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LU-2836 tests: Re-enable sanity-quota/3,6 for ZFS
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / tests / sanity-quota.sh
2018-11-17 Nathaniel ClarkLU-2836 tests: Re-enable sanity-quota/3,6 for ZFS 56/32956/2
2018-11-13 Hongchao ZhangLU-11425 quota: support quota for DoM 57/33257/8
2018-11-02 Wang ShilongLU-11101 quota: fix setattr project check 30/32730/6
2018-10-10 James SimmonsLU-7004 tests: move from lctl conf_param to lctl set_pa... 87/30087/24
2018-07-31 James NunezLU-11141 tests: put sanity-quota 61 on slow list 03/32903/3
2018-07-27 Hongchao ZhangLU-11174 quota: use sync io to test quota 74/32874/3
2018-07-24 James NunezLU-5638 tests: resume running sanity-quota tests 94/32694/2
2018-07-18 Wang ShilongLU-10986 lfs: make lfs project tolerant errors 43/32243/16
2018-07-18 Wang ShilongLU-11086 test: reset quota setting properly 07/32707/3
2018-07-03 Hongchao ZhangLU-7816 quota: add default quota setting support 06/32306/16
2018-05-29 Wang ShilongLU-11017 quota: ignore quota for CAP_SYS_RESOURCE properly 78/32378/10
2018-05-12 Elena GryaznovaLU-10857 tests: allow to disable project quotas 96/31796/5
2018-05-12 Li XiLU-10900 osd: wrong assertion in osd_transfer_project 47/31947/3
2018-04-09 dilip krishnagiriLU-9592 tests: remove sanity-quota tests from ALWAYS_EXCEPT 10/27410/6
2018-03-15 Hongchao ZhangLU-684 tests: replace dev_read_only patch with dm-flakey 00/7200/40
2018-03-12 Wang ShilongLU-10794 lfs: make quota work for grace time 06/31606/3
2018-03-08 Wei LiuLU-10722 test: Add version check to sanity-quota test_55 31/31531/2
2018-02-06 Hongchao ZhangLU-5152 quota: enforce block quota for chgrp 46/30146/23
2018-01-14 Hongchao ZhangLU-8999 test: ignore unrelated quota id 30/30730/3
2018-01-04 Wang ShilongLU-10030 utils: add lfs tool to change/list project... 90/29190/22
2017-12-17 Hongchao ZhangLU-8999 test: check chown result 43/30243/4
2017-11-09 Fan YongLU-7991 quota: project quota against ZFS backend 93/27093/40
2017-10-24 James NunezLU-10101 tests: correct sanity-quota call to quota_error 58/29358/2
2017-10-19 Wang ShilongLU-10029 osd-ldiskfs: make project inherit attr removeable 89/29189/5
2017-10-16 Wei LiuLU-9158 test: Use project ID for project quota for... 57/28957/4
2017-09-21 Nathaniel ClarkLU-9960 osd-zfs: don't auto-upgrade quota 24/28924/3
2017-08-13 Ruth A KlundtLU-9494 test: Improve message for skipping tests 50/27350/7
2017-06-19 Wang ShilongLU-9597 test: wait setattr finished before checking... 25/27425/11
2017-05-29 Andreas DilgerLU-9090 ofd: increase default OST BRW size to 4MB 36/25336/15
2017-05-05 Wang ShilongLU-4017 quota: extend to test project quota 11/26411/16
2017-04-13 Wang ShilongLU-4017 quota: add setting/getting project id function 02/26202/13
2017-03-30 Jinshan XiongLU-2435 osd-zfs: use zfs native dnode accounting 94/15294/28
2017-02-07 Nathaniel ClarkLU-4121 tests: Enable zfs tests dependent on ost,mgs... 13/7113/16
2016-12-17 Niu YaweiLU-8801 quota: fix ldiskfs accounting iterator 83/23583/7
2016-07-05 Aditya PanditLU-7317 tests: Called the error function where it was... 88/16888/11
2016-05-21 Saurabh TandanLU-7346 tests: Reintroduce SLOW tests to review process 43/17143/9
2016-01-25 Niu YaweiLU-6037 test: skip s-q 37 for old server 48/17648/2
2016-01-12 James SimmonsLU-5030 tests: handle missing common_name for upstream... 75/14675/50
2016-01-07 Emoly LiuLU-7506 lfs: "lfs quota -h" should support petabytes... 41/17441/6
2016-01-05 Andreas DilgerLU-5030 tests: delete old quota test script 00/17700/3
2015-12-10 James NunezLU-2524 test: Clean up sanity-quota 80/14680/8
2015-10-16 Isaac HuangLU-6155 osd-zfs: dbuf_hold_impl() called without the... 41/13541/16
2015-07-29 James NunezLU-6836 tests: Skip sanity-quota test 4a for ZFS 79/15679/3
2015-07-18 James NunezLU-5638 tests: Skip sanity-quota tests for ZFS 90/15590/5
2015-07-10 Niu YaweiLU-4306 tests: improve test_4a of s-q 83/15483/2
2015-06-19 Niu YaweiLU-6617 quota: remove quota migration code 54/14854/7
2015-03-03 Niu YaweiLU-4306 test: bump grace time in test_4a of s-q 04/13704/2
2014-11-11 Niu YaweiLU-5006 mdd: don't call attr_set on object create 43/12243/4
2014-10-10 Nathaniel ClarkLU-2872 tests: Reenable sanity-quota/1 for ZFS 57/12157/2
2014-08-01 Niu YaweiLU-5359 quota: typo in s-q script 25/11125/2
2014-07-10 Niu YaweiLU-5296 lod: don't skip attr_set for osp objects 89/10989/4
2014-05-30 Niu YaweiLU-4345 osp: store valid bits in setattr record 23/10223/5
2014-03-21 Niu YaweiLU-4028 quota: fix output of 'lfs quota' 07/8407/4
2014-03-10 Niu YaweiLU-4422 quota: fix s-q test_6 39/9339/3
2014-02-22 Niu YaweiLU-4598 quota: fix s-q test_30 77/9177/2
2014-02-22 Andreas DilgerLU-4515 tests: set fail_loc only once per node 78/8978/4
2014-02-22 Fan YongLU-4422 tests: disable sanity-quota test_6 temporary 03/9203/3
2014-01-28 Fan YongLU-4515 tests: disable sanity-quota test_34 temporary 81/8981/5
2013-11-26 James NunezLU-3879 test: Check for e2fsprogs on server 46/8346/2
2013-11-18 wang diLU-4223 tests: delete loop device when umount 96/8296/2
2013-11-14 Niu YaweiLU-4028 quota: improve lfs quota output 52/8152/3
2013-10-25 Nathaniel ClarkLU-2887 tests: Reduce performance expectatiomn for zfs 48/7848/2
2013-09-03 Niu YaweiLU-2253 tests: get proper free indoes 75/7375/2
2013-07-11 Niu YaweiLU-3543 quota: minor fix in s-q test_7c 51/6851/3
2013-07-10 James NunezLU-3304 tests: sanity-quota test_18 watchdog triggered 10/6310/3
2013-06-13 James NunezLU-3195 tests: Interop 2.3.0<->2.3.63 sanity-quota...
2013-05-11 James NunezLU-3303 test: sanity-quota test_18 incomplete error...
2013-04-17 Nathaniel ClarkLU-2872 tests: EXCEPT sanity-quota/0+1 for zfs
2013-04-09 Niu YaweiLU-3047 tests: typo in s-q
2013-03-18 Niu YaweiLU-2836 quota: improve test_3 & test_6 of s-q
2013-03-05 Nathaniel ClarkLU-2874 tests: mark slow sync zfs tests as EXCEPT_SLOW
2013-02-26 Nathaniel ClarkLU-2469 test: Skip failing ZFS tests
2013-01-30 wangdiLU-2183 osp: cleanup osp-on-ost
2013-01-17 Niu YaweiLU-2183 quota: quota tests for DNE
2013-01-08 Niu YaweiLU-2526 quota: writer proper size in test_9
2012-12-17 Niu YaweiLU-2329 quota: wait longer in test_7c
2012-12-09 Niu YaweiLU-2284 tests: clear limits before testing
2012-12-07 Niu YaweiLU-797 tests: process lfs df output properly
2012-11-30 Niu YaweiLU-2284 tests: enable D_QUOTA after mds/ost restart
2012-11-21 Niu YaweiLU-2345 tests: remove $FSTYPE from tests
2012-11-20 Niu YaweiLU-2284 quota: debug patch for test_7d
2012-11-15 Niu YaweiLU-2283 test: fix sanity-quota test_18
2012-11-02 Niu YaweiLU-2153 quota: several fixes for reintegration
2012-10-30 Niu YaweiLU-2152 iam: it->load fix
2012-10-30 Johann LombardiLU-2211 quota: cap how long a thread can wait for quota
2012-10-24 Niu YaweiLU-2174 test: improve error message
2012-10-15 Andreas DilgerLU-1538 tests: use $TESTSUITE instead of $0
2012-10-15 Johann LombardiLU-2147 quota: several fixes to reintegration procedure
2012-10-09 Johann LombardiLU-1842 test: remove code from s-q to use OFD
2012-10-06 Johann LombardiLU-1842 test: re-enable all sanity-quota tests
2012-10-06 Johann LombardiLU-1842 quota: add quota locks support on QMT
2012-10-04 Johann LombardiLU-1842 quota: add per-filesystem information
2012-09-28 Niu YaweiLU-1842 quota: new sanity-quota tests
2012-09-26 Johann LombardiLU-1842 quota: remove quota code
2012-09-20 Niu YaweiLU-1842 quota: lfs quota commands
2012-09-02 Niu YaweiLU-1676 quota: missing vfs_dq_init() in write path
2012-07-12 Bobi JamLU-1342 test: sanity-quota test_29
2012-07-02 Johann LombardiLU-1182 tests: run accounting tests when OFD is used
2012-06-29 Li WeiLU-1415 tests: Basic support for ZFS-based servers
2012-06-18 jclLU-1031: add grouplock test to sanity.sh