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LU-6052 utils: change "lfs mv" to "lfs migrate"
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / tests / sanity.sh
2015-07-29 Lai SiyaoLU-6052 utils: change "lfs mv" to "lfs migrate" 54/13754/14
2015-07-21 Lai SiyaoLU-6661 test: add version check for tests 21/15521/3
2015-07-19 Niu YaweiLU-6529 ldlm: reclaim granted locks defensively 31/14931/11
2015-07-19 Niu YaweiLU-5946 lprocfs: free expired jobstats after /proc... 21/12821/8
2015-07-04 wang diLU-6602 update: split update llog record 62/15162/6
2015-07-01 Gregoire PichonLU-5319 mdc: manage number of modify RPCs in flight 74/14374/12
2015-06-16 wang diLU-6728 lfs: check if pool_name is NULL 96/15296/2
2015-06-16 Wang DiLU-3534 update: change sync updates to async updates 50/12450/47
2015-06-11 Wang DiLU-3537 mdt: allow cross-MDT rename and link 82/12282/48
2015-06-05 Wang DiLU-3540 lod: update recovery thread 37/11737/50
2015-05-29 Wei LiuLU-6184 test: Skip sanity test_102q and test_102r 86/14886/4
2015-05-28 wang diLU-6299 osp: zero-length EA xattr_set for striped_dir 87/14787/4
2015-05-26 Andreas DilgerLU-790 tests: remove old get_lustre_version() calls 68/14768/4
2015-05-25 Niu YaweiLU-6529 ldlm: cancel aged locks for LRUR 56/14856/5
2015-05-21 Niu YaweiLU-6573 test: fix sanity test_224c 44/14844/2
2015-05-17 Bobi JamLU-6389 llite: restart short read/write for normal IO 23/14123/21
2015-05-17 Isaac HuangLU-5242 osd-zfs: umount hang in sanity 133g 30/13630/17
2015-05-07 Bobi JamLU-4366 test: sync didn't return ENOMEM 58/14658/3
2015-05-01 Artem BlagodarenkoLU-6441 ptlrpc: ptlrpc_bulk_abort unlink all entries... 99/14399/5
2015-04-28 Andreas DilgerLU-790 tests: clean up lustre version checking 73/4173/14
2015-04-28 Patrick FarrellLU-6227 vvp: Use range lock for direct IO reads 85/14385/3
2015-04-28 Patrick FarrellLU-6368 ldlm: Do not use cbpending for group locks 93/14093/8
2015-04-10 wang diLU-6413 lod: set FLAGS all stripes of striped dir 78/14278/2
2015-04-09 frank zagoLU-5710 all: second batch of corrected typos and gramma... 33/12933/8
2015-03-27 wang diLU-6373 llite: default dir stripe index only for mkdir 96/14096/2
2015-03-18 Frank ZagoLU-6205 tests: fix bash expansion of fid 18/13618/5
2015-03-18 Frank ZagoLU-4239 tests: test FID related APIs 45/12545/11
2015-03-18 James NunezLU-1593 tests: Remove sanity 34h from ALWAYS_EXCEPT 18/13918/4
2015-03-11 John L. HammondLU-6047 llite: remove client Size on MDS support 26/13126/10
2015-03-03 John L. HammondLU-5937 lfs: ensure a valid directory size in lfs find 56/13456/4
2015-02-27 Wei LiuLU-6256 test: Skip sanity test_184e if MDS version... 45/13845/4
2015-02-26 wang diLU-6263 lmv: fix parent FID for migration 17/13817/8
2015-02-13 Andriy SkulyshLU-5873 ldiskfs: osd_do_bio()) ASSERTION( iobuf->dr_rw... 00/12600/9
2015-02-11 Ned BassLU-5549 mdc: cl_default_mds_easize not refreshed 14/11614/12
2015-02-11 wang diLU-5523 mdt: add --index option to default dir stripe 60/13360/10
2015-02-08 Elena GryaznovaLU-6125 test: sanity test_27i defect: missing test_mkdir() 07/13407/4
2015-02-03 Isaac HuangLU-5242 osd-zfs: umount hang in sanity 133g 00/13600/2
2015-02-03 Elena GryaznovaLU-6115 test: sanity 133g defect: missing return after... 89/13389/3
2015-02-03 Andreas DilgerLU-2430 utils: fix "lfs mv" command parsing 61/13161/2
2015-02-03 Henri DoreauLU-5957 mdt: Update MDT flags after layout swap 77/12877/2
2015-01-26 John L. HammondLU-6087 lod: use correct attrs in striped directory... 73/13473/2
2015-01-22 Frank ZagoLU-5817 tests: Several tests for group locks. 38/12838/11
2015-01-19 Andreas DilgerLU-4808 tests: don't skip sanity test_116b incorrectly 63/13263/2
2015-01-19 Li WeiLU-6027 mdt: Allow user EAs with empty values 00/12900/9
2015-01-16 Alex ZhuravlevLU-6101 osd: zfs-osd should convert hash 40/13340/3
2015-01-08 Andreas DilgerLU-5759 tests: use lfs getstripe -M instead of get_mds_num 63/12363/14
2015-01-01 Nathaniel ClarkLU-6076 tests: skip sanity/124a if necessary 22/13222/2
2014-12-26 Li WeiLU-6027 mdd: Don't list "trusted.link" for orphans 84/12884/5
2014-12-26 Patrick FarrellLU-4239 mdt: Optimize fid2path 17/10717/19
2014-12-19 Niu YaweiLU-5916 lod: inherit default pool setting properly 46/12746/7
2014-12-18 Andreas DilgerLU-4536 tests: disable sanity test_65ic for ZFS 14/13114/2
2014-12-17 Lai SiyaoLU-5461 mdc: don't add to page cache upon failure 50/11450/7
2014-12-17 Bruno FacciniLU-3852 tests: skip tests with large file when no room 56/12456/9
2014-12-17 Andreas DilgerLU-5242 tests: except sanity test_132 for ZFS 93/13093/2
2014-12-10 Bob GlossmanLU-5373 test: ignore command return value in sanity... 92/12992/2
2014-12-04 Frank ZagoLU-5878 lfs: migrate file to its proper destination 01/12601/6
2014-12-03 Nathaniel ClarkLU-2833 tests: Unexempt sanity/48a for zfs 07/12607/3
2014-11-24 Henri DoreauLU-5862 changelog: Proper record remapping 74/12574/4
2014-11-23 Bob GlossmanLU-5641 tests: ensure user daemon is in group bin on mds 62/12762/2
2014-11-23 Fan YongLU-5707 lfsck: store namespace LFSCK statistics info... 21/12321/5
2014-11-17 Andreas DilgerLU-5473 tests: print space usage in sanity test_51b 85/12185/7
2014-11-04 Wei LiuLU-5387 test: Skip sanity test_239 if MDS version older... 41/12241/2
2014-11-01 Jinshan XiongLU-4665 utils: lfs setstripe to specify OSTs 83/9383/29
2014-10-31 Henri DoreauLU-3613 llite: Add ioctl to get parent fids from link EA. 69/7069/17
2014-10-30 Bob GlossmanLU-5641 tests: ensure user daemon is in group bin 44/12044/4
2014-10-27 Henri DoreauLU-1996 lustre: Flexible changelog format. 60/4060/25
2014-10-17 James NunezLU-4298 utils: do not create file with no striping... 75/8375/8
2014-10-10 Nathaniel ClarkLU-2610 tests: Reenable sanity/40 for ZFS 53/12153/2
2014-10-06 Andreas DilgerLU-3703 tests: skip test for getfattr 2.4.44-6 or less 67/10867/3
2014-09-12 Andreas DilgerLU-5499 tests: keep /sbin/mount.lustre until cleanup 59/11259/7
2014-09-11 Alexander.BoykoLU-3192 osc: split different type of IO 30/10930/4
2014-09-06 Chao WangLU-5030 utils: fix hard-coded /proc/fs/lustre in scripts 34/10534/8
2014-08-25 Dmitry EreminLU-4808 tests: fix check for sanity tests prerequisites 95/10295/8
2014-08-25 Ned BassLU-2182 llapi: implementation of new llapi_layout API 02/5302/37
2014-08-18 Bob GlossmanLU-5363 kernel: kernel update [SLES11 SP3 3.0.101-0.35] 33/11133/7
2014-08-06 John L. HammondLU-3072 test: add more operations to racer 36/5936/7
2014-08-01 John L. HammondLU-5424 mdt: allow open by FID to create striping 48/11248/4
2014-08-01 Ryan HaaskenLU-4656 tests: Add MOUNT_FLAGS variable and rename... 32/9332/16
2014-08-01 Lai SiyaoLU-5150 acl: 'cp -rp' set empty default ACL 58/11158/2
2014-08-01 Lai SiyaoLU-3660 acl: support mount option "noacl" for zfs 57/11157/2
2014-07-24 John L. HammondLU-5044 mdd: do not return .lustre from readdir 86/11186/2
2014-07-10 Fan YongLU-4971 ldlm: drop redundant ibits lock interoperabilit... 04/11004/4
2014-07-08 Fan YongLU-5223 lmv: build master LMV EA dynamically build... 51/10751/17
2014-07-01 Oleg DrokinRevert "LU-1538 tests: keep /sbin/mount.lustre until... 11/10911/2
2014-07-01 Wang DiLU-4921 lmv: try all stripes for unknown hash functions 41/10041/12
2014-06-20 Swapnil PimpaleLU-4713 test: Add a check to test_237 in sanity.sh 88/10088/3
2014-06-20 Lai SiyaoLU-3544 fid: do open-by-fid by default 76/7476/23
2014-06-17 Andreas DilgerLU-1538 tests: keep /sbin/mount.lustre until cleanup 81/10481/2
2014-06-16 Andrew PerepechkoLU-3496 ost: lprocfs batch update 56/6756/9
2014-06-16 Andreas DilgerLU-3962 utils: improve names of iokit tools 83/10183/6
2014-06-16 Matt EzellLU-4824 utils: lfs find should continue after errors 94/9794/11
2014-06-12 Wang DiLU-4973 mdd: only check links limit for non-directories 50/10150/6
2014-06-11 Nathaniel ClarkLU-5132 tests: Add version check to sanity/160c 57/10557/4
2014-06-11 Nathaniel ClarkLU-5133 tests: Add version check in sanity/238 59/10559/5
2014-06-04 Alex ZhuravlevLU-3469 osp: osp_sync() to flush pending changes synchr... 46/10046/7
2014-05-30 Dmitry EreminLU-5047 tests: correct cleanup files in sanity.sh 91/10291/9
2014-05-30 wang diLU-4929 llite: use the correct mode for striped directory 28/10028/8
2014-05-28 wang diLU-5068 mdt: check default LMV EA when set reply EA... 38/10338/2
2014-05-21 wang diLU-4603 lmv: a few fixes about readdir of striped dir. 91/9191/29
2014-05-21 Wei LiuLU-4991 test: check files in sanity 56s 60/10360/2