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LU-690 test: wait_osc_import_state() fixes
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / tests / ost-pools.sh
2011-10-12 Yu JianLU-690 test: wait_osc_import_state() fixes
2011-08-12 James SimmonsLU-321 Don't assume file system name for some test
2011-05-17 hongchao.zhangLU-276 increase file count to mitigate affect of random...
2010-12-22 Elena Gryaznovab=23051 improve summary of acc-sm to include test times
2010-11-26 Vladimir Savelievb=23996 grep lfs getstripe output for pools correctly
2010-08-13 Nathan Rutmanb=23408 disable failure temporarily while we collect...
2010-07-20 Nathan Rutmanb=21720 fix test 18 to interleave tests increase pass...
2010-06-18 Manoj Josephb=20837 incomplete test output for ost-pools
2010-06-15 di wangb=21379 Even create objects in DELORPHAN process; Choos...
2010-05-24 Nathan Rutmanb=21900 verify that we can write to the OST
2010-03-19 Manoj Josephb=22126 Call run_one in a subshell
2010-03-09 Dmitry Zoginb=21900 ost-pools test_25: FAIL
2010-03-09 Manoj Josephb=20837 Reduce the output of test_14
2010-03-04 Manoj Josephb=21066 ost-pools test_14 should not assert that files...
2010-02-11 Dmitry Zoginb=21900 ost-pools test_25: FAIL: /mnt/lustre/d0.ost...
2010-01-22 Manoj Josephb=20057 Autovetting and test-framework enhancements
2009-12-01 grevb=20863
2009-11-27 tapproBranch HEAD
2009-11-25 tianzyBranch HEAD
2009-11-12 nathanb=21306
2009-11-06 nathanb=19919
2009-11-03 manojb=20975
2009-10-20 grevb=20863
2009-09-16 manojb=19780
2009-09-16 manojb=20653
2009-09-01 manojb=20521
2009-08-28 manojb=19780
2009-08-13 manojb=19780
2009-08-13 manojb=19780