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LU-13219 tests: add nfs-server service in setup-nfs.sh
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / tests / setup-nfs.sh
2020-03-01 Jian YuLU-13219 tests: add nfs-server service in setup-nfs.sh 63/37663/2
2018-04-09 Minh DiepLU-10566 test: fix nfs exports clean up 79/31679/5
2018-01-14 Minh DiepLU-9892 test: fix SuSe nfsserver setup 76/30476/23
2017-06-07 Elena GryaznovaLU-6900 tests: parallel-scale-nfs improvement 12/15712/9
2016-07-27 Lai SiyaoLU-8394 tests: exportfs unexport failure can be ignored 90/21290/2
2015-07-21 Jian YuLU-6690 tests: start nfsserver service for SLES 49/15149/3
2012-07-23 Yu JianLU-1471 tests: check rpcidmapd service in setup-nfs.sh
2012-06-01 Andreas DilgerLU-1347 build: remove the vim/emacs modelines
2012-01-25 Minh DiepLU-814 test: automate NFS over lustre testing