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LU-11636 tests: fix test_mkdir() to work with old severs
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / tests / sanity-scrub.sh
2019-04-08 Elena GryaznovaLU-11636 tests: fix test_mkdir() to work with old severs 11/33611/11
2019-02-27 Andreas DilgerLU-11584 osd-ldiskfs: fix lost+found object replace 46/33546/3
2019-02-18 Elena GryaznovaLU-11495 tests: zconf_mount_clients() fix to work with... 38/33338/11
2019-01-23 Alexander BoykoLU-11716 tests: fix scrub tests 50/33750/3
2018-03-15 Hongchao ZhangLU-684 tests: replace dev_read_only patch with dm-flakey 00/7200/40
2018-02-06 Fan YongLU-10193 osd-ldiskfs: backup index object with plain... 11/30911/11
2018-02-06 Fan YongLU-10193 osd-zfs: backup index object with plain format 10/30910/16
2018-01-31 Fan YongLU-7585 zfs: OI scrub for ZFS 09/30909/2
2018-01-25 Fan YongLU-9836 osd-ldiskfs: read directory completely 70/30770/8
2017-12-17 Fan YongLU-7585 scrub: general framework for OI scrub 07/28607/18
2017-08-13 Ruth A KlundtLU-9494 test: Improve message for skipping tests 50/27350/7
2017-04-19 Fan YongLU-9271 tests: remove unnecessary sanity-scrub test... 57/26457/3
2016-09-26 Fan YongLU-8472 scrub: try to avoid recovery during OI scrub 18/21918/4
2016-09-10 Fan YongLU-7782 scrub: handle slave obj of striped directory 06/21506/5
2016-07-20 Oleg DrokinRevert "LU-7782 scrub: handle slave obj of striped... 13/21313/4
2016-07-11 Fan YongLU-7782 scrub: handle slave obj of striped directory 01/18801/18
2016-06-14 Fan YongLU-6861 scrub: only trigger full OI scrub when necessary 51/16951/6
2016-04-17 Fan YongLU-4182 tests: enable sanity-scrub test_15 under DNE... 40/18440/2
2015-12-18 Fan YongLU-6895 lfsck: drop bad OI files after MDT file-level... 03/17403/6
2015-12-13 Fan YongLU-7144 tests: skip scrub/lfsck test under interoperation 20/17520/4
2015-09-11 wang diLU-7118 tests: stop all OSTs before reformat 66/16366/2
2015-08-26 Andreas DilgerLU-5623 osd-ldiskfs: fix typo in lost+found repair... 25/16025/2
2015-07-04 Fan YongLU-6380 scrub: handle update_log during initial scrub 92/15192/3
2015-06-01 Wang DiLU-3536 lod: write updates to update log 08/11408/53
2015-03-26 Fan YongLU-6313 tests: more robust for scrub test_11 57/13957/3
2015-01-10 Fan YongLU-1453 scrub: rename confused name full_scrub_speed 58/12958/9
2014-12-29 Fan YongLU-6033 tests: inject failure before counting the objects 98/13098/4
2014-12-11 Fan YongLU-6012 scrub: NOT miss to auto detect inconsistent... 20/13020/2
2014-12-03 Fan YongLU-1453 scrub: auto trigger OI scrub more flexible 38/12738/10
2014-12-03 Fan YongLU-1452 scrub: OI scrub skips uninitialized groups 37/12737/5
2014-06-20 Andreas DilgerLU-4887 lfsck: run all LFSCK scan types by default 78/10278/7
2014-06-12 Emoly LiuLU-5110 test: use different dryrun option in sanity... 21/10621/5
2014-05-09 Fan YongLU-4955 lfsck: reset param when the LFSCK is reset 91/10091/9
2014-04-30 Fan YongLU-4556 tests: speed up sanity-lfsck and sanity-scrub... 04/9704/18
2014-04-30 Fan YongLU-4895 lfsck: not create object to repair dangling... 89/9989/8
2014-04-17 Fan YongLU-4803 ofd: skip orphan cleanup when inject OI error 59/9759/4
2014-01-17 Fan YongLU-4106 scrub: Trigger OI scrub properly 02/8002/15
2013-11-26 Fan YongLU-4058 tests: skip sanity-scrub test_15 for 2.4.1... 68/7868/8
2013-11-06 wang diLU-4149 tests: disable sanity_scrub(7, 15) for dne... 01/8101/3
2013-09-24 Fan YongLU-3935 scrub: support dryrun mode OI scrub 20/7720/4
2013-08-31 Li WeiLU-3332 tests: Add DNE support to sanity-scrub 33/6333/8
2013-08-01 Fan YongLU-3335 scrub: convert filter_fid_old to LMA 43/7143/3
2013-07-26 Fan YongLU-3335 scrub: recover OST-objects from /lost+found 57/6857/8
2013-07-26 Fan YongLU-3335 scrub: control OI scrub on OST from user space 98/6698/12
2013-07-26 Fan YongLU-3335 scrub: OI scrub on OST 69/6669/13
2013-07-10 Fan YongLU-3335 scrub: purge inconsistenct objects after OI... 97/6697/10
2013-07-10 Fan YongLU-3413 scrub: NOT create new files in test_11 during... 85/6485/5
2013-06-13 Fan YongLU-2915 lfsck: LFSCK 1.5 technical debts (2)
2013-05-23 Fan YongLU-3369 scrub: skip test_1a for old 2.x (x <= 3) release
2013-05-23 Fan YongLU-3350 tests: allow test-error for lfsck/scrub speed
2013-03-06 Fan YongLU-2863 tests: fix lfsck/OI_scrub test scripts issues
2013-02-02 Fan YongLU-1866 osd: FID-in-LMA and OI files
2013-02-01 Fan YongLU-1866 misc: fix some issues found during LFSCK
2012-10-15 Andreas DilgerLU-1538 tests: use $TESTSUITE instead of $0
2012-10-06 Fan YongLU-2033 scrub: lookup server local files by name
2012-09-26 Fan YongLU-2024 tests: skip OI scrub tests until the tag 2...
2012-09-13 Minh DiepLU-1900 test: check for lustre version in sanity-scrub
2012-09-06 Fan YongLU-1816 scrub: OI scrub skips new created objects for...
2012-09-06 Fan YongLU-1804 tests: skip OI scrub speed test under UP env
2012-07-27 Fan YongLU-1630 scrub: adjust expected OI scrub speed for test
2012-07-06 Fan YongLU-957 lfsck: misc fixes for lfsck
2012-07-06 Fan YongLU-957 lfsck: user space tools for LFSCK/scrub
2012-07-03 Fan YongLU-957 scrub: Proc interfaces and tests for OI scrub