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LU-13335 ldiskfs: add projid to debug logs
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / osd-ldiskfs / osd_quota.c
2022-07-11 Andreas DilgerLU-13335 ldiskfs: add projid to debug logs 69/46369/8
2021-08-25 Hongchao ZhangLU-11303 quota: enforce block quota for chgrp 96/33996/17
2020-05-20 Shaun TancheffLU-13539 all: Cleanup LASSERTF uses missing newlines 40/38540/2
2020-01-03 Wang ShilongLU-13043 quota: remove annoying message in osd_declare_... 06/36906/5
2019-12-06 Mr NeilBrownLU-9679 general: avoid bare return; at end of void... 54/36654/3
2019-08-27 Alex ZhuravlevLU-10048 ofd: take local locks within transaction 93/31293/63
2019-07-27 James SimmonsLU-12477 kernel: remove < 2.6.39 kernel support 51/35551/7
2018-11-13 Hongchao ZhangLU-11425 quota: support quota for DoM 57/33257/8
2018-10-06 Jian YuLU-11412 kernel: kernel update [SLES12 SP3 4.4.155... 36/33236/3
2018-07-24 Arshad HussainLU-11094 osd-ldiskfs: Fix style issues for osd_quota.c 24/32724/6
2018-05-29 Wang ShilongLU-11017 quota: ignore quota for CAP_SYS_RESOURCE properly 78/32378/10
2018-04-09 Yang ShengLU-10565 osd: unify interface for vfs 46/31646/6
2018-04-09 Hongchao ZhangLU-8999 quota: fix issue of multiple call of seq start 21/31721/4
2018-01-09 Andreas DilgerLU-10308 misc: update Intel copyright messages for... 41/30341/4
2017-11-09 Fan YongLU-7991 quota: project quota against ZFS backend 93/27093/40
2017-05-09 Wang ShilongLU-4017 quota: cleanup to improve quota codes 77/26577/8
2017-04-13 Wang ShilongLU-4017 quota: add setting/getting project id function 02/26202/13
2017-04-13 Oleg DrokinLU-4017 quota: add project id support 12/25812/10
2017-04-13 Li XiLU-4017 quota: add project quota support for Lustre 47/23947/12
2017-04-13 Oleg DrokinLU-4017 quota: cleanup codes of quota for new type 94/18894/17
2017-03-26 Andreas DilgerLU-137 obdclass: add dt_object_put() and use it 92/23092/8
2017-01-18 Bob GlossmanLU-8871 kernel: kernel upgrade [SLES12 SP2 4.4.21-84] 57/24257/12
2016-09-21 Arshad HussainLU-7949 osd: Move assignment below LASSERT() 28/22428/2
2016-07-27 Frank ZagoLU-7311 osd: quotactl_ops has changed in kernel 3.19 93/16893/4
2015-11-03 Andreas DilgerLU-7243 misc: update Intel copyright messages 2015 58/16758/3
2015-09-22 Frank ZagoLU-7178 quota: fixed incorrect memset 82/16482/4
2015-06-19 Niu YaweiLU-6617 quota: remove quota migration code 54/14854/7
2015-05-17 Oleg DrokinNew tag 2.7.54 2.7.54 v2_7_54 v2_7_54_0
2015-03-31 Alex ZhuravlevLU-3105 osd: remove capa related stuff from servers 72/5572/47
2015-03-03 Alex ZhuravlevLU-3680 osd: reduce osd_thread_info in ldiskfs osd 26/9726/26
2015-01-28 wang diLU-3536 osd: allocate it for each iteration. 23/13223/8
2014-12-28 Andreas DilgerLU-6068 misc: update Intel copyright messages 2014 74/13174/2
2014-12-09 Frank ZagoLU-5396 mdc: (and lmv, mgc, osc) make some functions... 22/12222/9
2014-10-31 Fan YongLU-5519 lfsck: repair master LMV for striped directory 47/11847/12
2014-10-29 Niu YaweiLU-5777 quota: reserve enough credits for setattr 61/12361/3
2014-09-25 Bobi JamLU-5040 osd: fix osd declare credit for quota 85/11085/16
2014-08-30 Andreas DilgerLU-4217 build: bump build version warnings to x.y.53 30/8630/8
2014-05-20 James SimmonsLU-3963 libcfs: move mgs, osd-ldiskfs, osp, quota to... 47/10247/4
2014-03-25 Alex ZhuravlevLU-4611 osd: improve credits calculation 58/9258/15
2014-02-28 wang diLU-2430 mdd: add lfs mv to migrate inode. 62/6662/46
2013-12-02 yangshengLU-3373 misc: small changes for 3.10 server support 94/7794/8
2013-05-02 Keith ManntheyLU-3030 build: Update Master Copyrights pre 2.4 split
2013-05-01 Sebastien BuissonLU-3086 build: fix 'uninitialized variables' errors
2013-02-27 Niu YaweiLU-2548 quota: proper iam index truncation
2013-02-20 Niu YaweiLU-2548 quota: don't apply migration on global index...
2013-02-10 Jeff MahoneyLU-1812 ldiskfs: don't use sb->s_qf_inums
2013-02-09 James SimmonsLU-2642 osd-ldiskfs: use struct fs_disk_quota for quotas
2013-02-01 Fan YongLU-1866 osd: ancillary work for initial OI scrub
2013-01-31 Fan YongLU-2640 osd: enhance transaction debug to trace rollback
2013-01-23 Niu YaweiLU-2587 quota: bump version after migration
2013-01-08 Keith ManntheyLU-2446 build: Update Whamcloud copyright messages...
2012-12-17 Niu YaweiLU-2346 quota: set default grace time
2012-10-23 Andreas DilgerLU-1131 osd-ldiskfs: better journal credit tracking
2012-10-11 Johann LombardiLU-1842 quota: remove leftovers from old code
2012-10-05 Mikhail PershinLU-1574 osd: don't use obd_name but od_svname in error...
2012-09-26 Niu YaweiLU-1842 quota: migrate old quota admin files
2012-09-20 Niu YaweiLU-1842 iam: store key & rec in LE order for quota...
2012-09-17 Niu YaweiLU-1842 quota: ldiskfs local enforcement
2012-09-10 Johann LombardiLU-1842 quota: define quota records for glb/slv indexes
2012-09-10 Niu YaweiLU-1830 quota: fix ldiskfs quota accouning iterator
2012-06-29 Mikhail PershinLU-1182 ldiskfs-osd: space accounting support