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LU-6655 ptlrpc: skip delayed replay requests
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / tests / replay-single.sh
2018-05-06 Hongchao ZhangLU-6655 ptlrpc: skip delayed replay requests 05/23205/15
2018-03-17 Andreas DilgerLU-5761 tests: fix test_89 to use fs_log_size() 20/31120/6
2018-03-15 Elena GryaznovaLU-8503 tests: fix replay-single/66b test 41/21941/5
2018-03-03 Abrarahmed MominLU-8672 tests: Fix error handling in replay-single... 74/22974/7
2018-02-27 Elena GryaznovaLU-10612 tests: reply_single.sh,test_48: No space left 82/31182/2
2018-02-27 Lai SiyaoLU-10277 utils: 'lfs mkdir -i -1' pick the less full... 98/30598/11
2018-02-06 Alexander BoykoLU-7934 tests: compatibility check 47/20847/5
2018-01-31 Lai SiyaoLU-10155 recovery: support setstripe replay 04/30704/8
2018-01-25 Hongchao ZhangLU-10052 test: relate fs_log_size to recordsize 16/30916/5
2018-01-14 Hongchao ZhangLU-10052 tests: wait for OST objects to be deleted 78/30678/4
2017-12-01 Andreas DilgerLU-5761 tests: re-add test_89 to replay-single ALWAYS_E... 52/30252/3
2017-11-22 James NunezLU-9899 tests: mount client on MGS for tests with pools 06/28806/10
2017-10-16 dilip krishnagiriLU-9590 tests: remove replay-single tests from ALWAYS_E... 04/27404/5
2017-08-13 Ruth A KlundtLU-9494 test: Improve message for skipping tests 50/27350/7
2017-07-19 Parinay KondekarLU-7653 tests: replay-single/110f fails for mdts on... 40/27940/2
2017-06-13 Gregoire PichonLU-8941 tests: remove wrong redirection syntaxes 51/27351/3
2017-06-03 Jian YuLU-9556 tests: wait recovery complete in replay-single... 79/27279/2
2017-05-09 James NunezLU-9125 test: Update setstripe options 75/25475/8
2017-05-01 Wei LiuLU-9234 test: Skip test_70f if OSS version is older... 39/26739/3
2017-03-09 Jadhav VikramLU-8788 tests: modify create_pool to use as wrapper 41/23541/9
2017-02-15 Bruno FacciniLU-8526 tests: ensure all OSTs active for allocations 48/23148/2
2017-02-03 Parinay KondekarLU-1573 recovery: Avoid data corruption for DIO during... 80/16680/10
2017-01-31 James NunezLU-6455 tests: Re-enable replay-vbr and replay-single... 65/21565/5
2016-09-26 Chennaiah PallaLU-8625 tests: replay-single test_87 renamed to test_87a 91/22591/3
2016-08-29 Di WangLU-6844 tests: re-enable striped dir 08/21508/3
2016-08-11 Yang ShengLU-4039 tests: enable test_90 for replay-single 36/21736/4
2016-07-27 Chennaiah PallaLU-7342 test: test_85a: unused locks error 53/16953/5
2016-07-20 Di WangLU-7836 ptlrpc: remove duplicate final ping req 93/19693/2
2016-07-09 James NunezLU-4039 tests: EXCEPT replay-single test 90 24/21224/3
2016-07-05 Yang ShengLU-4039 tests: ensure osc import in FULL state 31/20931/4
2016-06-22 James NunezRevert "LU-5810 tests: add client hostname to lctl... 94/20894/3
2016-06-22 Sundar KeshavaLU-7204 test: handle FSNAME with dashes in replay-singl... 02/16902/4
2016-06-16 Alexander BoykoLU-7934 osp: fix tr->otr_next_id overflow 90/19190/3
2016-05-27 Andreas DilgerLU-5810 tests: add client hostname to lctl mark 13/13113/4
2016-05-21 Saurabh TandanLU-7346 tests: Reintroduce SLOW tests to review process 43/17143/9
2016-05-11 Noopur MaheshwariLU-7656 tests: tar fix for replay-single/70c 32/18732/3
2016-05-09 Andreas DilgerLU-6844 tests: disable DNE testing of dbench 22/20022/2
2016-01-28 Di WangLU-7638 recovery: do not abort update recovery. 85/17885/6
2016-01-26 Di WangLU-7039 llog: update llog header and size 69/16969/35
2015-12-21 Di WangLU-7531 osp: allow few requests during recovery 39/17539/3
2015-10-24 Di WangLU-7285 update: update next transno only if recovery... 99/16799/3
2015-08-28 wang diLU-3534 tests: a few tests cases for async update. 63/15163/14
2015-08-28 wang diLU-6880 update: after reply move dtrq to finish list 82/15682/8
2015-08-26 Gregoire PichonLU-5319 tests: testcases for multiple modify RPCs feature 61/14861/17
2015-08-19 Elena GryaznovaLU-6119 test: Add testing for Lustre exported via Samba 02/13402/8
2015-07-04 wang diLU-6780 ptlrpc: Do not resend req with allow_replay 58/15458/3
2015-07-04 wang diLU-6602 update: split update llog record 62/15162/6
2015-07-03 wang diLU-3534 osp: transfer updates with bulk RPC 86/13786/34
2015-07-01 Gregoire PichonLU-5319 mdc: manage number of modify RPCs in flight 74/14374/12
2015-06-16 Wang DiLU-3534 update: change sync updates to async updates 50/12450/47
2015-06-13 Bob GlossmanLU-6455 test: disable IMA related tests 64/15164/3
2015-06-09 James NunezLU-5407 tests: Error message for replay-single 58b... 66/14766/4
2015-06-09 James NunezLU-6675 tests: Improve error detection replay-single... 11/15111/2
2015-05-26 Hongchao ZhangLU-5407 test: wait MGC import to finish recovery 92/14792/6
2015-05-20 James NunezLU-5407 tests: Disable replay-single test 58c 64/14864/2
2015-05-02 James NunezLU-6319 tests: Clean up replay-single ALWAYS_EXCEPT... 49/14149/5
2015-04-27 James NunezLU-2524 test: Test suite clean up for replay-single 70/13170/7
2015-04-06 frank zagoLU-5710 corrected some typos and grammar errors 01/12201/13
2015-02-18 Liang ZhenLU-5604 tgt: return missed fail ids 32/12232/7
2015-01-23 Emoly LiuLU-5648 tests: a new test to avoid reallocated object IDs 09/13309/3
2014-12-29 Hongchao ZhangLU-3455 mdt: sync when evicting client 67/11767/14
2014-12-18 James SimmonsLU-5651 test: run replay-single test 93 only when suppo... 42/12942/5
2014-11-04 Andriy SkulyshLU-5651: ptlrpc: fix import state during replay 15/12015/4
2014-10-15 Yang ShengLU-951 test: re-enable replay-single test_73a 27/12227/3
2014-05-13 wang diLU-5035 tests: add striped dir recovery test 77/10277/2
2014-02-22 wang diLU-3529 lod: create striped directory 96/7196/45
2013-11-22 Nathaniel ClarkLU-2469 tests: use MDS/OSTDEV and MDS/OSTDEVBASE with zfs 16/5016/21
2013-10-25 James NunezLU-3880 tests: Allow error_ignore to accept any bug... 91/7791/2
2013-10-25 wang diLU-3626 tests: More time to allow mds-ost sync being... 76/7676/3
2013-09-05 Nathaniel ClarkLU-3809 test: Cleanup if replay-single/58[bc] fail 19/7419/2
2013-09-03 James NunezLU-3787 test: Missing "$" on variable 03/7403/2
2013-07-10 Emoly LiuLU-3375 test: use available mdc for replay-single test_44 25/6425/3
2013-05-03 Nathaniel ClarkLU-3208 tests: Fix typo in replay-single/70b
2013-04-30 wang diLU-3196 tests: a few fixes for > 10 OSTs.
2013-04-11 Nathaniel ClarkLU-3127 tests: EXCEPT replay-single/62,73b
2013-03-27 Li WeiLU-3002 tests: Fix an OST index issue in replay-single
2013-03-26 Keith ManntheyLU-1897 test: replay-single test_70b dbench not found
2013-03-21 Nathaniel ClarkLU-2342 tests: account for log size in replay-single/20b
2013-03-19 Wang DiLU-1187 out: add resend check for update.
2013-03-08 Jinshan XiongLU-2628 tests: disable test_40 of replay-single
2013-02-26 Nathaniel ClarkLU-2469 test: Skip failing ZFS tests
2013-02-08 Nathaniel ClarkLU-2414 tests: cleanup replay-single/0c and 44c
2013-02-02 wangdiLU-1187 mdt: unlink remote directory
2013-01-31 Keith ManntheyLU-1897 test: replay-single test_70b dbench not found
2013-01-31 Nathaniel ClarkLU-2010 tests: replay-single/44a,b,45 find only tested mdc
2012-12-13 wangdiLU-1187 tests: add DNE test cases in replay-single
2012-12-04 Oleg DrokinLU-2297 test: fix replay-single test_74
2012-10-15 Andreas DilgerLU-1538 tests: use $TESTSUITE instead of $0
2012-10-13 Andreas DilgerLU-1972 mdt: declare RPC handlers in a sane way
2012-10-01 yangshengLU-1867 tests: replay-single test_89: @@ FAIL: 4 blocks...
2012-09-28 Li WeiLU-1303 tests: Support for MDS-initiated OST_DESTROYs
2012-09-28 Alex ZhuravlevLU-1867 tests: disable replay-single/89
2012-07-16 Li WeiLU-1415 tests: Add ZFS support to replay_barrier()
2012-06-18 jclLU-1031: add grouplock test to sanity.sh
2012-05-07 yangshengLU-1193 tests: test script fixes for incompatibility
2012-04-30 James SimmonsLU-577 tests: FAIL replay-single test_70b rundbench...
2012-04-16 Lai SiyaoLU-482 test: sync MDS before first replay test
2012-03-29 Andreas DilgerLU-611 tests: clean up code style in tests/lfs
2012-03-01 Andreas DilgerLU-482 test: sync new fs before first replay test
2012-02-16 Andreas DilgerLU-601 mdd: cleanup error messages and code style