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LU-9439 scripts: Provide a sample lnet.conf file
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / scripts /
2017-06-03 Giuseppe Di NataleLU-9439 scripts: Provide a sample lnet.conf file 71/26971/7
2017-06-03 Prakash SuryaLU-9439 scripts: Change behavior of lustre_rmmod 13/27213/4
2017-05-18 Oleg DrokinRevert "LU-9439 scripts: Change behavior of lustre_rmmod" 81/27181/2
2017-05-17 Giuseppe Di NataleLU-9439 scripts: lnet systemd service 25/26925/10
2017-05-12 Prakash SuryaLU-9439 scripts: Change behavior of lustre_rmmod 59/26959/3
2017-03-26 Jian YuLU-9213 scripts: check MGT status in lustre init script 95/25995/3
2017-03-26 Andreas DilgerLU-6051 utils: improve efficiency of lfs_migrate cmp 78/25878/2
2017-03-09 Giuseppe Di NataleLU-9098 lnet: Move lnet_routes.conf to /etc 58/25358/5
2017-02-23 Giuseppe Di NataleLU-9100 lnet: lctl net down success when lnet not loaded 59/25359/4
2017-01-18 Bob GlossmanLU-8871 kernel: kernel upgrade [SLES12 SP2 4.4.21-84] 57/24257/12
2016-12-17 James SimmonsLU-8844 llite: delete lloop 17/23817/2
2016-11-07 Bruno FacciniLU-8700 build: dkms do not install llite_lloop 28/23228/7
2016-10-08 James SimmonsLU-8648 all: remove all Sun license and URL references 00/22800/4
2016-07-20 Giuseppe Di NataleLU-8055 ldev: Introduced role filtering 41/20041/10
2016-07-05 Giuseppe Di NataleLU-8055 ldev: Add %H and %b to command sub 40/20040/9
2016-07-05 Giuseppe Di NataleLU-8055 ldev: File system label filtering 38/19738/14
2016-06-13 Jeremy FilizettiLU-3289 gss: Add userspace support for GSS null and sk 00/17600/13
2016-06-13 Jeremy FilizettiLU-3289 gss: Interface and code changes for shared key 28/16728/17
2016-04-06 Giuseppe Di NataleLU-7060 ldev: Added MGS NID substitution to ldev 29/16129/11
2016-03-23 Christopher J. MorroneLU-7699 build: Replace version_tag.pl with LUSTRE-VERSI... 07/18107/17
2016-03-14 Gregoire PichonLU-7736 scripts: ensure lustre_rmmod unload all modules 79/18279/2
2016-02-09 Andrew PerepechkoLU-6020 gss: add lsvcgssd init.d wrapper 46/15546/8
2016-02-09 Bruno FacciniLU-7679 build: strengthen lustre-dkms during on-target... 67/18167/5
2015-11-19 James SimmonsLU-7174 build: make git ignore dkms generated file 36/17136/3
2015-11-03 Andreas DilgerLU-7243 misc: update Intel copyright messages 2015 58/16758/3
2015-10-29 Bruno FacciniLU-1032 build: DKMS RPM for Lustre Client modules 47/12347/22
2015-10-06 Olaf FaalandLU-7179 scripts: init and ha script fixes 72/16472/4
2015-08-09 Amir ShehataLU-6339 lnet: correct lnet script Usage help 80/15780/2
2015-07-10 Dmitry EreminLU-6735 lnet: select appropriate optimization options... 13/15313/4
2015-04-09 frank zagoLU-5710 all: second batch of corrected typos and gramma... 33/12933/8
2015-03-18 Amir ShehataLU-6340 lnet: LNet startup script fix 00/14000/5
2015-03-11 Christopher J. MorroneLU-5155 scripts: added lustre/scripts/zfsobj2fid 21/13721/5
2015-03-03 Dmitry EreminLU-5760 rpm: remove Red Hat specific check for init... 77/12377/6
2015-01-23 Bruno FacciniLU-4951 scripts: remove nodemap.ko in dkms.conf 84/12784/2
2014-12-28 Andreas DilgerLU-6068 misc: update Intel copyright messages 2014 74/13174/2
2014-12-04 Amir ShehataLU-5861 lnet: invoke lnetctl properly from startup... 61/12561/2
2014-11-21 Minh DiepLU-5941 build: build dkms build at installed source... 02/12802/2
2014-11-07 Bruno FacciniLU-5830 scripts: use lustre_rmmod in lnet start/stop... 13/12513/4
2014-10-22 Amir ShehataLU-2456 lnet: configure lnet on startup 98/11798/11
2014-09-18 Dmitry EreminLU-5104 build: utilities cleanup 54/10654/19
2014-09-06 Chao WangLU-5030 utils: fix hard-coded /proc/fs/lustre in scripts 34/10534/8
2014-08-13 Bruno FacciniLU-5465 scripts: handle added [spl,zfs]-dkms case 81/11381/3
2014-05-20 John L. HammondLU-4961 build: remove libsysio and liblustre autoconf... 01/10201/2
2014-05-06 Bruno FacciniLU-4951 scripts: report modules changes in dkms RPM... 90/10090/2
2014-04-11 Dmitry EreminLU-4707 build: Don’t deploy the "lustre" init script... 35/9535/9
2014-02-10 Brian BehlendorfLU-1032 build: Add Lustre DKMS spec file 19/6019/5
2014-01-11 Andreas DilgerLU-4293 utils: handle lfs migrate failure in lfs_migrate 16/8616/2
2013-12-18 Christopher J. MorroneLU-4321 build: Remove make_META.pl 27/8427/2
2013-12-11 Andreas DilgerLU-3862 misc: delete obsolete config script 03/8403/2
2013-10-25 James SimmonsLU-2158 lvfs: remove the fsfilt and lvfs layer 12/5512/15
2013-09-05 Andreas DilgerLU-3862 misc: delete obsolete scripts 04/7504/2
2013-07-11 yangshengLU-2686 kernel: Kernel update for 3.7.2-201.fc18 74/5974/7
2013-06-06 Andreas DilgerLU-1538 utils: remove obsolete scripts
2013-05-02 Amir ShehataLU-2950 lnet: Add a mechanism to configure routes from...
2013-03-26 jclLU-2445 utils: lfs migrate support
2013-03-22 Prakash SuryaLU-2731 scripts: Speed up /etc/init.d/lustre stop
2013-02-14 Gregoire PichonLU-2625 scripts: prevent several errors in lustre_rmmod
2013-02-09 Keith ManntheyLU-2302 scripts: make lfs_migrate compatible with 1.8
2013-01-08 Ned BassLU-2337 scripts: init script to not use -d with zpool...
2012-12-17 Daniel KobrasLU-2302 scripts: prevent lfs_migrate data disclosure
2012-12-17 Daniel KobrasLU-2302 scripts: null-terminated file lists in lfs_migrate
2012-12-17 Daniel KobrasLU-2302 scripts: fix lfs_migrate with non-English locale
2012-10-11 Ned BassLU-107 scripts: rename heartbeat resource agent
2012-10-04 Ned BassLU-1935 scripts: don't generate lustre init script
2012-08-08 Andreas DilgerLU-1617 build: skip generated files in .gitignore
2012-07-11 Ned BassLU-107 Add scripts for implementing heartbeat v1 failover
2012-06-07 Andreas DilgerLU-80 tests: make lfs_migrate script executable
2012-04-06 Yu JianLU-80 utils: add "-c <stripe_count>" option to lfs_migrate
2012-03-29 Andreas DilgerLU-611 tests: clean up code style in tests/lfs
2012-02-16 Minh DiepLU-1049 script: lc_net doesn't parse output correctly
2011-12-12 Christopher J. MorroneLU-278 Improve regex for output of git describe
2011-11-02 Andreas DilgerLU-611 utils: add restripe option to lfs_migrate
2011-04-12 Johann LombardiLU-140 Remove leftovers of iopen
2011-03-03 Christopher J. MorroneRemove obsolete nodelustre script 91/291/1
2010-11-18 Brian J. Murrellb=24095 don't really need configure --with-linux
2010-11-04 Brian J. Murrellb=22281 refactor packaging and versioning
2010-09-06 Maxim Patlasovb=19700 remove obsolete IB LNDs from HEAD
2010-08-31 Mikhail PershinRevert "b=17471 change conf_param syntax to match set_p...
2010-08-31 Elena Gryaznovab=23234 use a regular expression to parse ip_addr from...
2010-08-17 Nathan Rutmanb=17471 change conf_param syntax to match set_param
2010-08-05 Andreas Dilgerb=22481 man page for lfs_migrate
2010-07-06 Isaac Huangb=22745 Removed gmlnd from lnet.
2010-06-30 Robert ReadMass conversion of all copyright messages to Oracle.
2010-06-28 Robert ReadAdd missing .gitgnore files from new pthread directories.
2010-06-18 Robert ReadRemove remaining remnants of the CVS era.
2010-06-14 Robert ReadUpdate copyrights on source files changed since 2010...
2010-06-10 Andreas Dilgerb=22481 Add "lfs_migrate" script from manual into lustr...
2010-03-30 brianb=20315 Use libexecdir
2010-01-25 Elena Gryaznovab=20866 DEPS assignment needs quotes
2009-12-12 Brian ReitzIntroduce .gitignore files. GIT_EPOCH_MASTER
2009-12-03 brianBack out 20315 landing due to breakage with SLES10.
2009-12-02 brianb=20315
2009-11-12 brianb=19721
2009-09-15 robert.readBranch HEAD
2009-09-04 grevb=16403
2009-08-20 brianb=20478
2009-06-26 brianb=19927
2009-06-16 robert.readBranch HEAD
2009-06-10 brianb=16424
2009-06-09 nathanfix up some cvsignores