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LU-9345 tests: use hsm_remove with --mntpath for deleted files
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / tests / sanity-hsm.sh
2017-07-19 Quentin BougetLU-9345 tests: use hsm_remove with --mntpath for delete... 06/27006/4
2017-06-07 Bruno FacciniLU-4640 mdt: implement Remove Archive on Last Unlink... 46/18946/18
2017-05-16 Bruno FacciniLU-9477 tests: check correct handling of dead object 18/27018/3
2017-05-05 Quentin BougetLU-8879 tests: speed up copytool_cleanup() in sanity-hsm 25/24025/7
2017-04-26 Fan YongLU-9306 tests: more debug info for hsm test_24d 70/26770/7
2017-04-08 Bobi JamLU-9300 test: need copytool setup for sanity-hsm 1b 34/26434/3
2017-04-06 Bobi JamLU-8998 tests: test scripts for PFL
2017-03-01 Quentin BougetLU-8911 tests: sanity-hsm test_24d fails on a local... 85/24185/11
2017-03-01 Bruno FacciniLU-9038 obdclass: handle early requests vs CT registering 50/25050/9
2017-01-24 Aditya PanditLU-7471 tests: Modified make_custom_file_for_progress fn 46/17346/7
2016-12-17 Bruno FacciniLU-6449 mdt: correct status and ChangeLogs for dead... 77/21077/13
2016-12-17 Chennaiah PallaLU-8640 tests: relax time check of sanity-hsm test_16 25/22725/2
2016-09-26 John L. HammondLU-6638 test: wait for grace delay in sanity-hsm test_37() 84/21284/5
2016-09-21 Li XiLU-8549 test: optimize restore_and_check_size() in... 45/22145/3
2016-09-08 Saurabh TandanLU-3815 tests: sanity-hsm - Remove tests from Always_Except 79/20079/5
2016-08-11 Bruno FacciniLU-6449 mdt: broadcast orphan hsm_remove requests 91/20991/6
2016-07-05 Aditya PanditLU-7317 tests: Called the error function where it was... 88/16888/11
2016-06-22 Kirtankumar Krishn... LU-8203 tests: Wait for archive operation to be completed. 42/20442/8
2016-06-14 Frank ZagoLU-8163 hsm: user_request_mask can't be unset in test 24c 20/20320/4
2016-06-02 Bruno FacciniLU-8136 tests: allow CT to registers with all MDTs 58/20258/4
2016-05-30 Nathaniel ClarkLU-8155 tests: Fix timing of sanity-hsm/16 71/20271/4
2016-05-11 John L. HammondLU-6937 test: use ps in get_agent_uuid() 93/20093/2
2016-05-08 John L. HammondLU-7152 hsm: sync volatile file before setting times 41/19441/2
2016-04-21 Parinay KondekarLU-7110 tests: sanity-hsm.sh can erase all files on... 91/16291/7
2016-03-15 Oleg DrokinRevert "LU-4640 mdt: implement Remove Archive on Last... 25/18925/2
2016-03-14 Bruno FacciniLU-4640 mdt: implement Remove Archive on Last Unlink... 84/14384/31
2016-02-02 Li XiLU-7229 hsm: relax time check of sanity-hsm test_60 42/17742/3
2016-01-28 Bruno FacciniLU-7273 tests: dump stacks upon CT stop failure 82/16782/4
2016-01-14 John L. HammondLU-7586 test: wait for remove in sanity-hsm test_406() 28/17828/2
2015-12-18 John L. HammondLU-6866 hsm: prevent migration of HSM archived files 11/17511/3
2015-12-11 John L. HammondLU-7136 test: allow more time for copytools to stop 99/17499/4
2015-12-10 Bobi JamLU-7446 clio: lov_io_init() should return error code 40/17240/4
2015-12-09 John L. HammondLU-6298 hsm: shutdown HSM CDTs in parallel 01/13901/4
2015-11-25 Alex ZhuravlevLU-7376 tests: sanity-hsm/59 should skip old servers. 29/17029/3
2015-10-29 John L. HammondLU-7040 test: skip sanity-hsm 12q for old MDSs 83/16683/2
2015-10-28 Alex ZhuravlevLU-7186 lod: do not propagate size if stripeless 43/16743/6
2015-10-06 Bruno FacciniLU-4178 tests: Wait requests to reach CDT before Cancel 73/13173/2
2015-10-02 Sergey CheremencevLU-4065 tests: hsm copytool_cleanup improvement 83/12783/5
2015-09-22 Aditya PanditLU-6214 llite: tar restore fails for HSM released files. 60/16060/13
2015-08-26 John L. HammondLU-6213 llite: add LL_IOC_FUTIMES_3 65/13665/5
2015-07-31 Bruno FacciniLU-6460 llite: clear LLIF_FILE_RESTORING when done 09/14609/7
2015-07-22 Bruno FacciniLU-6186 tests: avoid errors in using >&- bash close... 57/13857/4
2015-07-01 Bruno FacciniLU-3881 tests: single-node minimal config in sanity-hsm 82/12982/6
2015-05-28 Frank ZagoLU-6494 hsm: add support to lfs to remove by fid 81/14581/7
2015-05-20 John L. HammondLU-5683 clio: add CIT_DATA_VERSION 49/14649/5
2015-05-12 John L. HammondLU-4672 test: use large files in sanity-hsm tests 54... 59/14759/2
2015-05-07 John L. HammondLU-6559 test: use local tmp for HSM archive 59/14659/4
2015-04-09 frank zagoLU-5710 all: second batch of corrected typos and gramma... 33/12933/8
2015-03-18 Emoly LiuLU-6345 test: compare /bin/sleep in sanity-hsm.sh test_30c 25/14025/3
2015-03-08 John L. HammondLU-4727 hsm: use IOC_MDC_GETFILEINFO in restore 50/13750/6
2015-03-04 Bruno FacciniLU-6203 tests: early lock cancel to allow early copytoo... 46/13646/2
2015-03-03 Nathaniel ClarkLU-4839 tests: wait for copytool start sanity-hsm/60 31/13731/2
2015-01-16 Frank ZagoLU-5732 hsm: complementary testsuite for user HSM API 36/12836/7
2015-01-05 Bruno FacciniLU-6056 tests: fix -hsm wrong usage of bash's local... 59/13159/3
2015-01-04 John L. HammondLU-4178 tests: increase sanity-hsm wait_request_state... 06/13206/2
2014-12-26 John L. HammondLU-6055 hsm: improve error handling in sanity-hsm 54/13154/2
2014-12-17 JC LafoucriereLU-4178 tests: add messages to sanity-hsm 13/8113/10
2014-12-17 Bruno FacciniLU-3852 tests: skip tests with large file when no room 56/12456/9
2014-12-05 James NunezLU-5474 tests: sanity-hsm test_90 use local HSM_ARCHIVE 69/12069/11
2014-12-04 Bruno FacciniLU-5622 tests: check/wait for copytool death 22/11922/5
2014-11-23 Nathaniel ClarkLU-4839 tests: Give copytool more time to start 82/12682/6
2014-11-04 Bruno FacciniLU-4176 tests: re-enable sanity-hsm/test_31a 77/9577/5
2014-10-24 John L. HammondLU-5779 test: wait for CT registration in sanity-hsm... 67/12367/2
2014-10-07 James NunezLU-5474 hsm: Add test 90 to ALWAYS_EXCEPT list 36/12136/3
2014-08-06 John L. HammondLU-3072 test: add more operations to racer 36/5936/7
2014-07-18 Wang DiLU-4691 lmv: honor MDT index when creating volatile... 66/10866/12
2014-06-11 Bruno FacciniLU-4438 utils: handle ct_setup() errors 53/9853/10
2014-05-06 Minh DiepLU-4864 tests: cleanup shared files in sanity-hsm 73/10073/4
2014-05-06 Bruno FacciniLU-4830 tests: only deactivate MDTs of Lustre FSNAME 43/9843/4
2014-04-24 Henri DoreauLU-4569 hsm: Specify import source by FID. 75/9075/4
2014-03-28 Jinshan XiongLU-4063 tests: use $DIR to check file at agent host 69/7869/3
2014-03-28 Bruno FacciniLU-4086 tests: strengthen sanity-hsm/test_33 00/9600/8
2014-03-21 Bruno FacciniLU-3852 tests: disable test_251 from inside sanity-hsm 14/9014/4
2014-03-20 Dmitry EreminLU-4770 tests: tests scripts simplification 68/9668/4
2014-03-13 Michael MacDonaldLU-4751 hsm: Fix sanity-hsm tests for non-mrsh $PDSH 87/9587/2
2014-03-11 Michael MacDonaldLU-4643 hsm: Improve sanity-hsm test_60 34/9534/2
2014-03-05 Michael MacDonaldLU-4020 hsm: allow copytool event monitoring with JSON 90/7790/15
2014-03-04 James NunezLU-4639 hsm: HSM requests not delivered 93/9393/8
2014-03-01 Michael MacDonaldLU-4643 hsm: Make sanity-hsm test_60 more robust 76/9376/5
2014-02-20 Bruno FacciniLU-4613 tests: purge older request result in test_12o 35/9235/2
2014-02-10 Michael MacDonaldLU-4512 hsm: Fix lhsmtool_posix --report option 34/9034/2
2014-01-14 Bruno FacciniLU-3834 mdt: handle swap_layouts failures during restore 31/7631/14
2014-01-09 Bruno FacciniLU-3939 tests: sanity-hsm/test_40 needs a local HSM_ARCHIVE 03/7703/7
2014-01-06 James NunezLU-4343 tests: mkdir failing in sanity-hsm test 228 42/8542/4
2013-12-25 Nathaniel ClarkLU-3700 tests: zfs: work around blocks check for sanity... 75/8575/4
2013-12-11 Nathaniel ClarkLU-3700 tests: skip sanity-hsm/51b for ZFS 03/8503/2
2013-12-11 Thomas LeiboviciLU-3726 tests: DNE specific tests for HSM. 71/7571/9
2013-12-07 Bruno FacciniLU-3700 tests: Strengthen and clarify sanity-hsm/test_21 67/8467/3
2013-12-02 Thomas LeiboviciLU-3726 tests: make sanity-hsm compatible with MDSCOUNT... 37/7437/10
2013-11-27 Bruno FacciniLU-4093 tests: fix typo and inverted test in original... 29/8329/2
2013-11-14 Bruno FacciniLU-4176 tests: do not wait for deleted HSM request... 54/8154/2
2013-11-14 Bruno FacciniLU-4093 tests: prevent zombie requests when stopping CT 57/8157/4
2013-11-06 Bruno FacciniLU-3973 tests: use -P option of df to avoid line breaks 15/7915/5
2013-11-02 James NunezLU-3985 tests: Archive access must be done from an... 76/8076/2
2013-11-01 Bob GlossmanLU-4178 tests: disable HSM sanity subtests 22/8122/2
2013-10-25 John L. HammondLU-4064 hsm: create files to be imported on agent node 85/7885/2
2013-10-25 Bruno FacciniLU-3616 mdt: deny write on executed file during restore 36/7636/7
2013-10-25 Jinshan XiongLU-3815 tests: HSM sanity test suites 74/7374/11
2013-10-11 Aurelien DegremontLU-3999 hsm: Rename several HSM files in /proc for... 40/7740/7
2013-10-09 James NunezLU-4059 tests: Archive access must be done from agent 51/7851/2