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LU-11010 tests: remove calls to return after skip()
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / tests / posix.sh
2018-10-23 James NunezLU-11010 tests: remove calls to return after skip() 33/32733/7
2017-09-13 Wei LiuLU-9260 test: Use the correct mount device when test... 61/28661/4
2017-05-24 James NunezLU-6707 tests: Add ability to skip tests in POSIX 12/27012/3
2017-03-16 Wei LiuLU-6707 test: load loop module to have loop devices 30/15130/8
2013-11-29 Jian YuLU-3738 tests: improve posix.sh to support BASELINE_FS=zfs 80/8180/7
2012-11-15 Yu JianLU-2274 tests: use ext3 as baseline for POSIX test...
2012-10-15 Andreas DilgerLU-1538 tests: use $TESTSUITE instead of $0
2012-04-18 Minh DiepLU-1192 tests: automate POSIX compliance testing