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Add ability to start more than one create thread per OSS.
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / ost / ost_handler.c
2007-08-22 deenAdd ability to start more than one create thread per...
2007-08-02 bobijamBranch Head
2007-07-31 vitalyBranch HEAD
2007-07-30 tappro- make HEAD from b_post_cmd3
2007-05-02 scjodyBranch HEAD
2007-02-21 nathanb=2258
2007-02-13 nathanthread id starts counting at 1
2007-02-10 nathanland b1_5 onto HEAD
2005-09-17 alexb=7268
2005-09-09 alexb=7268
2005-08-29 alexb=7268
2005-08-19 lsyseveral fixes: expiry timer adjusted.
2005-08-17 alexb=7268
2005-08-13 tapprob=7214
2005-08-09 lsyLand b_hd_capa onto HEAD (20050809_1942)
2005-08-08 alexb=4268
2005-08-07 alexb=7267,7034
2005-08-06 tappro- b_hd_audit landing
2005-07-31 alex- b_size_on_mds landed on HEAD:
2005-07-11 yury- cleanups in cmobd and others:
2005-06-15 ericmland b_hd_sec_client_oss onto HEAD.
2005-05-29 yury- many gcc4 compilation fixes (warnings)
2005-05-18 ericmb=6332
2005-05-07 alexb=6063
2005-04-22 ericmland b_hd_sec onto HEAD:
2005-04-04 yury- landed b_hd_cray_merge3
2005-03-31 ericmland lustre part of b_hd_sec on HEAD.
2005-02-04 eeb * updates to HEAD lustre since landing b_port_step...
2005-01-26 wangdiBranch:HEAD
2004-11-11 yury- landing b_fid.
2004-10-23 yury- landing of b_hd_cleanup_merge to HEAD.
2004-08-30 ericmland b_groups onto HEAD:
2004-08-26 zhaoqiangLand from b_hd_pid to HEAD
2004-08-02 alexb=4030
2004-07-22 rreadb=3899
2004-07-22 alex- ost_brw_write() should return an error rather than...
2004-07-15 wangdi1)add more snap cow hook for dir ops.
2004-06-02 phillanding b_cmobd_merge on HEAD
2004-05-17 philsmash the HEAD with the contents of b_cmd. HEAD_PRE_CM...
2004-04-23 adilgerLand b_smallfix onto HEAD (20040423_1603)
2004-04-20 eeb* Landed b_cray_portals_merge (3148, 3158)
2004-04-16 adilgerLand b_smallfix onto HEAD (20040416_1638) (more 2.6...
2004-04-14 adilgerLand b_smallfix onto HEAD (20040414_1359)
2004-03-17 nicland b_v26 (20040316_1603)
2004-03-05 adilgerLand b1_2 onto HEAD (20040304_171022)
2004-02-23 philb=1021,2720
2004-02-14 rreadland b_eq on HEAD
2004-02-13 adilgerLanding b_bug974 onto HEAD (20040213_1538).
2004-02-07 rreadLanding b_recovery
2004-01-31 adilgerLand b_orphan on HEAD (20040130_1601)
2003-12-21 greenReverted #974 for now as it causes problems for people.
2003-12-16 greenr=zab,phil
2003-12-03 philland 1.0.1 fixes on main development branch (head)
2003-12-03 philland v0.9.1 on HEAD, in preparation for a 1.0.x branch
2003-09-12 adilgerMake server bulk RPC timeouts shorter than the client...
2003-09-12 adilgerAdd extra assertions to the journal handling code.
2003-08-02 philb=1644
2003-07-25 philmerge b_devel into HEAD, which will become 0.7.3
2003-07-03 pschwanmerge b_devel into HEAD (20030703)
2003-06-26 pschwanmerge b_devel into HEAD (20030626 merge tag) for 0.7.1
2003-06-12 pschwan- merge 0.7rc1 from b_devel to HEAD (20030612 merge...
2003-03-11 pschwanmerge b_devel into HEAD. Includes:
2003-03-02 pschwanland b_devel onto HEAD (b_devel will remain)
2003-02-07 pschwanMerge b_md into HEAD
2003-01-06 adilgerMerge b_md to HEAD for 0.5.19 release.
2002-12-17 pschwanland b_md onto HEAD. almost entirely small cleanups...
2002-12-14 pschwanland b_md onto HEAD. the highlights:
2002-12-02 adilgerMerge of b_md to HEAD:
2002-11-28 shaverLanding of b_recovery (at last).
2002-11-13 thantry Bug #357, no more gratituous new line..., or typecasting
2002-11-13 thantry1. Bug fix for Bug #320, also needs repair of lconf...
2002-11-10 braam- change the OST / MDT thread names to also include...
2002-11-08 adilgerHighmem deadlock avoidance (server version):
2002-11-07 shaverMake sure that we set last_xid and last_committed on...
2002-11-06 rread- wholesale renaming of the brw associated callback...
2002-11-02 thantry1. Fixed cleanup issue where I was *indeed* accesing...
2002-11-01 thantryLproc-snmp code drop
2002-10-29 adilgerQuiet compiler warning.
2002-10-29 adilgerWhile we are breaking BA OST compatibility, swap the...
2002-10-18 adilgerAdd a minor check to the punch call.
2002-10-15 shaver- Move recovery setup into the (network-using) connect...
2002-09-26 pschwanb=611336
2002-09-20 eeb Modifications for "circulating" request buffers ...
2002-09-18 eebincreased request buffering for the OST service
2002-09-07 adilgerChange internal statfs calls to pass struct obd_statfs...
2002-09-05 eebFixed service request buffer race
2002-09-04 shaver- initialize LDLM client data on obdfilter, not ost...
2002-09-03 pschwan- remove the PTL_RPC_TYPE_* in favour of PTL_RPC_MSG_*
2002-09-03 braam- change the prefix of bulk descriptors to bd_ and...
2002-09-03 shaverWARNING: we currently crash on unmount after the last...
2002-09-02 adilgerAvoid bogus typecasting.
2002-08-23 adilgerFix minor typo - confusing when looking at the debug...
2002-08-21 braam- In ordinary writes (not O_DIRECT) do not round the...
2002-08-21 braam- add a name to ptlrpc_svc_init in preparation for...
2002-08-20 adilgerPass the private descriptor pointer between preprw...
2002-08-19 adilgerFix case where rc was not set.
2002-08-17 shaver* l_wait_event can now do interrupts without a timeout...
2002-08-16 shaver* Fix interrupt-pending-when-timeout-occurs handling...
2002-08-07 shaver* Pass the connecting client's UUID (NB: not the _conne...
2002-08-06 adilgerDon't have spaces in process names.