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LU-15894 ofd: revert range locking in ofd
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / ofd / ofd_io.c
2022-07-11 Andrew PerepechkoLU-15894 ofd: revert range locking in ofd 66/47466/4
2022-07-11 Alex ZhuravlevLU-15779 ofd: don't hold read lock over bulk 26/47126/5
2022-06-27 Alex ZhuravlevLU-15117 ofd: don't take lock for dt_bufs_get() 29/47029/5
2022-02-07 Patrick FarrellLU-12585 obdfilter: Use actual I/O bytes in stats 75/46075/7
2022-01-31 Patrick FarrellLU-14935 tests: Use FAIL_CHECK_QUIET for fake i/o 51/44651/4
2021-10-10 Sebastien BuissonLU-14797 nodemap: map project id 19/44119/9
2021-10-10 Wang ShilongLU-14739 quota: fix quota with root squash enabled 47/44347/17
2021-07-12 Sebastien BuissonLU-14739 quota: nodemap squashed root cannot bypass... 88/43988/7
2021-04-28 Alexander BoykoLU-14598 ofd: fix for IDIF sequence at ofd_preprw_write 48/43248/4
2021-04-21 Mr NeilBrownLU-14487 modules: remove references to Sun Trademark. 39/42139/4
2021-02-26 Mr NeilBrownLU-12780 ofd: don't use ptlrpc_thread for consistency... 62/36262/13
2021-02-08 Andrew PerepechkoLU-10958 ofd: data corruption due to RPC reordering 81/32281/18
2021-01-05 Wang ShilongLU-14187 osd-ldiskfs: fix locking in write commit 91/40991/12
2020-12-03 Wang ShilongLU-14134 osd-ldiskfs: reduce credits for new writing 26/40626/12
2020-12-03 Oleg DrokinLU-14024 ofd: Avoid use after free in ofd_inconsistency... 22/40222/2
2020-11-19 Alex ZhuravlevLU-14052 ofd: support for multiple access readers 06/39906/15
2020-06-23 Emoly LiuLU-13597 ofd: add more information to job_stats 16/38816/7
2020-06-19 Sebastien BuissonLU-12275 tests: exercise file content encryption/decryption 91/36191/36
2020-06-16 Sebastien BuissonLU-12275 sec: deal with encrypted object size 46/36146/28
2020-05-07 John L. HammondLU-13238 ofd: add OFD access logs 52/37552/16
2020-04-14 Alex ZhuravlevLU-13383 ofd: lazy atime update 24/38024/21
2020-03-31 Andrew PerepechkoLU-13309 ofd: optimize the brw codepath 95/37795/3
2020-03-11 Wang ShilongLU-13227 ofd: update lvb before dropping server lock 90/37790/7
2020-02-08 Mr NeilBrownLU-9679 general: add missing spaces to folded strings. 53/36653/5
2020-01-28 Alexander BoykoLU-13093 osd: fix osd_attr_set race 17/37117/4
2019-12-06 Mr NeilBrownLU-10467 lustre: use wait_event_idle() where appropriate. 71/35971/10
2019-10-04 Alexey ZhuravlevLU-10496 ofd: serialize fmd check and set 28/36228/4
2019-09-23 Alex ZhuravlevLU-12612 osd: add lnb size down to osd 01/35801/7
2019-08-27 Alex ZhuravlevLU-10048 ofd: take local locks within transaction 93/31293/63
2019-06-01 Alex ZhuravlevLU-12034 obdclass: put all service's env on the list 66/34566/17
2019-03-15 Mikhail PershinLU-10496 ofd: move FMD to the target code 76/34176/7
2018-11-10 James NunezLU-11561 ofd: return attr syncjournal to sync_journal 82/33582/4
2018-10-05 Alex ZhuravlevLU-11164 ldlm: pass env to lvbo methods 32/32832/17
2018-01-09 Andreas DilgerLU-10308 misc: update Intel copyright messages for... 41/30341/4
2017-11-24 Jinshan XiongLU-9771 flr: resync support and test tool 96/29096/21
2017-11-24 Jinshan XiongLU-9771 flr: mirror read and write 95/29095/17
2017-11-20 Jinshan XiongLU-9771 flr: Send write intent RPC to mdt 91/29091/14
2017-10-24 Alexey LyashkovLU-9782 osd-ldiskfs: avoid extra search 45/28145/8
2017-07-29 Andreas DilgerLU-9728 osd: use GFP_HIGHUSER for non-local IO 08/27908/3
2017-07-19 Niu YaweiLU-9671 nodemap: restore client's IDs for OST_WRITE 80/27680/4
2017-05-09 Wang ShilongLU-4017 quota: cleanup to improve quota codes 77/26577/8
2017-04-19 Mikhal PershinLU-9184 grants: move grant code to the target 20/25820/7
2017-04-13 Oleg DrokinLU-4017 quota: add project id support 12/25812/10
2017-04-13 Li XiLU-4017 quota: add project quota support for Lustre 47/23947/12
2017-04-13 Oleg DrokinLU-4017 quota: cleanup codes of quota for new type 94/18894/17
2017-04-06 Fan YongLU-8998 pfl: test cases for lfsck on PFL
2017-04-06 Fan YongLU-8998 pfl: enhance PFID EA for PFL
2017-04-06 Fan YongLU-8054 lfsck: enhance lfsck notify API
2017-03-26 Andreas DilgerLU-137 obdclass: add dt_object_put() and use it 92/23092/8
2017-03-09 Li XiLU-8726 osd-ldiskfs: bypass read for benchmarking 48/21648/10
2017-01-31 Alexey LyashkovLU-8411 ofd: handle last_rcvd file can't update properly 98/21398/13
2016-12-17 Andreas DilgerLU-8901 misc: update Intel copyright messages for 2016 33/24233/4
2016-09-22 James SimmonsLU-6245 server: remove types abstraction from lfsck... 70/22370/4
2016-09-08 Jinshan XiongLU-7655 tests: ost fake write for performance testing 64/5164/22
2016-06-20 Fan YongLU-6971 cleanup: not support remote client anymore 89/19789/13
2015-12-21 Vitaly FertmanLU-7173 mdt: intent vs unlink race 01/17501/4
2015-11-03 Andreas DilgerLU-7243 misc: update Intel copyright messages 2015 58/16758/3
2015-10-14 Johann LombardiLU-2049 grant: delay grant releasing until commit 31/13531/14
2015-08-18 Ulka VazeLU-6516 ofd: fix double spin_unlock 75/14875/3
2015-05-17 John L. HammondLU-6017 obd: remove destroy cookie handling 22/12922/9
2015-04-28 James SimmonsLU-6245 libcfs: remove prim wrappers for libcfs 74/13874/8
2015-04-09 Li XiLU-6434 ofd: object reference leaks in ofd_preprw_write 70/14370/2
2015-03-31 Alex ZhuravlevLU-3105 osd: remove capa related stuff from servers 72/5572/47
2015-02-21 Fan YongLU-5791 lfsck: use bottom device to locate object 92/13392/10
2014-12-26 Dmitry EreminLU-5478 obdclass: get rid of obd_* typedefs 46/13146/2
2014-10-30 Fan YongLU-5517 lfsck: repair invalid nlink count 16/11516/29
2014-09-30 Mikhail PershinLU-4975 ofd: documenting ofd_io.c 56/11156/5
2014-08-25 Bruno FacciniLU-5042 ldlm: delay filling resource's LVB upon replay 45/10845/23
2014-07-25 James SimmonsLU-3963 ofd: convert to linux list api 21/10921/3
2014-06-20 Fan YongLU-4610 lfsck: fix lfsck, osd-ldiskfs, osd-zfs debug... 79/10579/6
2014-06-20 Andreas DilgerLU-4887 lfsck: run all LFSCK scan types by default 78/10278/7
2014-06-20 Dmitry EreminLU-4629 libcfs: fix buffer overflow of string buffer 89/9389/19
2014-06-16 Emoly LiuLU-4524 ldlm: improve ldlm_lock_create() return value 04/9004/8
2014-05-30 John L. HammondLU-2675 obd: remove dead code 84/9784/8
2014-05-30 Emoly LiuLU-3222 ofd: use of ofd_XXX helpers 80/8780/5
2014-05-14 Ryan HaaskenLU-4985 kernel: Store kthread_run result in task_struct ptr 66/10266/3
2014-05-09 Fan YongLU-4609 ofd: auto resume LFSCK after the recovery 10/10010/10
2014-03-02 Fan YongLU-3951 lfsck: OST-object inconsistency self detect... 67/7667/30
2014-02-27 Fan YongLU-3336 lfsck: recreate the lost MDT-object 11/7811/20
2014-02-22 Fan YongLU-3591 lfsck: repair unmatched MDT-OST objects pairs 19/7519/26
2014-01-17 Mikhail PershinLU-3467 ofd: remove obsoleted OBD methods 80/8580/4
2014-01-09 Fan YongLU-3569 ofd: packing ost_idx in IDIF 53/7053/10
2013-12-09 Prakash SuryaLU-2139 ofd: Do async commit if SOFT_SYNC is seen 35/5935/8
2013-11-14 Mikhail PershinLU-3467 ofd: use unified handler for OST requests 30/7130/35
2013-05-24 Jian YuLU-2598 tests: check nr_local in ofd_preprw()
2013-05-02 Keith ManntheyLU-3030 build: Update Master Copyrights pre 2.4 split
2013-04-23 Alex ZhuravlevLU-2983 osd: osd-zfs to handle errors in IO path
2013-04-13 wang diLU-2888 fid: still Use oi_id/oi_seq for log/lov object.
2013-04-10 wangdiLU-2684 fid: unify ostid and FID
2013-02-09 Sebastien BuissonLU-2444 build: fix 'error handling' issues
2013-02-08 Nathaniel ClarkLU-2749 ofd: check return value of ofd_seq_load
2013-01-23 Sebastien BuissonLU-1961 build: fix 'dereference before null check'...
2013-01-10 wangdiLU-1187 ofd: Allocate ofd group dynamically.
2013-01-08 Keith ManntheyLU-2446 build: Update Whamcloud copyright messages...
2012-10-02 Mikhail PershinLU-2057 ofd: implement jobstats and few fixes
2012-09-17 Niu YaweiLU-1842 quota: ldiskfs local enforcement
2012-08-27 Minh DiepLU-1769 ofd: Add a fault injection for EINPROGRESS
2012-06-19 Mikhail PershinLU-1406 ofd: IO operations