymore 89/19789/13
2016-06-14 Andreas DilgerLU-5969 lustreapi: replace llapi_get_version() 21/16721/11
2016-05-03 Dmitry EreminLU-7999 utils: fix double free the pointer 09/19409/4
2016-04-17 Lai SiyaoLU-28 fileset: add fileset mount support 07/5007/39
2016-03-28 Bob GlossmanLU-5704 utils: stop open hangs on fifo files 39/19039/4
2016-03-14 vinayakswami harih... LU-7718 utils: lfs getstripe does not work on bind... 95/18195/3
2016-03-14 James SimmonsLU-6245 libcfs: remove types.h from userland code 79/16879/9
2016-02-02 John L. HammondLU-7576 llapi: use dirname() in opendir_parent() 96/17796/4
2016-02-02 James SimmonsLU-6245 libcfs: remove userland headers from libcfs.h 14/16914/8
2016-01-28 Lai SiyaoLU-3538 dne: Commit-on-Sharing for DNE 30/12530/48
2016-01-25 Emoly LiuLU-7628 lfs: fix NULL pointer check in cb_migrate_mdt_i... 14/17814/3
2016-01-18 James SimmonsLU-5030 util: migrate liblustreapi to use cfs_get_paths() 68/17468/8
2016-01-09 James NunezLU-6710 tests: Constrain stripe index conf-sanity test 82a 24/15824/3
2016-01-07 Emoly LiuLU-7506 lfs: "lfs quota -h" should support petabytes... 41/17441/6
2015-12-10 Andreas DilgerLU-1606 misc: clean up DFID related error messages 56/6156/9
2015-11-03 Andreas DilgerLU-7243 misc: update Intel copyright messages 2015 58/16758/3
2015-09-14 John L. HammondLU-7057 utils: use stronger flags when opening volatile... 66/16166/5
2015-09-02 John L. HammondLU-7057 utils: use stronger flags when opening volatile... 26/16126/2
2015-07-29 Lai SiyaoLU-6052 utils: change "lfs mv" to "lfs migrate" 54/13754/14
2015-07-10 Arnaud GuignardLU-6766 utils: remove llapi_quotachown() and cb_quotach... 96/15396/8
2015-07-08 James SimmonsLU-6245 utils: remove libcfs.h from lustre utilities... 17/15217/2
2015-07-08 Dmitry EreminLU-6674 utils: fix of uninitilized lmm structure usage 09/15109/4
2015-07-04 wang diLU-6602 update: split update llog record 62/15162/6
2015-06-16 wang diLU-6728 lfs: check if pool_name is NULL 96/15296/2
2015-06-09 Frank ZagoLU-5710 all: third batch of corrected typos and grammar... 24/14424/8
2015-05-28 Li XiLU-6626 utils: lfs_getstripe prints empty pool name 06/14906/2
2015-05-28 Henri DoreauLU-4840 lfs: Use file lease to implement migration 13/10013/41
2015-05-17 Niu YaweiLU-5975 quota: remove obsolete quota code 05/14705/4
2015-04-20 Frank ZagoLU-6245 utils: split kernel comm between user and kernel 70/14270/7
2015-04-09 frank zagoLU-5710 all: second batch of corrected typos and gramma... 33/12933/8
2015-04-06 James SimmonsLU-6245 libcfs: create userland and kernel string opera... 35/13835/8
2015-04-06 frank zagoLU-5710 corrected some typos and grammar errors 01/12201/13
2015-03-26 Bobi JamLU-5823 clio: remove IOC_LOV_GETINFO 48/12748/7
2015-03-18 Andreas DilgerLU-6134 utils: lfs should only open/stat files if needed 22/13822/3
2015-03-03 John L. HammondLU-5937 lfs: ensure a valid directory size in lfs find 56/13456/4
2015-02-03 Patrick FarrellLU-6081 user: use random() instead of /dev/urandom 77/13277/12
2014-12-28 Andreas DilgerLU-6068 misc: update Intel copyright messages 2014 74/13174/2
2014-12-18 John L. HammondLU-2675 llapi: find_param cleanup part II 51/12851/3
2014-12-09 Henri DoreauLU-5837 llite: ll_getparent cleanup 27/12527/6
2014-12-04 Frank ZagoLU-5878 lfs: migrate file to its proper destination 01/12601/6
2014-11-11 John L. HammondLU-2675 libcfs: remove libcfs posix headers 87/11987/5
2014-11-01 Jinshan XiongLU-4665 utils: lfs setstripe to specify OSTs 83/9383/29
2014-10-31 Henri DoreauLU-3613 llite: Add ioctl to get parent fids from link EA. 69/7069/17
2014-10-27 Henri DoreauLU-1996 lustre: Flexible changelog format. 60/4060/25
2014-10-25 Li XiLU-5054 llite: enforce pool name length limit 06/10306/11
2014-10-17 James NunezLU-4298 utils: do not create file with no striping... 75/8375/8
2014-10-06 Henri DoreauLU-5666 llapi: LLAPI helpers for group lock. 53/12053/4
2014-08-25 Ned BassLU-2182 llapi: implementation of new llapi_layout API 02/5302/37
2014-08-18 Frank ZagoLU-5406: liblustre: remove \n from some llapi_error... 14/11214/4
2014-07-18 Wang DiLU-4691 lmv: honor MDT index when creating volatile... 66/10866/12
2014-07-15 John L. HammondLU-5243 utils: use goto rather than GOTO() 91/10791/5
2014-07-08 Fan YongLU-5223 lmv: build master LMV EA dynamically build... 51/10751/17
2014-07-08 Frank ZagoLU-5095 hsm: Allow receiving messages to be non-blocking 93/10393/9
2014-06-20 Dmitry EreminLU-4629 utils: fix input format specifier error 67/10667/4
2014-06-20 Dmitry EreminLU-4629 libcfs: fix buffer overflow of string buffer 89/9389/19
2014-06-18 Wang DiLU-4929 lfs: Add lfs dirstripe to the manpage 43/10643/10
2014-06-16 Matt EzellLU-4824 utils: lfs find should continue after errors 94/9794/11
2014-06-04 Andreas DilgerLU-3696 mdd: decref volatile object after creation 79/10179/4
2014-05-30 wang diLU-4929 llite: use the correct mode for striped directory 28/10028/8
2014-05-28 wang diLU-5068 mdt: check default LMV EA when set reply EA... 38/10338/2
2014-05-09 wang diLU-4690 osp: some cleanup for patch 9511 61/10261/2
2014-05-09 Niu YaweiLU-5005 utils: handle ROOT path correctly 11/10211/5
2014-05-08 John L. HammondLU-4961 lustre: remove liblustre.h and obd.h from userspace 94/10194/4
2014-05-08 wang diLU-4690 lod: separate master object with master stripe 11/9511/37
2014-05-06 John L. HammondLU-2675 llapi: find_param cleanup part I 03/10103/2
2014-05-06 Swapnil PimpaleLU-4849 lfs: Avoid double closedir() on err from cb_mv_... 05/9905/2
2014-05-01 John L. HammondLU-4961 lustre: move ioctls to lustre_ioctl.h 39/10139/2
2014-04-19 Andreas DilgerLU-4397 utils: fix lfs_df loop for disconnected client 49/8949/3
2014-03-05 Michael MacDonaldLU-4020 hsm: allow copytool event monitoring with JSON 90/7790/15
2014-03-01 John L. HammondLU-2675 obdclass: remove uses of lov_stripe_md 45/8545/5
2014-02-28 wang diLU-2430 mdd: add lfs mv to migrate inode. 62/6662/46
2014-02-22 wang diLU-3531 llite: fix "lfs getdirstripe" to show stripe... 28/7228/42
2014-02-22 wang diLU-3529 lod: create striped directory 96/7196/45
2014-02-12 Andreas DilgerLU-4209 utils: fix O_TMPFILE/O_LOV_DELAY_CREATE conflict 12/8312/10
2014-01-10 Joshua WalgenbachLU-3527 nodemap: add nodemap kernel module 34/8034/16
2013-12-02 James NunezLU-3867 utils: llapi_create_volatile_idx uses 0 instead idx 13/7613/4
2013-10-25 Li XiLU-4100 utils: Remove extra space of lfs getstripe 92/7992/3
2013-10-25 Henri DoreauLU-3692 api: More flexible logging API. 72/7572/7
2013-10-01 Sebastien BuissonLU-2074 build: fix 'copy into fixed size buffer' errors 54/4154/22
2013-09-24 Christopher J. MorroneLU-3587 changelogs: Correct KUC code max changelog... 06/7406/4
2013-09-06 Sebastien BuissonLU-2217 build: fix 'NULL pointer dereference' errors 20/4720/21
2013-09-03 John L. HammondLU-3549 llapi: add printf attribute to llapi_{printf... 67/6867/9
2013-09-03 Sebastien BuissonLU-3097 build: fix 'no effect' errors 66/7166/5
2013-09-03 Jinshan XiongLU-3647 hsm: Add support to drop all pages for ll_data_... 94/6794/8
2013-08-14 Bob GlossmanLU-3683 libcfs: improve validity test for valid file... 75/7275/4
2013-08-10 Sebastien BuissonLU-3069 build: fix 'integer handling' issues 88/5888/15
2013-08-08 Alex ZhuravlevLU-3691 llapi: do not use GOTO 31/7231/2
2013-08-03 jclLU-2062 utils: HSM Posix CopyTool 37/4737/29
2013-07-31 jclLU-3363 api: HSM import uses new released pattern 36/6536/14
2013-06-13 Sebastien BuissonLU-2696 utils: fix error message in rmtacl_notify()
2013-06-13 Sebastien BuissonLU-3095 build: fix 'memory corruption' errors
2013-06-10 jclLU-3345 llapi: add user space method for lov_user_md
2013-06-07 Jinshan XiongLU-2482 layout: introduce new layout for released files
2013-05-03 Sebastien BuissonLU-3023 build: fix fuzzy logic in get_root_path()
2013-05-02 Keith ManntheyLU-3030 build: Update Master Copyrights pre 2.4 split
2013-04-23 Lai SiyaoLU-3125 layout: allow stripeless layouts swap
2013-04-23 John L. HammondLU-3048 llapi: make lfs getstripe less crashy, more...