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add null_audit command to lctl which will make audit silent. For testing purposes.
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / smfs / smfs_internal.h
2005-09-16 tapproadd null_audit command to lctl which will make audit...
2005-08-08 yury- landed b_hd_mdref (mostly WB cache fixes)
2005-08-06 tappro- b_hd_audit landing
2005-07-20 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2005-06-20 ericmland b_hd_sec onto HEAD: various security related fixes.
2005-06-06 tappror=alex
2005-05-23 tappro- KML fixes and updates due to SMFS plugin API.
2005-04-13 tapprob=5881
2005-03-21 tapprob=5881
2005-03-16 tapprob=5881
2004-11-11 yury- landing b_fid.
2004-10-24 yury- unland b_fid to HEAD
2004-10-24 yury- landing of b_fid after merge with b_hd_cleanup_merge.
2004-08-22 wangdiupdate .snap on smfs
2004-08-20 wangdiupdate .snap on smfs
2004-08-20 wangdiminor fix for build error
2004-08-19 wangdiupdate .snap on smfs
2004-08-18 ericmminor fix for complilation
2004-08-18 wangdi1)cleanup smfs code for 2.6 and snapfs
2004-08-13 uid7211)cleanup smfs for build in 2.6
2004-08-11 wangdi1)add .snap namespace to smfs
2004-08-02 wangdi1)reorganize the smfs hook ops to make smfs walk a...
2004-07-21 wangdi1)add clonefs read in lustre
2004-07-15 wangdi1)add more snap cow hook for dir ops.
2004-07-12 uid7211)update snapfs, add more hooks for dir ops, some fixes...
2004-07-09 wangdi1)some fix in cobd for cache miss tests.
2004-07-06 wangdiUpdate snap
2004-07-05 wangdiUpdate snapfs
2004-06-15 wangdiget rid of some unused structure for smfs
2004-06-08 wangdi1)do precreate record in obdfilter
2004-06-02 phillanding b_cmobd_merge on HEAD
2004-05-17 philsmash the HEAD with the contents of b_cmd. HEAD_PRE_CM...
2004-05-05 yurylanding smfs.
2004-02-23 wangdiupdate smfs 1)Add kml in smfs, but still not finish...
2004-02-19 wangdiOops, Just forget to commit smfs_internal.h in the...
2004-02-18 wangdi1. Replace i_mapping with the bottom inode imapping...
2004-02-10 wangdiupdate smfs, some minor fix about symlink, link and...
2004-02-07 wangdiupdate smfs 1)fix read file bugs 2)add some superblock...
2004-02-06 wangdiupdate smfs, 1)add dir and files methods of smfs 2...
2004-02-05 wangdiadd some methods in file.c
2004-02-02 wangdiupdate smfs
2004-02-01 wangdiupdate smfs, add some files dir.c cache.c inode.c still...
2004-01-31 wangdiadd smfs