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LU-15880 quota: fix issues in reserving quota
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / target / tgt_lastrcvd.c
2022-07-18 Hongchao ZhangLU-15880 quota: fix issues in reserving quota 25/47425/4
2022-05-30 Mr NeilBrownLU-10391 lnet: switch LNetIsPeerLocal() to take 16... 21/43621/11
2021-12-13 Andriy SkulyshLU-11952 mdt: fix reconstruct open 12/35112/19
2021-08-25 Hongchao ZhangLU-11303 quota: enforce block quota for chgrp 96/33996/17
2021-04-21 Mr NeilBrownLU-14487 modules: remove references to Sun Trademark. 39/42139/4
2020-06-16 Lai SiyaoLU-13408 target: update in-memory per client data 55/38855/4
2020-05-27 Mr NeilBrownLU-6142 lustre: convert some container_of0 to container_of 83/38383/3
2020-05-07 Alexander ZarochentsevLU-13389 tgt: not rollback obsolete rq 21/38221/3
2020-05-01 Alex ZhuravlevLU-13402 target: never exclude MDT/OST from last_rcvd 38/38138/6
2020-02-20 Alexey ZhuravlevLU-12722 target: disable recovery for local clients 25/36025/38
2020-02-08 Mr NeilBrownLU-9679 lustre: use LIST_HEAD() for local lists. 55/36955/4
2020-02-08 Mr NeilBrownLU-9679 general: add missing spaces to folded strings. 53/36653/5
2020-01-10 Mikhail PershinLU-13087 target: init lcd last transno from reply data 60/37060/2
2019-12-14 Andriy SkulyshLU-12828 ldlm: FLOCK request can be processed twice 40/36340/4
2019-12-06 Arshad HussainLU-12923 target: Use BUILD_BUG_ON() for tgt_lastrcvd.c 21/36721/2
2019-10-09 Tatsushi TakamuraLU-12691 ldlm: obd_max_recoverable_clients is not atomic 14/35914/3
2019-09-30 Andriy SkulyshLU-11444 ptlrpc: resend may corrupt the data 14/35114/15
2019-03-21 Mikhail PershinLU-10496 tgt: move FMD handling from OFD to target 90/34190/7
2018-07-18 Vladimir SavelievLU-11131 target: keep reply data bit set on failover 98/32798/2
2018-01-09 Andreas DilgerLU-10308 misc: update Intel copyright messages for... 41/30341/4
2017-05-26 Oleg DrokinRevert "LU-8359 ldlm: Wrong evict during failover" 00/27300/2
2017-05-16 Andriy SkulyshLU-8359 ldlm: Wrong evict during failover 14/21114/7
2017-03-30 James SimmonsLU-6401 uapi: split lustre_disk.h into two headers 94/25194/11
2017-03-23 Fan YongLU-8900 snapshot: simulate readonly device 67/24267/15
2017-03-01 Andrew PerepechkoLU-9127 target: tgt_cb_last_committed is too noisy 69/25469/4
2017-01-31 Alexey LyashkovLU-8411 ofd: handle last_rcvd file can't update properly 98/21398/13
2016-12-17 Andreas DilgerLU-8901 misc: update Intel copyright messages for 2016 33/24233/4
2016-12-17 Niu YaweiLU-8826 recovery: don't shrink recovery hard time 16/23716/7
2016-10-25 Fan YongLU-7593 target: take ted_lcd_lock after transaction... 29/23129/3
2016-10-25 Alex ZhuravlevLU-8695 target: use -1 as an offset to declare write 82/23082/3
2016-10-08 James SimmonsLU-8648 all: remove all Sun license and URL references 00/22800/4
2016-10-05 Lai SiyaoLU-8612 mdt: maintain Sync-on-Lock-Cancel locks per... 90/22490/2
2016-09-26 James SimmonsLU-6245 server: remove types abstraction from quota... 87/21187/12
2016-09-10 Bruno FacciniLU-8165 target: detect race by checking last_rcvd slot... 28/20328/2
2016-09-10 Alexey LyashkovLU-8348 recovery: don't send last_committed after panic 60/21060/2
2016-09-02 Andriy SkulyshLU-7593 target: umount vs tgt_last_rcvd_update deadlock 04/17704/11
2016-07-11 Nathaniel ClarkLU-8199 ptlrpc: better lut_reply_bitmap handling 50/20450/3
2016-06-02 Alex ZhuravlevLU-7918 mdd: no need to declare attr_set at create 32/19132/4
2016-05-31 Kit WestneatLU-5092 nodemap: users of ted_nodemap should take ref 74/19674/16
2016-04-06 Alex ZhuravlevLU-7408 target: comment as per inspection 78/17578/5
2016-01-28 Lai SiyaoLU-3538 dne: Commit-on-Sharing for DNE 30/12530/48
2015-12-18 Frank ZagoLU-5710 all: fourth set of corrected typos and grammar... 06/17306/5
2015-12-18 Gregoire PichonLU-7430 mdt: better handle MDT recovery error path 24/17424/2
2015-12-14 Alex ZhuravlevLU-7408 target: declare write for reply data 86/17086/4
2015-11-03 Andreas DilgerLU-7243 misc: update Intel copyright messages 2015 58/16758/3
2015-10-14 Mikhail PershinLU-6386 tgt: don't update client data with smaller... 13/14113/6
2015-10-07 Sergey CheremencevLU-6527 ext4: journal_commit_callback optimization 11/14611/4
2015-09-19 Alexey LyashkovLU-5569 ptlrpc: change reverse import life cycle 50/11750/15
2015-08-28 wang diLU-6840 target: update reply data after update replay 76/15576/13
2015-08-24 wang diLU-6981 target: update obd_last_committed 71/15971/3
2015-08-03 wang diLU-6916 target: fix ted_lcd_lock init 70/15770/2
2015-07-01 Gregoire PichonLU-5319 mdt: support multiple modify RCPs in parallel 60/14860/13
2015-06-16 Wang DiLU-3534 update: change sync updates to async updates 50/12450/47
2015-06-01 Wang DiLU-3534 mdt: move last_rcvd obj update to LOD 09/11909/47
2015-05-07 Nathaniel ClarkLU-4698 target: check for NULL tgt before deref 36/9936/10
2015-04-28 John L. HammondLU-6047 lustre: remove Size on MDS support 43/13443/5
2015-03-31 Alex ZhuravlevLU-3105 osd: remove capa related stuff from servers 72/5572/47
2015-02-08 Fan YongLU-6050 target: control OST-index in IDIF via ROCOMPAT... 16/13516/5
2015-02-03 Frank ZagoLU-5829 misc: remove unnecessary EXPORT_SYMBOL 21/13321/2
2014-12-28 Andreas DilgerLU-6068 misc: update Intel copyright messages 2014 74/13174/2
2014-12-09 Frank ZagoLU-5396 ptlrpc: make some functions static 19/12219/4
2014-09-15 James SimmonsLU-3963 libcfs: remove last of cfs list wrappers 97/11797/2
2014-06-20 Dmitry EreminLU-4629 libcfs: fix buffer overflow of string buffer 89/9389/19
2014-05-07 James SimmonsLU-3963 client: move llite,lov,target,obdecho to linux... 44/9944/3
2014-02-28 wang diLU-2430 mdd: add lfs mv to migrate inode. 62/6662/46
2014-02-12 Fan YongLU-1267 lfsck: enhance API for MDT-OST consistency 56/7156/33
2014-01-17 Mikhail PershinLU-4384 target: don't set OBD_INCOMPAT_FID for OST 10/8810/2
2013-11-29 Mikhail PershinLU-3467 target: unified transaction callbacks 30/7330/30
2013-11-14 Mikhail PershinLU-3467 ofd: use unified handler for OST requests 30/7130/35
2013-10-02 Mikhail PershinLU-3749 recovery: save versions from reply into lastrcvd 86/7786/4
2013-08-17 wang diLU-3707 target: fix trans call back for out 56/7256/3
2013-08-01 Mikhail PershinLU-3467 target: move OUT to the unified target code 63/6763/10
2013-06-07 Li WeiLU-2743 ptlrpc: Translate between host and network...
2013-02-01 Sergii GlushchenkoLU-1431 ptlrpc: PTLRPC_BRW_MAX_SIZE usage cleanup.
2013-01-08 Keith ManntheyLU-2446 build: Update Whamcloud copyright messages...
2012-12-05 Andreas DilgerLU-1346 libcfs: replace libcfs wrappers with kernel API
2012-10-23 Mikhail PershinLU-2145 target: use tgt_ prefix for target function
2012-10-18 Mikhail PershinLU-2145 target: move target code to the separate directory