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Pass inline data from filesystem through obdo to VFS.
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / obdfs / super.c
2000-01-04 adilgerPass inline data from filesystem through obdo to VFS.
2000-01-04 adilgerGeneration added to obdo
2000-01-04 adilgerUpdated for new obdo methods.
2000-01-04 adilgerUpdating obdfs/ext2obd methods for new obdo parameters.
1999-12-30 braamAdd flush.c with a rough flushing daemon and the figure...
1999-12-29 adilgerobdsync/*: added to CVS
1999-12-20 adilgerdoc/obd-howto.sgml: updated for initial public release
1999-12-02 braamUpdated snapshot indexes in superblock to not depend...
1999-11-24 braamChanges to accomodate the snapshot features!
1999-11-02 braamCleanup : no more "sim" now "ext2"
1999-11-02 braamNew direcotory layout:
1999-11-01 braamOver of the changes:
1999-10-21 braamNew files:
1999-10-13 braamNumerous fixes, including the attach code, better page...
1999-09-26 braamAdded code for obdfs to do writes to files and reads...
1999-08-31 braamMinor change for Linux 2.3
1999-08-16 braamfix the module unloading bug.
1999-07-28 braamFixed a spelling mistake: "symulated" --> "simulated...
1999-06-24 pschwanthe last two weeks' work