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LU-248 increase LOV reseed to mitigate OST allocation inconsitence
[fs/lustre-release.git] / lustre / lov / lov_qos.c
2011-05-31 hongchao.zhangLU-248 increase LOV reseed to mitigate OST allocation...
2011-03-11 Niu Yaweib=22980 improve obdfilter-survey performance on multi...
2010-08-07 Maxim Patlasovb=18751 Move prng.c to libcfs
2010-06-15 di wangb=21379 Even create objects in DELORPHAN process; Choos...
2010-06-14 Robert ReadUpdate copyrights on source files changed since 2010...
2010-06-04 Wang Dib=19427 correct lmm_object_id and reserve fids for...
2010-04-30 Robert ReadRevert "b=19427 correct lmm_object_id and reserve fids... v1_10_0_41a
2010-04-23 Wang Dib=19427 correct lmm_object_id and reserve fids for...
2010-01-14 Lisa Weekb=17167 libcfs: ensure all libcfs exported symbols...
2009-10-02 shadowBranch HEAD
2009-06-27 shadowAdd async create into HEAD (port from 1.x)
2009-05-27 shadowdon't return error if have particaly created objects...
2009-04-30 fanyongBranch HEAD
2009-04-07 bobijamBranch HEAD
2009-03-06 bobijamBranch HEAD
2009-02-10 tianzyBranch HEAD
2009-02-06 shadowresolve lots races and use after free.
2009-02-02 shadowdon't call obd_disconnect under lov_lock.
2008-12-05 nathanb=17181
2008-11-24 shadowDrop slow OSCs if we can, but not for requested start...
2008-11-17 tianzyBranch HEAD
2008-10-14 anserperBranch HEAD
2008-09-23 nathanb=14836
2008-09-19 nathanb=14836
2008-09-15 nathanb=14836
2008-08-07 kalpakb=16098
2008-07-27 kalpakb=16098
2008-06-27 adilgerBranch HEAD
2008-05-19 shadowadd missing part of bug 13285 to HEAD.
2008-05-18 bwzhouBranch HEAD
2008-05-10 walterb=15732
2008-02-05 shadowDon't allow skipping OSTs if index has been specified.
2008-01-22 bwzhouBranch HEAD
2008-01-17 shadowmore checks for NULL lov_tgts for avoid oops.
2007-11-19 deenOST in recovery should not be discarded by MDS in alloc...
2007-09-12 liuyBranch HEAD
2007-09-06 liuyBranch HEAD
2007-08-22 shadowImplement async OSC create to avoid the blocking unnece...
2007-07-30 tappro- make HEAD from b_post_cmd3
2007-03-02 nathanb=11149
2007-02-17 adilgerBranch HEAD
2007-02-15 tianzyport the patch(9414) on HEAD(b1_5)
2007-02-10 nathanland b1_5 onto HEAD
2005-08-17 wangdiBranch: HEAD
2005-06-22 yury- CROW (CReate On Write) (precreation is removed)
2005-04-04 yury- landed b_hd_cray_merge3