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LU-4442 test: add version check for replay-vbr.sh test_7g
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / tests / replay-vbr.sh
2014-02-03 Emoly LiuLU-4442 test: add version check for replay-vbr.sh test_7g 73/8973/3
2014-01-21 Emoly LiuLU-4442 test: fix wrong usage of wait_mds_ost_sync() 96/8796/6
2013-04-26 Jian YuLU-1189 tests: run save_lustre_params() on facets
2013-01-19 wangdiLU-1187 dne: add remote dir check in replay-vbr.
2012-10-15 Andreas DilgerLU-1538 tests: use $TESTSUITE instead of $0
2012-09-21 sarahLU-1850 test: remount client if replay-vbr fails
2012-08-16 Kyrylo ShatskyyLU-1024 tests: Test replay-vbr.test_1c failed
2012-06-18 jclLU-1031: add grouplock test to sanity.sh
2012-06-01 Andreas DilgerLU-1347 build: remove the vim/emacs modelines
2011-10-27 Mikhail PershinLU-672 MRP-213 don't panic on geting version for non...
2011-10-23 Li WeiLU-707 Fix FID string quoting in replay-vbr
2011-05-26 sarahTT-59 remove . and - from the node name
2010-12-22 Elena Gryaznovab=23051 improve summary of acc-sm to include test times
2010-11-08 Elena Gryaznovab=23049 set path to truncate
2010-08-20 Elena Gryaznovab=14242 test_6g fails when b_release_1_6_4 is run on...
2010-06-15 Robert Readb=22895 Cleanup replay-vbr test 7.
2010-05-12 Mikhail Pershinb=22518 mount client2 at the start of tests, disable...
2010-05-10 Mikhail Pershinb=18143 Make VBR compatible with pdirops.
2010-04-05 Mikhail Pershinb=20680 add sleep to expire stat cache
2010-03-31 Robert Readb=20057 Add init_logging to replay-vbr
2009-11-19 tappro*** empty log message ***
2009-10-01 grevb=17873
2009-08-20 tapproBranch HEAD
2009-06-03 tapproBranch HEAD
2009-04-21 grevb=19116
2009-04-04 grevb=18994
2009-03-18 tappro- land b_hd_ver_recov