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LU-743 conf-sanity: test_46a failure
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / tests / conf-sanity.sh
2011-10-21 Jinshan XiongLU-743 conf-sanity: test_46a failure
2011-10-06 Jinshan XiongLU-573: conf-sanity test_22 failed with 41
2011-10-03 Jinshan XiongLU-574: conf-sanity test_41b failed with 1
2011-08-24 Andreas DilgerLU-614 test: speed up needlessly long tests
2011-08-16 Yu JianLU-544 speed up filesystem formatting time in conf...
2011-08-12 Andreas DilgerLU-574 Fix whitespace issues in conf-sanity.sh
2011-08-04 Lai SiyaoLU-290 Reconnects are not throttled
2011-07-15 Bobi JamLU-471 fix mkfs.lustre to avoid creating duplicate...
2011-07-14 Bobi JamLU-346 "kill -s SIGTERM" does not work on some system
2011-07-07 Bobi JamLU-346 fix conf-sanity test_23a
2011-06-03 Bobi JamLU-246 Add a barrier for recovery completion for conf...
2011-06-03 Bobi JamLU-57 Allow OSTs to be created with no primary node
2011-05-20 James SimmonsLU-224 Move fail_loc handling from lustre to libcfs
2011-04-20 Niu YaweiLU-129 Skip quotacheck on administratively disabled...
2010-12-29 Elena Gryaznovab=24357 thread_sanity() fix
2010-12-23 Elena Gryaznovab=23793 MOUNTOPT "-o" cleanup
2010-12-22 Elena Gryaznovab=23051 improve summary of acc-sm to include test times
2010-11-18 Mikhail Pershinb=19890 fix mgs conf for mds and client for nosvc option
2010-11-16 Elena Gryaznovab=23954 MGS device has stopped when we try to start...
2010-11-12 Elena Gryaznovab=23956 change conf-sanity test_37 to be functional...
2010-11-12 Elena Gryaznovab=22180 fix the incorrect MDSDEV check
2010-11-12 Elena Gryaznovab=22157 combined mgs/mds fix for single node setup
2010-11-08 Eric Meib=24001 fix conf-sanity 53.
2010-10-12 Elena Gryaznovab=22157 conf-sanity test_5b defect
2010-09-27 Mikhail Pershinb=21313 replace 'mds' with '$SINGLEMDS' in tests
2010-09-21 Andrew Perepechkob=21174 fix quotacheck with non-consecutive OST indices
2010-09-07 Andrew Perepechkob=22658 clean up the CATALOG when a llog is not found...
2010-09-06 Vladimir Savelievb=23588 conf-sanity.sh:test_50g - wait for new OST...
2010-09-06 Rahul Deshmukhb21012 conf-sanity test_52: @@@@@@ FAIL: Unable to...
2010-08-31 Mikhail PershinRevert "b=17471 change conf_param syntax to match set_p...
2010-08-30 Mikhail PershinRevert "b=22423 Reconnects are not throttled"
2010-08-26 Elena Gryaznovab=20407 TF: "HARD" failovers with multiple targets...
2010-08-20 Nathan Rutmanb=22934 fix writeconf testing: require modules for...
2010-08-20 Nathan Rutmanb=23595 fix conf-sanity 57 for remote ost
2010-08-19 Mikhail Pershinb=22423 Reconnects are not throttled
2010-08-17 Nathan Rutmanb=17471 change conf_param syntax to match set_param
2010-08-17 Nathan Rutmanb=22656 Prevent failover nids from registering with...
2010-08-17 Nathan Rutmanb=22464 add writeconf as mount option (includes bz...
2010-08-05 Jian Yub=22348 improve get_mdtosc_proc_path() to handle 2...
2010-07-28 Mikhail PershinRevert "b=22464 add writeconf as mount option (includes...
2010-07-26 Nathan Rutmanb=22464 add writeconf as mount option (includes bz...
2010-07-20 Eric Meib=22944 remove conf-sanity test 16.
2010-07-08 Nathan Rutmanb=22934 fix writeconf in conf-sanity
2010-06-30 Mikhail Pershinb=20997 stop ost first in conf-sanity
2010-06-23 Jian Yub=22890 initialize MDSDEV in conf-sanity.sh
2010-06-10 Nathan Rutmanb=15253 fix conf-sanity 30b for non-tcp networks
2010-06-04 Nathan Rutmanb=15253 add failover nidlist to proc import
2010-05-27 Mikhail Pershinb=20997 Enable time limit on the request to be queued
2010-05-24 Vladimir Savelievb=21109 mds_lov_read_objids cleanup and conf-sanity...
2010-05-17 Nathan Rutmanb=15253 add conf_param -d to remove permanent settings
2010-05-10 Nathan Rutmanb=22671 Check for modules directly instead of keeping...
2010-04-27 Fan Yongb=22614 enlarge MDSSIZE/OSTSIZE to increase default...
2010-03-04 Rahul Deshmukhb=20492 allow llverdev/llverfs to handle media errors...
2010-02-25 Elena Gryaznovab=21968 conf-sanity changes for config mgs and mds...
2010-02-11 Nicolas Williamsb=21881 mdt_num_threads tuning
2010-02-11 Vitaly Fertmanb=15977 analyse only consistent part of the log
2010-02-08 Nathan Rutmanb=21738 conf-sanity 42 should set conf_param on the MGS
2010-01-22 Manoj Josephb=20057 Autovetting and test-framework enhancements
2009-12-19 Robert Readb=15977 Disable test 39 until it is fixed.
2009-11-19 tappro*** empty log message ***
2009-10-15 isaacb=17103,i=nikita,i=green,i=isaac:
2009-10-12 nathanb=20689
2009-10-09 grevb=18150
2009-10-02 dzogin Branch HEAD
2009-09-25 dzogin Branch HEAD
2009-09-25 dzogin Branch HEAD
2009-09-23 nathanb=20689
2009-09-18 grevb=20748
2009-09-15 grevb=17951
2009-09-09 grevb=17873
2009-09-04 vsb=15284
2009-09-02 grevb=15902
2009-08-26 dzogin Branch HEAD
2009-08-12 grevb=17951
2009-06-29 robert.readBranch HEAD
2009-06-26 bobijamBranch HEAD
2009-06-12 robert.readBranch HEAD
2009-06-04 bobijamBranch HEAD
2009-05-22 manojb=19044
2009-05-07 deenFix for conf-sanity test_50e, implement correct waiting.
2009-04-27 robert.readBranch HEAD
2009-04-25 robert.readBranch HEAD
2009-04-23 robert.readBranch HEAD
2009-04-23 shadowport lazystatfs to HEAD.
2009-04-16 deshmukhb=17931
2009-04-10 grevb=18271
2009-03-31 zhanghcb=17710
2009-03-26 grevb=18874
2009-03-10 zhanghcb=17710
2009-02-26 vsb=17305
2009-02-17 grevadjust test_32b to new disk1_8.tar.bz2 name
2009-02-10 deshmukhb=13739
2009-02-10 huanghuaBranch HEAD
2009-02-02 grevb=16818
2009-01-21 girishb=18291
2009-01-11 shadowwait until mds<>ost connected.
2009-01-08 girishAdd configure option to allow repackaging of e2fsprogs...
2008-12-31 yuryb=18127
2008-12-24 shadowchecking maximal acl size before set.
2008-12-17 yuryb=17674