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LU-2469 test: Skip failing ZFS tests
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / tests / replay-single.sh
2013-02-26 Nathaniel ClarkLU-2469 test: Skip failing ZFS tests
2013-02-08 Nathaniel ClarkLU-2414 tests: cleanup replay-single/0c and 44c
2013-02-02 wangdiLU-1187 mdt: unlink remote directory
2013-01-31 Keith ManntheyLU-1897 test: replay-single test_70b dbench not found
2013-01-31 Nathaniel ClarkLU-2010 tests: replay-single/44a,b,45 find only tested mdc
2012-12-13 wangdiLU-1187 tests: add DNE test cases in replay-single
2012-12-04 Oleg DrokinLU-2297 test: fix replay-single test_74
2012-10-15 Andreas DilgerLU-1538 tests: use $TESTSUITE instead of $0
2012-10-13 Andreas DilgerLU-1972 mdt: declare RPC handlers in a sane way
2012-10-01 yangshengLU-1867 tests: replay-single test_89: @@ FAIL: 4 blocks...
2012-09-28 Li WeiLU-1303 tests: Support for MDS-initiated OST_DESTROYs
2012-09-28 Alex ZhuravlevLU-1867 tests: disable replay-single/89
2012-07-16 Li WeiLU-1415 tests: Add ZFS support to replay_barrier()
2012-06-18 jclLU-1031: add grouplock test to sanity.sh
2012-05-07 yangshengLU-1193 tests: test script fixes for incompatibility
2012-04-30 James SimmonsLU-577 tests: FAIL replay-single test_70b rundbench...
2012-04-16 Lai SiyaoLU-482 test: sync MDS before first replay test
2012-03-29 Andreas DilgerLU-611 tests: clean up code style in tests/lfs
2012-03-01 Andreas DilgerLU-482 test: sync new fs before first replay test
2012-02-16 Andreas DilgerLU-601 mdd: cleanup error messages and code style
2012-01-06 Alex ZhuravlevLU-909 osd: changes to osd api
2012-01-06 Yu JianLU-80 tests: large xattr support
2011-11-12 James SimmonsLU-691 Fix OST index errors in test suite - sanity...
2011-07-07 Bobi JamLU-386 fix replay_single test_65a
2011-06-13 hongchao.zhangLU-342 add test for lfs to check missing OST
2011-05-20 James SimmonsLU-224 Move fail_loc handling from lustre to libcfs
2011-05-09 Mikhail PershinLU-178 prevent replays after recovery on server
2010-12-22 Elena Gryaznovab=23051 improve summary of acc-sm to include test times
2010-12-17 Mikhail Pershinb=24078 replay barrier checks sequence allocation
2010-12-15 Elena Gryaznovab=24266 increase replay-single test_70d dbench duration...
2010-12-03 Elena Gryaznovab=24118 test_70b rundbench load failed
2010-11-02 Elena Gryaznovab=23869 HARD failure mode fixes
2010-10-07 Mikhail Pershinb=16509 port recovery ending tests to master
2010-10-04 Mikhail Pershinb=17485 use $SINGLEMDS, fix /proc access in tests
2010-09-30 Alexander.Zarochentsevb=23161 A fix for replay-single 89 test
2010-09-27 Mikhail Pershinb=21313 replace 'mds' with '$SINGLEMDS' in tests
2010-09-27 Eric Meib=16774 cancel unused osc locks before replay.
2010-09-14 Vitaly Fertmanb=23161 Disable new buggy test REPLAY_SINGLE 89
2010-09-08 Eric Meib=16774 mdc to cancel unused dlm locks before replay.
2010-09-07 Alexander.Zarochentsevb=23161 disk space leak test
2010-08-26 Elena Gryaznovab=20407 TF: "HARD" failovers with multiple targets...
2010-08-21 Vladimir Savelievb=17485 testcase to verify MDS not to allocate same...
2010-08-17 Dmitry Zoginb=22137 kernel oops at replay-single test_61d.
2010-08-05 Jian Yub=22348 improve get_mdtosc_proc_path() to handle 2...
2010-07-28 Oleg Drokinb=16919 Async journal commit support
2010-07-20 Elena Gryaznovab=23278 replay-single test 86 does not remount client
2010-06-02 Fan Yongb=22853 test should stop at once if any dbench failed...
2010-05-27 Elena Gryaznovab=22668 test_65b fix
2010-05-27 Elena Gryaznovab=22668 test_67b fix for ostcount > 10
2010-05-26 Rahul Deshmukhb=21815 per-nid stats should not access lustre hash...
2010-05-12 pravinb=18857 enhance seq allocation scalability by updating...
2010-05-11 Fan Yongb=19986 cleanup lock to eliminate former test cases...
2010-04-16 Mikhail Pershinb=20647 Ensure all needed pids exits before failover...
2010-04-15 Robert ReadRevert "b=20647 Ensure all needed pids exits before...
2010-04-09 Mikhail Pershinb=22190 return error on write if rdonly mode is on...
2010-04-05 Mikhail Pershinb=20647 Ensure all needed pids exits before failover...
2010-03-18 Elena Gryaznovab=22334 swap the declarations for OBD_FAIL_MDS_READLINK...
2010-03-09 Elena Gryaznovab=22169 t-f cleanup: new do_nodev (), do_nodesv ()...
2010-03-09 Fan Yongb=15962 statahead should not alias dentry with inode...
2010-01-22 Manoj Josephb=20057 Autovetting and test-framework enhancements
2009-12-17 Fan Yongb=17545 control DCACHE_LUSTRE_INVALID flag with MDS_INO...
2009-12-03 tapproBranch HEAD
2009-12-01 zamBranch HEAD
2009-11-24 robert.readBranch HEAD
2009-11-19 tappro*** empty log message ***
2009-11-10 pravinsb=20198
2009-10-29 grevb=19242
2009-10-22 ericmbranch: HEAD
2009-10-13 tapproBranch HEAD
2009-10-09 robert.readb=18857
2009-10-07 robert.readBranch HEAD
2009-09-15 vitalyBranch HEAD
2009-09-11 grevb=20719
2009-09-09 grevb=17873
2009-08-25 pravinsb=19994
2009-08-14 zhanghcb=20126
2009-08-02 tapproBranch HEAD
2009-07-31 robert.readBranch HEAD
2009-07-24 robert.readBranch HEAD
2009-07-16 pravinsb=18857
2009-07-03 tapproBranch HEAD
2009-06-26 vsb=19086
2009-06-22 vitalyBranch HEAD
2009-06-16 vitalyBranch HEAD
2009-06-16 vitalyBranch HEAD
2009-06-11 robert.readBranch HEAD
2009-06-03 tapproBranch HEAD
2009-06-03 vitalyBranch HEAD
2009-05-29 robert.readBranch HEAD
2009-05-28 nathanb=19293
2009-05-26 vitalyBranch HEAD
2009-04-30 shadowdon't leak transno for recovery.
2009-04-24 robert.readBranch HEAD
2009-04-23 adilgerBranch HEAD
2009-04-07 robert.readBranch HEAD
2009-04-02 robert.readBranch HEAD
2009-04-01 robert.readBranch HEAD
2009-03-18 tappro- land b_hd_ver_recov
2009-03-11 tianzyBranch HEAD
2009-03-04 wangdiBranch: HEAD