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LU-1581 utils: osd_prepare_lustre
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / utils / Makefile.am
2012-07-04 Alex ZhuravlevLU-1581 utils: osd_prepare_lustre
2012-07-04 Alex ZhuravlevLU-1581 utils: extract ldiskfs specifics from mkfs_lustre.c
2012-01-07 wangdiLU-593 obdclass: echo client for MDS stack
2010-07-19 Mikhail PershinRevert "b=20355 formalize support for pthreads"
2010-06-22 Brian J. Murrellb=20355 formalize support for pthreads
2010-06-10 Vladimir Savelievb=21244 utility to decode filter fid xattr
2010-05-20 Robert Readb=20938 Add liblustreapi.a to dependencies lists
2010-03-12 Nathan Rutmanb=20878 change kernelcomms from netlink to pipes
2009-12-01 nathanb=21275
2009-10-23 robert.readBranch HEAD
2009-09-04 vsb=15284
2009-07-28 nathanb=19856
2009-06-02 pravinsb=19741
2009-05-29 manojb=16855
2009-03-16 zhanghcb=17997
2008-12-05 manojb=15699
2008-09-15 nathanb=14836
2008-08-05 robert.readLand b_head_libcfs onto HEAD (20080805_1611)
2008-07-10 brianNeed to include mount_utils.h in the _SOURCES for the...
2008-07-09 brianb=15625
2008-06-24 deenUpdate an obsolete wirecheck.c generator.
2008-03-16 adilgerBranch HEAD
2008-02-27 grevb=14528
2008-01-29 ericmland b_colibri_devel on HEAD:
2007-07-30 tappro- make HEAD from b_post_cmd3
2007-03-23 scjodyBranch HEAD
2007-03-07 nathanadd plot-llstat, move from sbin to bin
2007-02-10 nathanland b1_5 onto HEAD
2005-07-31 ericmland b_hd_remote_acl: support get/set ACL from remote...
2005-07-21 ericmland b_hd_pag: rudiment support for PAG.
2005-05-20 philadd -DLUSTRE_UTILS=1 to the utils build
2005-05-03 jacobb=3418
2005-04-22 ericmland b_hd_sec onto HEAD:
2005-03-31 ericmland lustre part of b_hd_sec on HEAD.
2004-10-23 yury- landing of b_hd_cleanup_merge to HEAD.
2004-08-30 ericmland b_groups onto HEAD:
2004-06-02 phillanding b_cmobd_merge on HEAD
2004-05-17 philsmash the HEAD with the contents of b_cmd. HEAD_PRE_CM...
2004-04-16 adilgerLand b_smallfix onto HEAD (20040416_1638) (more 2.6...
2004-04-07 jacobland b_smallfix 20040407_1414:
2004-02-14 rreadland b_eq on HEAD
2003-12-23 jerriferchange lfs from /usr/sbin to /usr/bin
2003-12-03 philland v0.9.1 on HEAD, in preparation for a 1.0.x branch
2003-09-12 adilgerRPM build fixes.
2003-07-03 pschwanmerge b_devel into HEAD (20030703)
2003-06-26 pschwanmerge b_devel into HEAD (20030626 merge tag) for 0.7.1
2003-06-12 pschwan- merge 0.7rc1 from b_devel to HEAD (20030612 merge...
2003-03-02 pschwanland b_devel onto HEAD (b_devel will remain)
2003-02-07 pschwanMerge b_md into HEAD
2002-11-18 pschwanb=191
2002-11-05 donmilosIssue# 330: Approver: Andreas - New utility to find...
2002-10-18 braamI believe this makefile change fixes the problems in...
2002-08-29 gord-figInstall and distribute lconf and lmc.
2002-08-09 gord-figRemove lctl.h from distribution.
2002-08-08 pschwanAdd obdctl.h to dist list
2002-08-07 rread- reorganize so same functions are used by both obdctl...
2002-08-06 pschwan- Grammatical, LDLM updates to network.lyx
2002-08-02 adilgerOne more obdctl remnant removed.
2002-08-02 adilgerAlso comment out obdctl_SOURCES, otherwise it will...
2002-08-01 rread- disable obdctl from being built; use lctl now
2002-07-30 rread- change auto detect for readline to explicit args
2002-07-27 rread- add --get url option to lconf
2002-07-26 gord-figInsert header comments so RPM doesn't get confused.
2002-07-26 rreadremove hardcoded -lreadline
2002-07-25 braamFix some simple errors and warnings
2002-07-17 gord-figTweak autogen.sh and Makefiles to be compatible with...
2002-07-04 rread- install to /usr/sbin
2002-07-04 behlendo- Added lctl.c which is basically ptlctl/obdctl/debugct...
2002-06-29 rread- fix make dist
2002-06-17 braamMakefile fix for libxml2 headers.
2002-06-17 behlendoBarebones XML support added to obdctl via the --xml...
2002-03-14 braam- Small changes for packaging
2002-03-14 braam- many small makefile changes to build package convenie...
2002-03-13 pschwan- Makefile.am fixes to allow building in objdirs
2002-03-05 braam- add obdecho directory
2002-02-23 pschwan- Converted lots of debugging printks to CDEBUGs
2002-01-20 braamSmall fixes to get lustre_light mount working over...
2002-01-03 braamSmall bug fixes. OSC/OST almost working.
2001-12-30 braamMost of the code for the OST target.
2001-12-29 braam- fixes to the MDS: it now answers requests from the...
2001-12-28 braamA solid part of the MDS request processing infrastructure.
2001-12-11 braamNumerous changes: