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LU-13732 lfs: fid2path should match the root path correctly
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / utils / lfs.c
2020-07-20 Emoly LiuLU-13732 lfs: fid2path should match the root path correctly 25/39225/6
2020-07-10 Emoly LiuLU-13460 lfs: make function print_failed_tgt() work... 59/38959/6
2020-07-10 Etienne AUJAMESLU-12549 utils: Check range of quota ID for "lfs" arguments 38/38938/6
2020-06-23 Arshad HussainLU-6142 utils: Fix style issues for lfs.c 07/38707/4
2020-06-19 James SimmonsLU-9897 utils: have lfs.c use lstddef.h 21/38921/4
2020-06-10 Kévin BaillergeauLU-13559 utils: fix lfs mirror delete error message 09/38609/8
2020-06-10 Patrick FarrellLU-11963 obd: Rename OS_STATE flags to OS_STATFS 89/34289/7
2020-05-20 Vitaly FertmanLU-13366 utils: SEL yaml and copy file support 60/37960/3
2020-05-20 Vitaly FertmanLU-13366 doc: add SEL options to util's man pages 62/37962/3
2020-05-14 Kévin BaillergeauLU-13433 doc: fix lfs mirror "delete" and "split" doc 94/38394/2
2020-05-14 Qian YingjinLU-11971 utils: Send file creation time to clients 07/36507/20
2020-05-14 Sergey CheremencevLU-11023 quota: quota pools for OSTs 15/35615/52
2020-05-01 Andreas DilgerLU-13417 utils: lfs setdirstripe -D -i -1 should work 60/38160/4
2020-04-19 Emoly LiuLU-13375 flr: inherit the correct layout by "mirror... 79/38079/4
2020-04-19 Emoly LiuLU-13425 lfs: support numeric hash type by "lfs migrate -H" 82/38182/8
2020-04-14 Andreas DilgerLU-13404 utils: fix lfs mirror duplicate file check 08/38108/2
2020-04-07 James SimmonsLU-13274 uapi: make lnet UAPI headers C99 compliant 71/37971/11
2020-03-31 Lai SiyaoLU-11025 dne: introduce new directory hash type: "crush" 75/36775/20
2020-03-11 Andreas DilgerLU-930 utils: fix lfs setstripe option description 30/37730/2
2020-03-05 Emoly LiuLU-11510 lfs: migrate a composite layout file correctly 82/36082/10
2020-02-25 Andreas DilgerLU-13225 utils: bash completion for lfs and lctl 83/37483/12
2020-02-20 Hongchao ZhangLU-12280 quota: add notify grace 17/36017/8
2020-02-01 Sebastien BuissonLU-13142 lod: cleanup layout checking 67/37267/4
2020-01-23 Andreas DilgerLU-12521 llapi: add separate fsname and instance API 51/35451/10
2019-12-20 Shaun TancheffLU-12861 libcfs: provide an scnprintf and start using it 53/36453/8
2019-12-16 Qian YingjinLU-12984 utils: Add -newerXY support for lfs find 06/36806/9
2019-12-14 Wang ShilongLU-12378 ptlrpc: always reset generation for idle reconnect 52/35052/13
2019-12-06 Andreas DilgerLU-11380 llapi: add llapi_fid_parse() helper 84/36184/11
2019-12-03 Qian YingjinLU-13030 pcc: auto attach not work after client cache... 92/36892/13
2019-10-28 Lai SiyaoLU-12624 lod: alloc dir stripes by QoS 25/35825/13
2019-10-04 Andreas DilgerLU-11467 utils: add lfs mirror delete command 85/36185/5
2019-09-27 Gu ZhengLU-12705 utils: cleanup unnecessary typecasting 24/36224/2
2019-09-27 Andreas DilgerLU-11380 llapi: separate FID man pages 73/35673/11
2019-09-20 Qian YingjinLU-11367 som: integrate LSOM with lfs find 67/35167/22
2019-09-20 Jian YuLU-11485 lod: disallow setting the last non-stale mirro... 41/36141/6
2019-09-16 Mikhail PershinLU-11421 dom: manual OST-to-DOM migration via mirroring 59/35359/5
2019-09-16 Gu ZhengLU-12705 build: fix building fail against Power9 little... 07/36007/5
2019-09-07 Tatsushi TakamuraLU-12694 quota: display correct group quota information 17/35917/3
2019-09-07 Bobi JamLU-11239 lfs: fix mirror resync error handling 37/33537/9
2019-08-15 Andreas DilgerLU-930 utils: fix 'lfs find' error message 40/35740/2
2019-07-27 Alex ZhuravlevLU-12090 utils: lfs rmfid 49/34449/40
2019-07-27 Shaun TancheffLU-12479 utils: cleanup gcc8 string warnings 54/35354/3
2019-07-27 Alex ZhuravlevLU-11022 lfs: remove mirror by pool name 29/35329/7
2019-07-20 Vitaly FertmanLU-10070 utils: setstripe component-add support for SEL 14/35314/4
2019-07-20 Andreas DilgerLU-12501 utils: fix 'lfs df' printing loop 56/35456/3
2019-07-12 Vitaly FertmanLU-10070 utils: SEL: lfs find & getstripe support 09/34909/16
2019-07-12 Patrick FarrellLU-10070 lod: SEL: Layout sanity checking 84/33784/25
2019-07-12 Patrick FarrellLU-10070 lod: SEL: Add flag & setstripe support 82/33782/22
2019-07-12 Lai SiyaoLU-11213 uapi: change "space" hash type to hash flag 18/35318/3
2019-06-21 Alex ZhuravlevLU-12392 utils: specify correct size for the buffer 70/35070/6
2019-06-16 Patrick FarrellLU-12396 utils: lfs should not output 'nul' char 37/35137/3
2019-06-13 Oleg DrokinLU-10092 First phase of persistent client cache project... 14/35214/1
2019-06-13 Qian YingjinLU-10092 pcc: change detach behavior and add keep option 44/33844/19
2019-06-13 Qian YingjinLU-10092 pcc: Non-blocking PCC caching 66/32966/37
2019-06-13 Li XiLU-10092 llite: Add persistent cache on client 63/32963/38
2019-06-13 Lai SiyaoLU-9846 utils: hash may be overridden in 'lfs setdirstripe' 95/35095/3
2019-06-04 Patrick FarrellLU-11963 osd: Add nonrotational flag to statfs 35/34235/11
2019-06-04 Lai SiyaoLU-11213 dne: add new dir hash type "space" 58/34358/12
2019-06-01 Patrick FarrellLU-9846 lod: Add overstriping support 25/28425/43
2019-05-29 Alex ZhuravlevLU-11233 tests: fix gcc8 build warnings 61/34661/6
2019-05-10 Li DongyangLU-12248 lov: fix ost objects calculation in lod_statfs 77/34777/4
2019-05-08 Andreas DilgerLU-10602 utils: fix file heat support 57/34757/3
2019-05-08 Bruno FacciniLU-11376 lmv: new foreign LMV format 87/34087/40
2019-05-08 Bruno FacciniLU-11376 lov: new foreign LOV format 55/33755/37
2019-05-04 Andreas DilgerLU-12159 utils: improve lfs getname functionality 95/34595/2
2019-04-30 Oleg DrokinRevert "LU-11367 som: integrate LSOM with lfs find" 80/34780/2
2019-04-30 Qian YingjinLU-11367 som: integrate LSOM with lfs find 45/33545/10
2019-04-30 Andreas DilgerLU-12027 utils: fix "lfs find -amctime" comparison 58/34658/2
2019-04-13 Andreas DilgerLU-12027 utils: add units to "lfs find -amctime" 67/34367/5
2019-04-08 Andreas DilgerLU-9625 utils: remove old lfs "cp" and "ls" sub-commands 40/34240/2
2019-04-01 Li XiLU-10602 llite: add file heat support 99/34399/10
2019-03-21 Bobi JamLU-10258 lfs: lfs mirror copy command 20/33220/6
2019-03-06 Nathaniel ClarkLU-12042 utils: Remove stray waring from lfs mkdir 74/34374/2
2019-03-03 Patrick FarrellLU-11982 utils: Correct lfs migrate help 84/34284/3
2019-03-03 Andreas DilgerLU-11891 utils: getstripe use --mdt-index consistently 16/34116/2
2019-02-27 Patrick FarrellLU-11773 utils: add PFL flags support to YAML API 52/33852/4
2019-02-18 Andreas DilgerLU-930 utils: fix --verbose option for lfs-migrate.1 75/34075/2
2019-01-30 Nikitas AngelinasLU-11721 utils: print used inodes ratio when using... 58/33758/6
2019-01-23 George MelikovLU-10966 utils: Fix `lfs check` documentation and arguments 75/33775/6
2019-01-04 Qian YingjinLU-11696 utils: "lfs getsom" returns "24" to userspace 14/33714/2
2018-11-27 Qian YingjinLU-11466 mdt: Skip SOM xattr update for DoM-only files 31/33331/11
2018-11-02 Bobi JamLU-10258 lfs: lfs mirror write command 19/33219/7
2018-10-29 Andreas DilgerLU-7770 lov: fix statfs for conf-sanity test_50b 69/33369/6
2018-10-29 Andreas DilgerLU-11124 utils: add "lfs getstripe -N" option 80/33280/3
2018-10-29 Andreas DilgerLU-10801 utils: fix lfs_migrate argument parsing 77/32977/10
2018-10-05 Sonia SharmaLU-10772 utils: incorrect check in build_layout_from_ya... 37/31537/3
2018-10-05 Andreas DilgerLU-8616 utils: document specific MDT index selection 16/33216/3
2018-09-10 Bobi JamLU-11245 flr: lfs mirror dump command 97/32997/5
2018-08-09 Lai SiyaoLU-4684 migrate: pack lmv ea in migrate rpc 24/31424/14
2018-08-06 Andreas DilgerLU-9538 utils: fix lfs xattr.h header usage 18/32918/2
2018-08-06 Bobi JamLU-10916 lfs: improve lfs mirror resync 08/32808/4
2018-07-30 Qian YingjinLU-9538 mdt: Lazy size on MDT 60/29960/43
2018-07-24 Bobi JamLU-11138 lfs: getstripe display certain mirror(s) 04/32804/5
2018-07-24 Bobi JamLU-11022 lfs: accept specifing comp_id in mirror split 55/32455/2
2018-07-18 Emoly LiuLU-11099 doc: include "-N" option to lfs_setstripe.1 34/32734/2
2018-07-03 Hongchao ZhangLU-7816 quota: add default quota setting support 06/32306/16
2018-05-02 Steve GuminskiLU-5170 lfs: Standardize error messages in lfs_path2fid() 70/30670/3
2018-05-02 Steve GuminskiLU-5170 lfs: Standardize error messages in lfs_fid2path() 68/30668/3
2018-05-02 Steve GuminskiLU-5170 lfs: Standardize error messages in lfs_data_ver... 67/30667/3
2018-05-02 Steve GuminskiLU-5170 lfs: Standardize error messages in lfs_mv() 39/28239/3